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We have dozens of ideas on how to discover Cuba. Our travel experts will create a trip around your specific interests and preferences providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first hand knowledge of Cuba.

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Our customized trips are carbon neutral and are designed with responsible travel principles that prioritize experiences that not only enrich your trip but are good for the planet and the communities that you visit.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of creating enriching and inspiring trips for our clients, and what better testament to this than to read what they have to say about their travel experience with us and our service.

Trips to Cuba, ideas for you

These are simply suggestions for the kind of your trip you might have. Yours will be customized until it matches your ideal trip to Cuba.

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Legal Travel to Cuba

Can Americans travel to Cuba?  Yes!   We offer legal travel to Cuba for American travelers.   Our independent customized trips let you discover the story of Cuba, see how locals live and experience the vibrancy of the island so that you return home with a true sense of Cuba. We provide expert advice before your trip and 24-hour support while in Cuba.

Americans can travel to Cuba under one of the 11 categories of legal travel to Cuba. Espíritu Travel creates individual customized trips that fulfill the requirements for the Support for Cuba people category. A Support for Cuban People trip simply means that your itinerary emphasizes supporting private enterprise in Cuba as well as engagement between Americans and Cubans, providing a deeper understanding of Cuban life and its people, something which the average visitor wouldn’t necessarily experience.

If you are not a US resident who is subject to these restrictions, no problem, we can create a customized itinerary for you too!

Why not just do it yourself?

It’s pretty easy these days to go online to book flights and accommodations yourself, however, if instead you want to have an immersive and life-enhancing trip, you’ll need somebody with insight and expertise.

That is where we come in, our expertise is priceless. We have plenty of ideas as well as the knowledge and contacts to ensure that your travel to Cuba is a transformative and fun experience.  While in Cuba, our expert local guides are eager to share with you their insight and knowledge as lifelong residents of Cuba.

Your curated itinerary maximizes your precious time off. If you only have seven or eight days to travel to Cuba, do you really want to spend it wandering around aimlessly, looking for that non-existent street sign to get to that great art gallery? What about ending up in a ridiculously expensive taxi to get out to Fusterlandia. Doing it all yourself can be time consuming. Having your expertly crafted itinerary is vital when you want to see and experience as much as possible.

Customized but flexible itineraries offer a balance of well thought out activities and free time, a mix of classic highlights and local secrets you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own. And of course, a real Cuban life experiences.

Traveling with us also comes with peace of mind.  We’re always there in the background in case of questions or emergencies.