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About Espíritu Travel

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Why travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel?

Espíritu Travel is a company that believes travelers want to experience authentic trips in a way that makes a positive impact to local communities and the places that they visit.

It is not easy in a destination like Cuba but we try our best.
Our goal is connect travelers with meaningful, unique and well… awesome experiences while in Cuba.

Our tours help to promote the small but growing number of entrepreneurs that is why we almost exclusively work with casas particulares, paladares and other privately owned businesses.

  • You won’t see any tour buses with our programs, Espíritu Travel groups are small, never more than 6 people.
  • We offer tours that showcase both the rich culture of the island but also its natural beauty.
  • Personalized service, from the first phone call until the time you set off for Cuba.
  • Tour dates don’t fit your schedule? We can customize programs to fit your interests and dates of travel.
  • When you book one of our tours, we take care of all the details so that you can relax and truly enjoy Cuba!

Call Espíritu Travel today and get started planning your trip to Cuba.

Check the Espíritu Travel reviews

Espíritu Travel commitment to responsible travel

At Espíritu Travel we are passionate about Cuba, as is natural we want to help to maximize the benefits that tourism can bring to Cubans.
Responsible Travel (RT) does not mean having to compromise on the enjoyment of your trip or the quality of your accommodation.
We strongly believe that our tours should directly benefit the communities we visit whenever possible through the principles of sustainable travel;
minimizing environmental impacts and optimizing community benefits, without sacrificing comfort or the character of your vacation.
In a place like Cuba, where sustainable tourism is practically unheard of, it is no easy task but we believe that slowly this will change and we hope to be a part of that change.

Who is behind Espíritu Travel

Espíritu Travel Karin Eckhard
Karin Eckhard, CEO
After having traveled to over 45 countries, Cuba is by far the most beguiling destination I have ever visited, maybe that is why I have traveled to the island so many times.
From the far west of Cuba to the oriente (far east) and lots of places in between.
There is something about Cuba that gets under your skin.
I have worked my entire professional career in the travel industry in one way or another, hotels, international tour operator and finally as a consultant in sustainable tourism.
I love to share my passion of travel with people and even better, create interesting and fun itineraries for my clients.
Espíritu Travel - Eduardo Moratalla - Communications Director
Eduardo Moratalla, Communications Director
Communicating the essence of a country is not easy.
Being able to transmit the history, culture, personality and the magic of this Caribbean island is the most amazing challenge of my career.
I have known Cuba since I was a teenager, it was one of those places that each time I traveled, I found a new country full of the same charming people.
With Espíritu Travel, I want to convey all those emotions that exist in Cuba to Americans that for so many years have been unable to experience in Cuba.
Espiritu Travel Product and Operations Manager Peter Gagne
Peter Gagne, Business Development Manager
Being an entrepreneur is not easy even in the United States, however it pales in comparison to the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in Cuba.
I am amazed at their work ethic and determination to succeed under such an adverse, non-business friendly environment.
I have great admiration for them and enjoy working with them.
For the past 20 years, I have successfully started and run two domestic tourism/outdoor recreation businesses but I am thrilled to bring my expertise to this company and be a part of Espíritu Travel team.
Carlos González, Espíritu Travel Manager in Cuba and professional tour leader.
Carlos is one of our fantastic tour leaders/guides but his main role is as Espíritu Travel representative and manager in Cuba. He has been guiding for nearly 20 years and despite his many duties as our manager in Cuba, he still loves nothing more than to showcase the country he loves to visitors from around the world.
He was born in Holguin in the eastern part of Cuba, lived in Havana for many years and now calls Trinidad his home.
Originally he worked as a lawyer before deciding to become a professional tour guide.  If anyone can show you the real Cuba, it is Carlos, personable and never shy to share his knowledge (and opinion!) about Cuba with you.
Espiritu Travel Marcela Delgado Travel Consultant
Marcela Delgado, Travel Consultant
I was born in Nicaragua and moved to San Diego, CA in 1998 with my family, later moving to Pennsylvania for college. I have previously worked in the financial services and technology industry in Philadelphia and New York but I have always loved traveling which is why I decided to switch industries. I have lived in four countries and traveled over 10, in addition to frequent trips I have taken to Nicaragua to visit family. I love helping people plan their dream trips especially to places like Cuba which was one of the most interesting places that I have ever traveled.

What’s in a name?

Espíritu, clearly comes from the word spirit which we believe captures the essence of our company.

  • The spirit of travelling: A sense of wanderlust and to explore beyond one’s comfort zone.
  • The spirit of friendship: Friendship that knows no borders.
  • A kindred spirit: Having a deep connection to someone or even a place.
  • That’s the spirit: To be vivacious to embrace spontaneity.
  • In good spirits: To be in a good mood.
  • A free spirit: one who is not restrained by convention or obligation; a nonconformist.

Join us, Espíritu Travel for your adventure in Cuba!