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Are you getting ready to travel to Cuba? Do you need more information about American citizens traveling to the island? Or simply curious about our neighbour? Surf through our articles to find what you are looking for and discover facts you didn’t know about the Caribbean country. The more you read, the more you will find yourself planning a getaway to this paradisiac island.

This Cuba Travel Blog has the information you need to start your adventure in the Caribbean island. And we have all the means to make it happen in a fun, educational and safe environment. So just read, get ready and book your tour with Espíritu Travel!!

Must-see tourist attractions in Cuba

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is full of culture, history and captivating natural sceneries. The beauty of its colonial cities with vintage cars in every corner, its dimand-dust beaches or the stories behind its sublime countryside are just some of the things that make Cuba special. Tourism in Cuba can take many different forms but there are certain…

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Advantages of sustainable tourism in Cuba

Over the years traveling to Cuba has become easier and cheaper, which translates into a constant rise of tourists entering the island. According to official sources, every year around one million people visit Cuba. Even though tourism undeniably has a positive impact in the country, there is also a negative side that comes with it.  As the world is more…

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Benefits of custom trips to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba is always a good idea. Its marvelous landscapes, rich culture and fascinating history makes it a country that you have to visit at least once in your life. However, with a lot to see and do in such a peculiar island, organizing a trip on your own can be challenging. Discover the benefits of custom trips. What are…

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What to see in one day in Havana?

Havana is a unique destination full of colors, history and breathtaking architecture.  So let’s be honest, if you only have 24 hours in Havana you won’t be able to see everything that the city has to offer. However, with the right schedule you will still be able to discover the top sights and get a good taste of this fascinating…

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Tips for traveling to Cuba and enjoying the island

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Cuba? If you are a first-timer on the island, you are probably overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there. It can be difficult and, definitely, time-consuming to find useful and reliable Cuba travel tips. Even more if you are trying to find tips that are still accurate in 2022. But…

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Why travel to Cuba with a travel agency?

Planning a trip is always stressful, but if you barely know anything about your next destination it can be nerve-racking. This article invites you to discover the wonders of traveling to Cuba with a travel agency. You might now be wondering why booking your trip to Cuba with a travel agency is a better idea than doing it by yourself.…

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What is a Casa Particular in Cuba

Even if Spanish is your mother-tongue, you are probably not familiar with the term ‘Casa Particular’ if you have not been to Cuba. These two words literally translate into ‘private house’ and refer to a very specific type of accommodation similar to what is commonly known in other countries as ‘homestay.’ Staying in a Casa Particular in Cuba has become…

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Why visit Cuba in 2022

Known for its vibrant culture, friendly people and amazing landscapes, Cuba has been chosen several times as one of the best tourist destinations by reliable sources such as the New York Times. However, you might still be unsure of why you should choose to visit Cuba in 2022. If that is the case, keep reading. We promise you that by…

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Things to do in Viñales Valley

Viñales Valley is one of the most precious gems of Cuba and represents an unknown side of the island: its unique rural environment. Located in the west of Cuba and only 3 hours away from Havana, Viñales Valley is a very frequent stop for tourists. This is not a coincidence, the picturesque land was declared a National Monument in 1979,…

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Guide to enjoy popular food in Cuba

One of the best things about traveling is tasting local cuisines. Discovering new exotic flavors, learning about the ingredients of the land and enjoying the gastronomic culture. Undoubtedly, Cuba is an ideal destination to try different and delicious dishes. In this guide, we will take you through the most popular food in Cuba as well as the best places to…

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