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Are you getting ready to travel to Cuba? Do you need more information about American citizens traveling to the island? Or simply curious about our neighbour? Surf through our articles to find what you are looking for and discover facts you didn’t know about the Caribbean country. The more you read, the more you will find yourself planning a getaway to this paradisiac island.

This Cuba Travel Blog has the information you need to start your adventure in the Caribbean island. And we have all the means to make it happen in a fun, educational and safe environment. So just read, get ready and book your tour with Espíritu Travel!!

Discovering Cuba’s colonial architecture: historic buildings and emblematic squares

Cuba is a living history museum. Go for a walk in Havana and pay attention to the buildings that surround you. The constructions that dot the landscape of Cuba are a testament to the island's complex past, which includes influences from the Spanish, African, and indigenous cultures. One of the most common styles in the island is Cuba’s colonial architecture,…

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Music in Cuba: history and places to enjoy salsa, son and jazz

Cuba is known worldwide for its vibrant culture and tireless rhythms. At the stores, bars, clubs, and even on the streets. Music in Cuba is everywhere you go. Interestingly enough, the music scene of this Caribbean island is heavily influenced by its historical past, which has given rise to unique rhythms such as salsa, rumba or son. Intrigued about the…

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Discovering the history of Old Havana: a walk through Cuban history and culture

Old Havana, also known as Habana Vieja, is one of the most well-known areas of the capital city of Cuba and no wonder why! In many ways, Old Havana showcases all the stereotypical things that people love about Cuba: beautiful American vintage cars, colorful architecture and cobblestone streets. But, if you look a little closer, you can also truly experience…

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Things to do in Matanzas, Cuba

Unless you are a local, you have probably never heard of Matanzas (Cuba). However, this area is the second largest province in Cuba, only surpassed by Havana, and one of its most important regions thanks to its large contribution towards the economy.  Matanzas is located on the west side of Cuba, just 80 km away from Havana, and offers a…

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Surf in Cuba, the best destinations

Probably surfing is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Cuba. However, with more than 3,500 miles of unspoiled coastline, surfing in Cuba is becoming more and more popular among those who enjoy wave-riding destinations.  Not long ago, surfing in Cuba was forbidden as authorities believed it to be a way for locals to…

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Everything you need to know about Isla de la Juventud (Cuba)

Isla de la Juventud in Cuba is a colorful paradise yet to be discovered for most people. Located in the south of the country and by the Caribbean sea, this municipality is home to many different natural wonders, old legends and a unique history. Discover all the things you need to know about Isla de la Juventud in this article. …

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Why make carbon neutral trips?

Traveling to Cuba is an enriching and life-changing experience. It allows you to discover new ways of living, fall in love with a different culture and witness a variety of breathtaking landscapes. However, to preserve Cuba as it is, carbon neutral trips should be drawn attention to. But, why is carbon neutral travel so important nowadays?  The importance of carbon…

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Frequently asked questions about travel to Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating but complex destination. As a result, first-time visitors usually have many questions about travel to Cuba. Are there any restrictions? Is Cuba expensive? Is it safe to travel there? These are just some of the questions that Espíritu Travel often gets in the mailbox. To help answer the most frequent doubts about travel to Cuba, we’ve…

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​​10 days in Cuba, the best itinerary

Are you thinking about visiting Cuba? If that is the case, you probably want to experience everything this beautiful Caribbean island is famous for: the history of the Cuban revolution, unique culture and music scenes, tropical landscapes, plus all those cigars and American vintage cars. To help you plan your visit to this fascinating country, we have created this 10…

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Things you can only do in Havana

Filled with stunning architecture, welcoming people, and a culture like no other, Havana is the heart of Cuba. As a traveler, there is a wide variety of amazing things to do in Havana. Whether you’re a foodie, sea lover or a history freak, this buzzing capital city has a unique experience waiting for you.  If you are considering a trip…

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