​​10 days in Cuba, the best itinerary

Cuba itinerary 10 days

Are you thinking about visiting Cuba? If that is the case, you probably want to experience everything this beautiful Caribbean island is famous for: the history of the Cuban revolution, unique culture and music scenes, tropical landscapes, plus all those cigars and American vintage cars. To help you plan your visit to this fascinating country, we have created this 10 days in Cuba itinerary based on the experience of previous Espíritu Travel clients.

Day 1 & Day 2: Discover the secrets of Havana 

On this suggested 10 days trip to Cuba, you will first visit the iconic Havana, the capital city of Cuba. As a result of a distinctive combination of colonization processes, political movements and different artistic actions, Havana stands as one most unique capital cities in the world. 

During your 10 days in Cuba, you definitely have to experience Havana at its fullest by, for example, visiting the historic sites of Old Havana or hopping in a vintage American convertible for a cruise along the Malecón tailored to your personal interests.

Day 3: Get to know Cienfuegos

After a couple of days in hectic Havana, visiting the city of Cienfuegos is a great option to get some peace and get immersed in Cuban history. On your way there, you can stop at Finca Vigia, a fifteen-acre estate on the outskirts of Havana where Ernest Hemingway lived for 20 years. Once in Cienfuegos, get ready to fall in love with this UNESCO World Heritage City

Day 4: Visit colonial Trinidad

Trinidad is, without any doubt, the richest city in Cuba when it comes to colonial architecture and old-fashioned appeal. And, for that reason, any traveler that wants to really get immersed in the culture and history of the country should include in its Cuba 10 days itinerary a visit to this city. Make the most out of your trip to Trinidad by tasting the traditional Cuban cuisine in a paladar or visit the Santander family pottery workshop, known as Casa Chichi, which was founded four generations ago.

10 days in cuba

Day 5: Get amazed by National Park Topes de Collantes

Enjoy Cuba’s natural paradise with a day trip to National Park Topes de Collantes. If you are not a nature lover, one day out of your 10 days trip to Cuba might sound like a lot but trust us, it is totally worth it! National Park Topes de Collantes is a place of extraordinary beauty where the Sierra Escambray mountains and sea collide. There, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as horse riding or simply relax with a picnic lunch! 

Day 6: Discover the unknown beauty of Camagüey

Many people oversee Camagüey when planning their Cuba 10 days itinerary, however, at Espíritu Travel we highly recommend a visit. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in a medina style to keep away pirates. Even though today you won’t see any pirates, you can still explore the unique layout of the city, filled with plazas, churches and winding streets.

Day 7: Get lost in Sierra Maestra Mountains

Hiding in the breathtaking Sierra Maestra Mountains you can find the small village of Santo Domingo. This town is the perfect place to enjoy horseback riding, hikes and walks along historical trails. Santo Domingo is also the venue of lively Guateques, where the typical music of the region enraptured its listeners. Definitely a great option for your 10 days in Cuba if you are looking for a unique experience. 

Day 8: Follow Fidel Castro’s steps to La Comandancía

Before you leave the Sierra Maestra Mountains, we invite you to go on an adventure! Gently trek through the Sierra Maestra mountains until you reach Fidel’s hideout, a landmark of the Cuban revolution and the history of this country. 

10 days trip cuba

Day 9: Explore Santiago de Cuba

End your 10 days trip to Cuba in the island nation’s number one city. Santiago de Cuba is the second-largest city of Cuba and the former capital of the country. For that reason, Santiago de Cuba is full of historical sites such as Santiago de Cuba Bay, the Museum of the Historical Cuban Atmosphere or Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral. A top tip would be booking a private tour to properly discover all the historical and cultural places that Santiago de Cuba has to offer. 

Day 10: Say goodbye to Cuba 

At Espíritu Travel we always recommend leaving time the last day to transfer comfortably to the airport. However, depending on your flight itinerary you might even have space for some extra activities on the last day! 
What do you think of this suggested Cuba 10 days itinerary? Is there something that you would add or remove? No worries, at Espíritu Travel we create bespoke itineraries to match your needs and wants. You just need to contact us and let us know about your dream schedule. Do you like this schedule as it is? Check out more information about our 10 days trip to Cuba on our website

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