20 things to do in Havana

la havana

Only 90 miles from Key West and less than an hour flight from Miami, Havana lies in wait for you. There is no other city like Havana, a blend of the new and old, a place where crumbling Spanish colonial architecture and vintage cars mix with a booming nightlife and countless art galleries. There are plenty of cool places to visit and fun things to do in Havana.

We have compiled 20 must-do activities in Cuba

  1. Hang out along the Malecón

This is the famous boardwalk separating Havana from the Caribbean.. For decades, families, couples and friends have gone to the Malecón to drink, talk and, of course, cuddle and kiss! It is a hotspot at night as the locals prefer it because it is much cheaper than going to a club or bar.

Malecon Cuba

  1. Ride in a vintage convertible

This is one of the biggest trademarks of Cuba and you will find a notorious collection of antique cars. Travel back in time and ride in one of the 1950s convertible cars and enjoy the city.

  1. Visit El Capitolio

A visit to Havana is not complete without visiting the Capitol Building. This place feels like the Congress building in Washington D.C. You just can’t miss out visiting this place.

Capitolio Havana

  1. Pay a visit to the Museum of Revolution

Also known as Museo de la Revolución, this museum holds the largest collection of items and exhibits that were used in Cuba’s revolution. You will see tanks, cars, planes and other things in and out of this museum.

  1. Hang out in La Floridita for a daiquiri

Located in Old Havana,, La Floridita is a classic car place to lounge with photos of Hemingway hanged everywhere you look and live music. The daiquiri in this little bar is pretty good.

  1. Tour Partagás to learn about Cuban cigars

I’m sure you have heard about the quality of Cuban cigars. It’s time to know how they are made. Partagás is one of the largest and oldest factories in Havana. You will learn how popular roll brands such as Montecristo and Cohiba are made.

  1. Eat at Hotel Nacional

Hotel Nacional is probably the most famous hotel in Cuba. It was built in 1930s and you can visit this extensive hotel to drink mojitos and enjoy the fabulous patio.

  1. Take a selfie at Plaza de la Revolución

Revolution Square, with the famous murals of Che Guevara & Camilo Cienfuegos, is the perfect place for a selfie.

Plaza Revolucion La habana

  1. Watch the Tropicana cabaret

Make sure to go see this classic Tropicana cabaret. The show debuted in 1940 during Christmas and it is truly a classic for Cubans. You can enjoy a dinner as well.

  1. Visit Morro-Cabaña

This massive fort is a spot you cannot afford to miss out when in Havana. Built in late 1800s, Morro-Cabaña offers one of the best views of the Malecón and Havana. Carry a telescope to see Florida from this spot.

  1. Watch the canons fire at Morro-Cabaña

A canon is fired every night at 9pm from Morro-Cabaña. You can go at around 7.30pm to see some celebration that happens before it gets fired. Get early because the place gets crowded.

  1. Try local churros

Churros in Cuba are delicious and you just can’t miss out trying them when you visit Havana. You will see locals selling them on the streets.

  1. Enjoy the day at Santa María beach

This stunning beach is only a short 30 minutes drive from Old Havana. You can take a bus from the city center for only $5. You can go there for sunset photo-shoots.


  1. Take a photo with John Lennon’s statue at Havana Park

The John Lennon statue in Havana is one of the most famous statues in Havana. There is a funny story behind this statue of how people used to steal his iconic sunglasses and now there is a guard whose job is to ensure the glasses are not stolen.

  1. Ride in a bicycle taxi

You can get around town using a bicycle taxi. It is affordable and you can help locals earn extra money. There are plenty of them in the city.

  1. Discover Havana’s Chinatown

Visit one of Latin America’s oldest and biggest Chinatowns. Walk through its streets, read the only Cuban newspaper written in Chinese and see the stores opened by the Chinese community at the end of the 19th century.

  1. Dine at the paladar La Guarida

Paladar loosely translates to self-run restaurant or family-restaurant. You can visit this legendary restaurant in the Cuban capital for the best selection of pasta and seafood with some amazing views of all Havana from its terrace.

La Guarida Paladar Havana

  1. Visit Casa de la Música to experience Cuban nightlife

Casa de la Música is where all locals go for live reggae music and salsa dances. You will find most of the tourists there as well. It is a massive indoor nightclub.

  1. View massive galleries at Fábrica de Arte

This is an awesome art gallery venue, not just paintings but all types of art and listen to live music.

  1. Discover the local art at Fusterlandia

Named after José Fuster, this playground for the eyes has many Cuban-inspired mosaics, including images of palm trees, roosters, Afro-Cuban religion and more. José Fuster began drawing images of statues and other historical buildings in Cuba and the place has now become a home to plenty of mosaics.

This are only a handful of things you can do while in Havana. The best thing is that if you choose us, Espíritu Travel, we will organize all the activities you like. Our tour guides are knowledgeable and fun. Give us a call today!