Best beaches in Cuba

Imagine the ideal beach. White sand, shining sun, turquoise sea … Do you have it? Now add a straw umbrella and extend the miles of beach beyond what you can see, and you have the draft of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. And if the first thing you think about is Varadero and that the “all-inclusive” concept is not your thing, don’t despair: Cuba offers a range of beach possibilities. The mojito, however, is not optional in your trip to Cuba.

If you are a lover of sun tourism and diving, you surely know that, in addition to its authenticity, Cuba stands out for its beautiful beaches of fine white sand and transparent waters. If you have more than a week to discover Cuba, you must include at least one day at the beach in your trip to Cuba. From Espíritu Travel we know the best beaches in Cuba and here you have our personal selection of the best beaches in Cuba (which are not Varadero).

Beaches in Cuba

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Cuba

If when thinking about the beaches of Cuba you imagine yourself in a hammock, balanced by the sea breeze and listening to the relaxing music of the waves crashing on the shore, Cuba is your next trip! If you also love water sports such as diving, you will discover an impressive marine biodiversity that bathes the beaches of Cuba.

Playa Larga (Cayo Coco)

The paradise of Cayo Coco and its beautiful Playa Larga is everything one expects from a Caribbean beach. This place is like a huge natural pool with turquoise waters, electric green and blue to walk on.

It is one of the most touristy beaches in Cuba but its beach and the beautiful sunrises are well worth a visit. If you plan to visit the island for about 12 days in Cuba and want to end your trip in the Cuban Cayos, this is undoubtedly your best option. If you have less time, you can visit the Playas de Este or Varadero that are very close to Havana.

Maltiempo Beach (Cayo Largo del Sur)

This place is probably the beach that we have all dreamed of visiting at some time. Its waters are simply magical, unique. If you don’t believe me Google it and see for yourself the beauty of this beach since a description would not do it justice. It is without a doubt one of the best beaches to visit in Cuba.

Beach Cuba

Pilar Beach (Cayo Guillermo)

If Pirates of the Caribbean had been shot in Cuba, Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo would have been the perfect natural setting for Captain Sparrow’s misdeeds. 50-foot dunes offer the perfect hiding place for loot, and the shallow shore invites you to drop anchor and celebrate with a bottle of rum (or a daiquiri).

Sirena Beach (Cayo Largo)

These two uninterrupted kilometers of beach in Cayo Largo are one of the jewels of the southern coast of Cuba, where locals and tourists mix in search of aquatic adventures (you can rent kayaks and canoes on the same beach) and perpetual sun. For extra privacy, take advantage of its twin beach, Playa Paraíso: quieter, but just as spectacular.

Isla de las Iguanas (Cayo Largo)

Very close to Cayo Largo del Sur, in the heart of the Caribbean, we find the Iguanas Island, one of the most impressive areas of the Cuban Caribbean surrounded by crystal clear waters, reefs and natural pools, it is one of the jewels in the crown of nature from the country. Be sure to visit the northern tip of the island where you will find a huge natural pool where you can see starfish everywhere.

Caribbean Sea Cuba Beach

The area is like that because you will indeed find iguanas everywhere. As always from Espíritu Travel we ask you to be a responsible tourist and not disturb the animals or feed them.

Playa Esmeralda (Guardalavaca)

The Guardalavaca area is located in the easternmost end of Cuba and although its beaches are everything one expects from a Caribbean beach, we only recommend that you visit Playa Esmeralda if you are going to visit the island for at least 15 days. Have a look at our private trips to find your perfect trip to Cuba.

Playa Esmeralda is located in the province of Holguín “the cradle of the first inhabitants of the island.” Playa Esmeralda falls in love with those who visit it, in this place the definition of “paradise” makes sense. A few kilometers from this wonder, the Guardalavaca beach itself is worth a visit, it is a not a very touristy area and you can do activities like scuba dive.

Dive in Cuba

Megano Beach (Cayo Ensenachos)

Another of the best beach in Cuba is the long and spectacular Megano beach, located in the north of Cuba, in Cayo Ensenachos, a small islet located next to the famous Cayo Santa María, which you will reach in 3 and a half hours by road from Havana .

On this beach you will find clean and crystalline waters without a single construction along its almost 5 kilometers of shore. Along the beach you will find the typical straw beach bar where you can have a magnificent piña colada while enjoying the views. Everything tastes better here!

Caletones Beach

One of the most unknown beaches in Cuba, Caletones (and its first cousin, the Bajos) lives on the coast of the picturesque town of Gíbara, on the north coast of the country. To get there you need a boat, or a dusty car ride, and at the end one of the best kept secrets in the country y. In you will see Caletones, the sapphire sea hides in natural rock pools, is also one of the best diving areas in Cuba within its labyrinth of underwater caves.

Ancón Beach

Very close to the fairytale city of Trinidad you can visit Ancón, unofficially crowned as the most beautiful beach in Cuba. And not without reason. In Ancón, the sand is not white, it is almost silver, and the sunsets are the natural representation of the Cuban experience: incomparable and unforgettable. Here you could dive and discover the incredible marine biodiversity of Cuba. Take a look at our article on the best places to dive in Cuba.

If you only have a few days in Cuba and do not plan to leave Havana, Playas del Este are a perfect getaway to at least take a look at the Caribbean Sea. About 20 kilometers from the capital, you will find Playas del Este, a perfect option as a day trip from Havana. Keep in mind that it is a very busy beach. Of course, we cannot forget the Caribbean beaches of Varadero, again if you do not have much time to visit Cuba, Varadero is a good option to enjoy the Caribbean and the multiple water activities that you can do in Varadero.

From Espíritu Travel will recommend you the best Cuban beaches to visit taking into account your travel days, we will design the best private and customize trip plan so that your trip to Cuba is an experience that you will never forget. We provide you with expert advice before your trip and 24-hour support while in Cuba. Pack your things! Cuban beaches are waiting for you!