The 7 Best Beaches in Cuba

best beaches in Cuba

The Best Beaches in Cuba

If you love the sun, to see the waves break, to feel the sea wet your feet and even the smell of sun tan lotion, Cuba stands out for the beauty of its fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Cuban Beaches

Located in the center of the Caribbean, Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world. In addition, they have the advantage that many of them are almost virgin. On a people-to-people trip to Cuba the experience of getting to know beaches where the locals live, enjoy a concert at sunset, or see how Cubans work crafts refreshing themselves with their feet in the sea.

Best 6 Cuba Destinations for Beaches

In people-to-people trips to Cuba with Espíritu Travel you have opportunity to visit this selection of the 7 best beaches of Cuba.

best beaches in Cuba

1. Beach of Varadero. The Most Visited in Cuba

The Beach of Varadero is surely the best known and most visited beach in Cuba.

More than 20km of white beaches with an excellent combination of fine white sand, clear and transparent waters, nightly entertainment and the possibility to practice water sports.

Beautiful and well-kept beaches which has a variety of resorts and visitors from all over the world. Varadero will never disappoint if you are looking for rest and entertainment.

best beaches in Cuba - Varadero

2. Playa Ancón, Trinidad’s beach

Few experiences are more rewarding than leaving the colonial city of Trinidad after immersing itself in the impressive history of its streets to reach this impressive beach. For many it is the most beautiful beach in the entire Cuban Caribbean.

White sands, blue and green shades worthy of photographing, beautiful sunsets and with Espirítu Travel we organize meetings and concerts with musicians in this magnificent environment that you can enjoy on our tours in Cuba: Uncovering Cuba, Week in Cuba or in a private group tour that you want to organize.

best beaches in Cuba - 2. Playa Ancón

3. Cayo Jutias, a place to loose yourself

If you dream of virgin beaches of turquoise waters where you can enjoy the Caribbean islands tranquility, head towards Cayo Jutías. In Cuba there are still some small cays, away from the masses of tourists… not because of its lack of beauty but because of the lack of hotels in the area. If you like to enjoy the tranquility and want to live a unique experience on dreamy beach, I recommend that you visit Cayo Jutías.

Cayo Jutías is located near Viñales Valley and you can reach it by way of local road. With Espíritu Travel you can visit it as an extension to our Hello Cuba Tour or organize it as part of a private group tour that includes this perfect paradise on earth.

best beaches in Cuba - 3. Cayo Jutías

4. Playa Mangalito

The eastern part of Cuba is one of the places that fewer tourist reach. In the surroundings of the city of Baracoa we can find impressive natural parks, the surprising canyon of the Yumurí river and some almost virgin beaches like Mangalito Beach.

White sands, a sea slightly bigger waves, a small fish restaurant in front of the beach, artisans who sell handmade pieces, a mojito and a conversation with the inhabitants of the area. It may not be the most spectacular beach in Cuba, but it is a place capable of offering the best beach experience on the whole island. You can enjoy it in our tours: Explore Cuba and Highlights of the East.

best Beaches in Cuba - 4. Playa Mangalito

5. Playa Larga

A private house on the edge of the sea, that is what this stunning beach in Bay of Pigs offers. No hotels built in the area, this beach is only accessible to stay in one of the charming private houses in the area. A few kilometers from the National Park Zapata where you can see some of the endemic species on the island.

In Playa Larga, you will find this long, white sand beach with some restaurants where you can enjoy a fresh fish. A place to stay for several days to enjoy the area and finish each day with a mojito by the sea and the sunset. You can enjoy this beach in our tours: Uncovering Cuba and Soul of Cuba.

best beaches in Cuba - 5. Playa Larga

6. María La Gorda

A small rustic hotel, an immense beach with crystal clear water, more than 50 diving spots with some of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean and has second largest breeding population of green turtles. Maria la Gorda, in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, guarantees a comprehensive ecotourism experience, especially for those who enjoy discovering the wonders under the waves.

Just below the surface you can see impressive coral reefs, remains of ancient Spanish galleons and caves with remains from millions of years that make up one of the best and conserved biosphere reserve in the world. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cuba in the season to witness the hatching of the sea turtles, an unforgettable experience.

In Maria la Gorda there is much more than just a beach. Join our tour, Havana and the West to experience this rarely explored area of Cuba.

Best beaches in Cuba 6. María La Gorda

7. Playa Pesquero

We have chosen among the many impressive beaches in Cuba, Playa Pesquero, the sublime beach, with golden sand, shallow, warm water and great opportunities for snorkeling. A place to for a serious getaway.  There is ample opportunity for relaxing on the beach or enjoying some of the various water sports available. You can visit Playa Pesquero on our Highlights of the East tour.

8. Playa Pesquero - Best Beaches in Cuba

Which are The Best Beaches in Cuba?

It is very difficult to say which is the best beach in Cuba, regardless of the type of experience you are looking for, you will like one or the other. What no one can deny is that it has some of the most incredible beaches from around the world. If you have already traveled to Cuba, we would like to know what has been your favorite beach, and if you have not yet traveled which one would you choose?

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