Best Cuba tours for U.S. citizens

Tours to Cuba for US citizens

Cuba is relatively close to the U.S. In fact, the closest distance between these two destinations is just 103 miles. Despite its proximity, visiting Cuba as an American can feel like discovering a completely new world. Cuba and the U.S. are very different in many ways. For that reason, tours to Cuba for American citizens are a great option to explore the country. Tours are set itineraries designed to experience Cuba like a local, without having to worry about any of the logistics of the trip

There are different kinds of tours to Cuba for U.S. citizens. Nevertheless, some of them can be too rigid or stereotypical. At Espíritu Travel, we offer customized but flexible schedules which provide a balance of well thought out activities and free time. Our group tours to Cuba from the USA are custom-made, which means they can be adapted to your needs and wants. However, after years of creating trips for Americans visiting Cuba, we have a pretty good idea of the kind of schedules that normally catch their eye. Here are some of our favorite ideas of tours to Cuba for American citizens.

Long weekend in Havana

If you are after a quick but fun weekend getaway, this group tour to Cuba from the USA is for you. This 4 days itinerary covers the best of the capital city of Cuba, so you can get a good taste of its history, culture and customs. Our five-star local guide will show you the secrets of the beautiful Old Havana, take you on a ride in a vintage American convertible car along the Malecón, and introduce you to the tasty Cuban cuisine. You can find more information about this itinerary here

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Havana & Viñales

Cuba is home to some spectacular natural wonders. One of our most recommended tours to Cuba for U.S. citizens who are into nature, is the ‘Havana & Viñales’ schedule. Viñales National Park is well-known for its endless tobacco fields and sprawling limestone hills, a unique landscape in the world. This 5 days itinerary will allow you to explore two sides of Cuba: the city of Havana and the amazing Cuban countryside. To read more about this schedule, you can visit our website

Scuba diving in Cuba 

Are you an adventurer looking for bold tours to Cuba for American citizens? Our ‘Scuba diving in Cuba’ itinerary could be a great option for you. Cuba has the third-largest reef in the world. Located on the southern coast of Cuba, Jardines de la Reina covers an area of 2,170 km which is full of untouched reefs, and an abundance of colorful fish, sharks, and even mighty crocodiles. The dream of scuba divers! Our 13 days itinerary will take you to the best channels, reefs and cliffs, always accompanied by an expert guide who will lead you on this adventure. Find out more about our scuba diving group tour to Cuba from the USA on our website

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Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition

A unique way to discover a country is through the lens of a camera. During this 10-day tour open to all skill levels and camera types, you will explore the east side of Cuba accompanied by the author and photographer, Jim O’Donnell. The Eastern side of the island is a hidden paradise which remains untouched by mass tourism, making it the perfect destination for street photography. This area is home to different national parks and reservoirs, is rich in Afro-Cuban culture and is the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution! You can find more information about this schedule here

These are just some ideas for tours to Cuba for U.S. citizens. However, you can also check more pre-set schedules on our website, or contact us if you are looking for something else. At Espíritu Travel we are specialists in creating authentic and customized trips, all you need to do is let us know your requests!

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