Best places for ecotourism in Cuba

Best places for ecotourism in Cuba

Pollution, deforestation, waste disposal…the list of environmental threats of our century is endless. To fight it, every action counts. Most people are still not aware of it but, changing the way we travel can significantly help the planet. This is where ecotourism plays an important role. Espíritu Travel specializes in ecotourism in Cuba.

Ecotourism in Cuba, the best places to visit

In fact, the island is one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. There are several advantages that come with practicing sustainable tourism in Cuba, you check out our list on this blog. However, today we invite you to discover the best places on the island and the main activities to enjoy this travel style. 

Las Terrazas

One of the milestones of ecotourism in Cuba is Las Terrazas. Located about an hour west of Havana, this site is a lush green complex located in the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve. One of the main charms of this fascinating place is the waterfalls and the historical coffee plantations from the 18th century. Without any doubts, Las Terrazas will prove to you how magical ecotourism trips can be.

Las Terrazas is considered the first Eco-Museum of Cuba and it was awarded the Conservation Prize by UNESCO. One of the main principles of this community is to guarantee the quality of life of its inhabitants. According to the official sources, this goal seems to be a reality. For example, life expectancy is 79 years and, in the last decade, infant mortality has been zero.

Las terrazas

Among the activities you can do in Las Terrazas, we recommend the vibrant experience of Canopy Tour. This is an unforgettable adventure in which you will enjoy the landscape of this biosphere through an aerial steel cable route of 1.6 km long. Of course, on this ecotourism trip to Las Terrazas you will also be able to get lost in nature with various excursions. In these nature outings, you will find great surprises such as almost half of Cuba’s endemic birds, wide biodiversity of vegetation and flora and an artist colony.

Cuba’s spectacular caves

On your ecotourism trip to Cuba, you can not miss the caves scattered all over the island. The Ambrosio Cave in Varadero is one of the most popular ones for many reasons. The main one is that it will invite you to travel two million years back in time thanks to its Pre-Columbian paintings. The cave is a precious testimony of the life of its ancient inhabitants.

The city of Matanzas is another of Cuba’s major tourist attractions, the Bellamar Caves, one of the deepest and most beautiful caves in the country. Inside, you will have the privilege of observing unique examples of karstic crystals and other limestone formations. Bellamar Caves are formed by different levels, the oldest of which dates back 300.000 years.

The Ambrosio Cave

To make your ecotourism trip to Cuba a dream come true, El Guafe Natural Archaeological Trail is also a must. El Guafe has the most outstanding archaeological reserves in all of Cuba. Inside you can contemplate a historical complex of ceremonial and funerary caves and the Ídolo del Agua Cave, an anthropomorphic representation of the Atabey deity that was carved in a stalagmite. In the mythology of the Taino people, Atabey was the feminine origin of the world.  

Birdwatching, an ecotourism trip in Cuba

There are plenty of interesting places in Cuba where you can go birdwatching to enjoy its exotic and beautiful bird species. In addition, in these natural settings, it is also common to practice other activities to enjoy the biodiversity of Cuba such as scuba diving and other watersports. If this sounds like a plan you would enjoy, sign up for the Flamingo Tour in Nuevitas Bay. This site is home to the biggest colony of pink flamingos in the Caribbean. Fun fact, Ernest Hemingway was inspired by this beach for his novel “Islands in the Stream”.


Moreover, to enjoy birdwatching you can also visit Cabaniguán Mountain in Las Tunas. It is known for being the first natural reserve of the cocodrile acutus in the world, but it is also the ideal place to see up close birds such as Cuban parakeet or Cuban pijije.   

At Espíritu Travel we love Cuba, its charming people and its precious and wonderful ecosystems. For these reasons, we offer ecoutourism trips which help people to travel in a sustainable way without losing comfort and bringing the experience closer to the real Cuba.Tell us what you would like to know about Cuba and our team will organize every detail for an extraordinary ecotourism trip. Create a positive impact practicing ecotourism in Cuba, we make it easy for you!

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