Best Places to Visit in Cuba

Traveling to Cuba has become in recent years a must-see destination for all travelers who want to live a different Caribbean experience. Cuba is the perfect combination of tradition, relaxation, adventure and culture. That is why we want to tell you which are the 8 best places to visit in Cuba and enjoy a unique experience on the island.

It is possible that when you think of Cuba the first place that comes to your mind is Havana but the jewel of the Caribbean has much more to offer: beaches, music, gastronomy, culture and of course, Cubans. If you are thinking of planning your next vacation on this beautiful island, here are some of the most famous Cuba places that you should visit on your customize trip to Cuba with Espiritu Travel.

8 best places to visit in Cuba

You must travel to Cuba at least once in your life, it is one of those unique destinations full of history and culture. Visiting Cuba is traveling back in time to the 60s, where bright colors decorate facades and convertibles were the car of the moment. After your private trip to Cuba you will not only have opened up your mind to new experiences, but you will have grown as a person and as a traveler.

  1. Havana

It is the capital of the country and its soul. The historic center is an architectural jewel, but it is also a historical relic, as it has witnessed great events that have marked Cuban history. Havana is a city with a strong personality, full of special places brimming with history. Visit the Malecon, the Old Cathedral, the imposing Plaza de la Revolución, Vedado neighborhood or try the famous mojitos of La Bodeguita del Medio. At night do not hesitate to visit one of its many nightclubs with live music, your feet will move with the rhythmic of the Cuban music!

Capitolio Havana

Walk the colorful streets of Havana accompanied by one of our local guides who will show you every corner of the city, finish the day taking a ride in a classic during sundown.

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  1. Trinidad

Trinidad is one of the most famous cities of Cuba and it is known as “the museum city of Cuba”. The magical city of Trinidad is the perfect representation of the colonial style. With a historic center declared as World Heritage Site in 1988. During your guided tour with Espíritu Travel you will visit Plaza Mayor, the Church of the Holy Trinidad and Santa Ana, the Historical Museum of the City and Ortiz Palace, converted into an art gallery, among other tourist attractions.

From Trinidad you can visit Valle de los Ingenios, one of the sugar regions of Cuba or Tope de Collante Natural Park, that offers a thousand places to explore. Another day trip activity from Trinidad, is going to visit Sancti Spiritus a beautiful colonial city. Accompanied by Espiritu Travel expert guides you will explore these places on a horseback ride or by taking a hike.

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  1. Santiago de Cuba

Also known as “the center of the Cuban music”, Santiago de Cuba is the second most important city on the Island in terms of population and economic relevance. Santiago is in the eastern part of the Island and because is far away from Havana tourist do not often visit Santiago, but it is certainly worth a visit. This mystical city has an artistic vibe that can be felt in its streets, in its music and in its people.

Beach in Cuba

In Santiago you can see some of the natural wonders of Cuba, such as the Baconao Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and admire the high peaks of Sierra Maestra that rise with all their majesty to the west and where Castro’s troops hided during the Revolution. Espíritu Travel expert guide will show you where they hided and how they used the environment to avoid being discovered.

From Santiago de Cuba you can also visit El Morro, a defensive fortress on the outskirts of the city, and Granma Cay, a small island populated by a community that lives mainly on fishing.

  1. Viñales Valley

Ideal for practicing ecotourism! Located in the province of Pinar del Río, which is the westernmost area of Cuba you can find the National Park and World Heritage Site by UNESCO the Viñales Valley.

Trekking, horseback riding or practicing speleological are some of the many activities you can do in this natural area. Discover Cueva del Indio, Cueva de San Miguel, the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás or the Mural of Prehistory that decorates the horizon by showing the evolution of this privileged enclave in western Cuba.

  1. Great Topes de Collantes Natural Park in Sancti Spiritus

It belongs to the mountainous complex known as Sierra del Escambray or «Macizo Guamuahaya», located just 20 kilometers from Trinidad, the “Museum City”, in the center of the Cuban island.

Topes de Collantes is an ecological reserve that shelters almost half of the Cuban endemic birds, such as parrots, tocororo or the zunzuncito, among others. You could see one of the smallest frogs on the planet, the “Colín”, while you walk one of the many hiking trails or cool off in its rivers and admire its impressive waterfalls such as the Salto del Caburní (60 meters high).

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  1. Cayo Coco

If you are a lover of sun tourism and diving, you surely know that, in addition to its authenticity, Cuba stands out for its beautiful beaches of fine white sand and transparent waters. If you have more than a week to discover Cuba, you must include at least one day at the beach in your trip to Cuba.

One of the best regions to relax at the beach is the Cayos of Cuba. The paradise of Cayo Coco and its beautiful Playa Larga is everything one expects from a Caribbean beach. This place is like a huge natural pool with turquoise waters, electric green and blue to walk on.

Nature Cuba

It is one of the most touristy beaches in Cuba but its beach and the beautiful sunrises are well worth a visit. If you plan to visit the island for about 12 days in Cuba and want to end your trip in the Cuban Cayos, this is undoubtedly your best option. If you have less time, you can visit the Playas de Este or Varadero that are very close to Havana.

  1. Maltiempo Beach (Cayo Largo del Sur)

This place is probably the beach that we have all dreamed of visiting at some time. Its waters are simply magical, unique. If you don’t believe me Google it and see for yourself the beauty of this beach since a description would not do it justice. It is without a doubt one of the best beaches to visit in Cuba.

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  1. Bay of Pigs

Only two hours away from Havana you find Bay of Pigs, home to the most important wetland in Cuba, contained within the Ciénaga de Zapata National Park, as well as some excellent dive sites. You can take a relaxing nature walk to see a part of the vast Ciénaga de Zapata, the Caribbean’s largest wetland ecosystem. On your visit to Bay of Pigs with Espiritu Travel you will discover the cove of Caleta Buena, an area where saltwater meets fresh, creates incredible marine diversity that is not found elsewhere.

These are our 8 must visit places in Cuba that you should see on your trip to the Island. It is certainly difficult to choose which one to visit and which to leave for your next visit to Cuba, therefore, Espiritu Travel will design your customize trip to Cuba based on your needs and the time you have to travel, so that you can make the most of it and live an unforgettable experience. Travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel and discover the Island accompanied by your local Cuban guide who will explain from his heart what makes Cuba his home.