Best time to travel to Cuba, a whole-year paradise

Che Guevara Monument Santa Clara

There is something about the Caribbean: the weather, the beaches, the food, the people… something always makes us return for more. And, certainly, we deserve to go to the perfect place, in the perfect way and the perfect time. Discover the best time to travel to Cuba in any season of the year.

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Travel to Cuba: uncovering hearths

More than five hundred years of history, political movements, music and traditions have turned Cuba into a sui-generis place. But only if you look close…Cuba is not the typical Caribbean island: there is much more than sunshine, rum and cigars. From the heterogeneity and beauty of Havana to the remarkable greens and blues of Baracoa, it is an opportunity to discover new friends, renovate your heart and expand your mind. 

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But…how to choose the best period to visit the island? Follow this unique guide through Cuba’s notable moments of the year.

Four imagined seasons

It is not a metaphor. Cuba is a never-ending summer. The island’s temperatures oscillate from 22 °C to 32 °C during 365 days. Meteorologists identify only two seasons: dry (from November to April), when the temperature descends a little and there is less probability of be surprised by a tropical shower; wet (from May to October), the period of warm and moist. 

That’s what specialists say… however, they ignore the locals’ joy spirit. Come with us and experience our four imagined seasons like an authentic Cuban.

Cuba’s spring: A simple delight

May arrives and many countries start breathing spring’s renaissance. Cuba, the evergreen island, expects anxiously the short rainfalls that will provide sweetest mangoes and huge and delicious avocados. Tropical precipitations in the island last few minutes to 1 hour before the sun start shining again. These refreshing drops are the fee to pay for a rainbow picture.

Travel to Cuba in the spring is a delight. There are not so many visitors and you feel a personalized attention every establishment you go. Paladares release their new season’s salad and fruity adventures. There is not only the best weather for hiking and nature walks, but also a particular occasion to find artistic exhibitions in every corner of Havana. Festivals like Havana Biennial and Dances in Motion transform the old city in a colorful and lively collage.

Travel to Cuba in the spring and…

    • Grab a wonderful mojito in the top of the Old Square, while kids play after school.
    • Visit the Callejón de Hamel, where visual symbols, dances and sounds from different Afro-Cuban religions combine in a polychrome open-air gallery.
  • Listen to some of the best musicians of Cuba at the Basilica Concert Hall, in the ancient San Francis Monastery.
  • Breathe the season while surrounded by hundreds of autochthonous orchids at Soroa Orchids’ Park in Pinar del Rio.
  • Visit Las Terrazas Community, an example of ecotourism and sustainable development in Cuba. The area is famous for their coffee and bird watching opportunities. 
  • Finish the afternoon with your love ones at the Malecon.

Taking our Hello Cuba tour in the spring is the perfect decision to appreciate our culture and nature.

Summer is Cuba 

Cubans love summer and their natural happiness shines especially at that time of the year. Most people are on vacations, and you can feel it: There are cultural activities all over, families exploring Havana, big lines at the Ice Cream Cathedral (Coopelia)… Summer means holidays and salsa and beaches. Mercury increases to 32 °C and even 35 °C in the eastern most regions of the country. You can’t help to order frappe lemonades, local beers, mojitos, piña coladas and daiquiris everywhere you go.

Beach Maria la Gorda

Whereas some prefer treasuring the finest spots in Varadero or Cayo Coco, which offer some of the best white sand beaches of the word, Espiritu Travel proposes different.

Travel to Cuba in summer and …

  • Dive into Maria La Gorda’s crystal waters and discover the well conserved corals barrier and the marine turtle populations blossoming in these wonderful site of the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Pinar del Río.
  • Get immersed in the inspirational landscape of Viñales Valley: enjoy a delicious typical dinner between mogotes (rocky out-crops) and caves.
  • Take a stroll within one of the most famous scenarios of the conflict between the United States and Cuba: the renowned Bay of Pigs; and afterwards, nothing like a nature walk in the Ciénaga de Zapata, the Caribbean’s largest wetland ecosystem.
  • And…Only if you dare, take a deep breath and submerge yourself within the beauties of Santiago de Cuba with our Santiago and Eastern Cuba tour. Once the 5th village founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, today is an amazing interlaced of French, African, Spanish and aboriginal roots. There is sonority in the language, the architecture and the steps of every woman. Despite how hot Santiago’s become in summer, there isn’t a better place to be. Take some dancing lessons and show your salsa and conga moves during the vibrant Carnival and the famous Fiesta del Fuego (Fire Fest) held in July. Your life will change forever.

Travel to Cuba in summer and hold the sensuality of its Caribbean ancestries.

Autumn’s light: Havana 

From August to October begins the real hurricane’s season in Cuba and autumn combines the summer heat with new winds and moisture. While there is a chance of encounter those, there is no need to be concerned. Cuba’s Early Alert System is well structured to minimize the impact in tourism, population and goods. In the improbable case that your getaway coincides with the arrival of a hurricane, you will be well protected against its strength, and feeling like never before the warmth of Cuban people.

Meanwhile, sky continues being blue and water clear like in the best of summer. Many visitants arrive every day to the island. Why? Because traveling to Cuba in autumn is the perfect opportunity to uncover Havana. 

Heterogeneous and magical, the old city founded in November of 1519 is a unique experience for every person: colorful clothes dangling from the balconies, drums and salsa at the doors, fortresses, galleries and museums beautifully preserved and dozens of new bars and paladares to refresh eyes and hearts.

Travel to Cuba in autumn and …

  • Choose our Long weekend in Havana and discover the oldest neighborhoods with one of our professional guides: the authentic Jesus Maria, the neoclassical Cerro and the picturesque boulevard of San Rafael.
  • Learn about Havana’s bodegas de alimentos, local markets and classical squares.
  • Let yourself go in antique American Cars, while the tropical breeze caresses your face and a sympathetic driver explains everything about customs and places.
  • And, next November be prepared for an unprecedented event: the city dresses with the most genuine outfits to celebrate her 500th birthday. Concerts, street performances and the Habaneras’ Festival (romantic songs dedicated to Havana) will enrich the World Heritage’s majesty. 

Sunset Cuba old cars

Travel to Cuba these autumn with Espiritu Travel and follow the ancient tradition of November 16th: Turn around our foundational tree -the ceiba- at the Arms Square and wish for an unforgettable vacation. Definitely you will have it!

Winter Fantasy in Cuba

Ah, the winter fantasy at the pearl of the Antilles, where temperatures of 15°C made locals tremble and take out the jackets from the closets! It is warm but not so much, it is humid but pleasant…you wouldn’t resist. It’s time to prepare the luggage and take the next Explore Cuba tour with Espiritu Travel. 

Travel to Cuba in winter and …

    • Encounter Cienfuegos. The romantic and graceful city has a marked French influence. This jewel in the Caribbean’s crown is the best place for some relaxing cocktails.
    • Open yourself to Trinidad, the colonial “postcard” village. Founded in 1514, her glories, blood history and affections are related by every cobblestone and every ruin of the Valle the los Ingenios (The Valley of the Sugarmills).
    • Visit Ernesto Che Guevara’s Memorial in Santa Clara. Learn about Cuba’s revolutionary movement in that city of narrow streets and wonderful musicians.
  • And then, return to Havana and get involved in the unique and famous Latin-American International Movies Festival.

What about Christmas?

A trip to Cuba in winter is a very different way to enjoy family time. Cubans feel the season and decorate the roads with new colors. There are reunions, parties and bembés (Afro-Cuban religious celebrations), locals prepare to receive the New Year together with optimism and love. Without a single doubt it is a wonderful location to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas in Cuba

Each year the Cathedral of Havana decorates her baroque façade to represent Jesus’s birth. People gather their love ones for a simple and delicious dinner, a tradition you will experience in the casas particulares chosen for you: homemade desserts, typical main dishes, Havana Club rum and lots of happiness will dress your table in “Nochebuena” (Christmas’s Eve).  

Travel to Cuba at Christmas and be enchanted by the sweetness of its people.

Let’s go further 

Book the New Year’s Eve in Havana and you will have a tour like no other. Las Terrazas’ relaxation, Vedado’s mysteries and a magnificent dinner with the finest Cuban musicians at the Buena Vista Social Club are just some of the surprises. A Cuban traditions orders to burn a doll made with old clothes to obtain the New Year: travel to Cuba and burn the “old year” to receive the blisses of new Caribbean adventures.

Whether you prefer hiking or dancing salsa, or the wonderful lights of Havana in autumn, Cuba is always a great place to visit. Plan your next getaway with Espiritu Travel and be thrilled until the last fiber of your soul: smiling and resilient people, stunning views, vibrant festivals, vintage cars, everything speaks about life and culture. Best time to travel to Cuba…right now!