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Cuba travel agency

Today the touristic offer of both travel packages, tourist experiences or transport options is infinite and although today we have everything in the palm of our hand with internet access, sometimes it is difficult to choose between so many options … and hiring the services of a Cuba travel agency like Espíritu Travel seems the best option to organize our trip.

In the case of Cuba, we find a destination with many peculiarities … and that is advisable visiting Cuba with the support of a travel agency specialized in Cuba. Its politics and particular history, makes Cuba a unique country in the world. When traveling to Cuba is important to know certain aspect of the county that will guarantee that you travel safe and that your only concern is to enjoy your trip to Cuba.

Keep reading if you want to know what characteristics a Cuba travel agency should have!

Characteristics of a good Cuba travel agency

Nowadays, anyone has the possibility to sit in front of a computer and use their Internet connection to prepare their ideal trip, however, there are destinations in which the knowledge of a tourism professional who is a specialist in the destination is necessary. When hiring a good travel agency, we avoid risks and unpleasant surprises such as staying in a hotel that is not like the one offered on their website.

At Espíritu Travel we take care of designing and managing your trip from start to finish, informing you at all times of any changes and offering you 24/7 assistance at the destination. All our trip plans are custom-made experience always working with our local partners in Cuba to make sure everything is specific for your preferences.

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A brand can go as far as the people behind it can promote. From the experience gathered by Espíritu Travel, these are the five qualities that your travel agency in Cuba must have:

Knowledge of the destination

More and more, travelers seek to live experiences outside of the typical tourist attractions, we seek to know the destination like the locals and for this it is essential that the person who advises us has a deep knowledge of Cuba. At Espíritu Travel we are not only experts in the destination, but we also work with our own local team in Cuba so that the client knows the destination from the eyes of a local.

Your travel agency should motivate you to get to know the country by transferring her/his passion for Cuba!

Your travel agency must also know the necessary requirements you need to visit Cuba. For example, if you visit Cuba from the United States they will need to design your trip under the 11 legal categories to visit Cuba.

Local Travel Specialist in Cuba

A travel agency that operates in Cuba must know its products well and clearly inform the client about them. Your travel agent must understands the trust that you, the client, place in it and therefore will advise you taking into account what is best for you.

It is increasingly common for travel agencies to have an expert specialist in that destination. In the case of Cuba, this is especially important since your travel agent must know the destination first-hand in order to offer you the most complete experience possible.

In an online world, the main difference between organizing a trip yourself or hiring a travel agency are professional advisers, who give a true support and added value that the client needs.

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Have good reviews!

Before choosing your travel agency to travel to Cuba, Investigate! If the travel agency does a good job they will highlight on their website their clients comments about their service.

As in any other important matter, we should not stay with the first option that we find when looking for a travel agency. Taking a trip is an important thing, so before giving an agency free rein to organize it, we have to know if we can really trust that it complies with what it offers. In this sense, we have to do a little research work.

One of the most positive parts of the internet is that it allows you to evaluate services and offer criticism, find out what other users say about the travel agency with which you are going to organize your trip to Cuba.

Ask everything you need

Before deciding and signing something we always have to solve all the doubts that arise. We must be clear about what services we are hiring and what coverage the agency is going to give us. We must be informed of the fine print and know at all times who to contact if a problem arises. In a good agency they will have no problem explaining all these issues to us in detail.

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Espíritu travel added value

In Espíritu Travel we believe that travelers want to experience authentic trips in a way that makes a positive impact to local communities and the places that they visit. We are a team of people who knows Cuba inside and out, we’re passionate about detail and service. Combine these, and you have our one simple purpose – to encourage and indulge your curiosity about this enigma island and to ensure that your trip to Cuba is a once in a lifetime.  

Read more about why you should travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel.

Get inspired with our Cuban Trip Plans

Sometimes we want to see it all or we simply don’t know what to see. Espíritu Travel has design inspirational trip plans so you get an idea of the destinations you can visit depending on the number of travel days. You can get a taste of Cuba in a Long Weekend in Havana or decide to discover the Uncovering Cuba in a longer trip plan. Check out our trip plans ideas divided by days to get inspired before you request your own customize trip plan.

Planning your customized trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel is warranty for a genuine and culturally inspiring experience in the Pearl of the Caribbean. Our team of experts will guide you in every step of your trip to Cuba.  Traveling to Cuba with us also comes with peace of mind.  We are always there in the background in case of questions or emergencies.

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