Can Americans travel to Cuba?

Can Americans travel to Cuba

Yes, they certainly can! Despite the new restrictions established by the U.S. Government, travelling to Cuba is possible and fun. Since June 2019 there are 11 travel categories authorizing U.S. citizens to visit Cuba within the confines of the trade embargo. Travelers no longer need to obtain special licenses from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), but to demonstrate that their itineraries fulfill the requirements of the category they chose.

The Support for Cuban People category is the most popular by far and it aims is to help the private sector and local entrepreneurs. And, don’t worry, it’s very easy to plan a trip within those boundaries, especially with Espíritu Travel, a company dedicated to provide travelers with an authentic vision of Cuba.  Our custom-made trips have a positive impact in each local community we visit, supporting the small entrepreneurial activity rising now in the island.

How do I travel legally to Cuba?

Following all the inquiries we have received in our Facebook and Instagram pages related to this topics, we present you the steps to follow in order to travel without any issues to Cuba.

  • You must declare your travel category before leaving the country

Before departing to Cuba, Americans need to declare to the authorities under which category they are travelling. The Support for Cuban People category provides an opportunity for regular Americans to get to know this warm and inimitable country, while contributing to the progress of local communities.

Planning your trip with us is warranty for a genuine and culturally inspiring experience in the Pearl of the Caribbean. Our team of experts will guide you in every step since the preparation of an adequate and fun itinerary, and the arrival to José Martí Airport, until your departure to the U.S.  Uncovering cities and mountains with local guides, hopping in private classical cars, eating at paladares and staying at casas particulares (Cuban bed and breakfast unique version) are just some of the activities we include.

Legal travel to Cuba

Be aware, under the Support for Cuban People Category you will have a remarkable trip to the heart of Cuba. For this December we specially recommend the New Year’s Eve in Havana, if your time is short or a customized Soul of Cuba trip, if you also wish to uncover the central and eastern regions of the country.

  • Having your documents ready

To start a life-changing trip to Cuba you will need three essential documents: a valid passport (the expiration date should be at least 6 months after your trip), a medical insurance and a Cuban Tourist Card.

The authorities of the island require visitors to have a non-U.S. health insurance, which can be included in the airline tickets prices or bought at the airport. In the other hand, the Cuban Tourist Card functions as a visa and it’s very easy to obtain it during the check – in for your flight.

Keeping a copy of your itinerary and any supporting document can be useful too, just in case. US government asks travelers to keep receipts and other proofs of following their “Support for Cuban people” programs for up to five years.

  • Reserving a flight to Havana

Many airlines like Jet Blue, American Airline and Delta offer non-stop and one-stop trips to Cuba from Miami, New York, and other U.S. cities. In December of the present year a new measure from the government will restrict their trajectories to a single Cuban province: Havana. However, that’s not an issue for Espíritu Travel’s adventurers! Most travelers prefer to explore the incredible charm of the 500 years old’s capital, before uncovering the gorgeous landscape of Viñales, the sonorities of Santiago de Cuba and the beauty of Cienfuegos in an unforgettable road adventure.

  • Arriving to Cuba…finally

Palm trees, blue sky and vintage cars, announce you have arrived to your destination! After passing customs at José Martí Airport in Havana, you’ll be welcomed by one of Espíritu Travel’s guides. They are not only passionate about discovering for you the colors of the real Cuba, but experts in terms of culture, history, nature and society of the island. And… don’t concern about anything else. Espíritu Travel will make sure your journey is amazing.

American travel to cuba

Leave every detail in our hands, you’ll love Cuba!

So, travel to Cuba legally whenever you want

There are not impediments, travelling from United States to Cuba is possible. Hope this post was helpful. If you have any further doubt, don’t hesitate in contacting us!