Can I travel to Cuba?

As the months go by, we all wonder when we will be able to travel again? The desire to discover new places and experience traveling is bigger every day that goes by. If we have learned one thing from these past months of uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is to appreciate freedom of movement and enjoy traveling. The question Espíritu Travel is going to answer today is, can Americans travel to Cuba now? Because I do not know about you, but I am dying to travel to Cuba and when it’s safe to do so, I’ll be the first at the airport.

At the end of August, Cuba began its de-escalation and opened some touristic places like the Keys to international tourists. However, the country’s capital, Havana, still has cases of Coronavirus and the capital’s airport is still closed for international flights.

Continue reading this article if you want to know more about the current situation on the Island regarding Coronavirus and if you what to know if can travel to Cuba from North America.

Current situation in Cuba

Cuban authorities began the reopening of the country at the end of July, where areas such as the keys of the north-central zone and Cayo Largo del Sur passes to phase 3 of the de-escalation. Therefore, Cuba decided to open these areas to international tourism and Cuban Tourism Minister, Juan Carlos García Granda, anticipated that free PCR tests will be carried out for all tourists, to keep the coronavirus under control.

Travel to Cuba COVID-19

International tourists can visit the keys, where airports and hotels have certifications in accordance with established security protocols, but tourist cannot move within the island. And while several issuing countries have taken measures to discourage international flights, the Minister has affirmed that the necessary measures are being taken to guarantee the safety of travelers. In the case of the United States, Cuba remains at alert level 4 for American citizens, which in no case the Government prohibits traveling to Cuba.

Cuba had 48 cases of COVID-19 more this Tuesday, September 30, accumulating 5,531 positives and 122 deaths caused from the virus since the start of the pandemic. According to the Cuban Ministry of Health, the areas with the highest number of cases are Havana and Ciego de Ávila. In Cuba 416 of the 798 local cases of these two weeks have been detected in the capital.

When will Havana open its borders?

Havana remains closed to tourism and delays the total opening of the country since, together with Ciego de Ávila, they are the only regions that continue in phase 0. Havana, has been taking strict measures this past 30 days, including an unprecedented night curfew and the closure of the city. At the moment, the capital registers six active “epidemiological events” and diagnoses cases in its fifteen municipalities. Today, September 30th of 2020, the authorities will decide if Havana passes the phase 0 or continues with restrictions.

Everything indicates that the authorities will extend the coronavirus containment measures in the capital for 15 more days. Some sources affirm that on October 15, international flights are expected to operate again, but for now there is no official announcement confirming this news.

So, can I travel to Cuba?

Currently most of the Cuban provinces are in the third and last stage of the de-escalation, and seven of them, together with Isla de la Juventud (south), have not reported cases of coronavirus in the last fifteen days. For now, Cuba does not accept the arrival of commercial flights from the United States, at least until Havana passes to phase 3 and the “José Martí” International Airport is back in operation. It seems that Cuba will only welcome travelers from Canada, the Caribbean, and select European countries.

Can i travel to Cuba

If you are looking for more information on whether it is legal to travel to Cuba from the United States and what are the requirements you must meet, visit our article on “Can Americans Travel to Cuba” or contact us for more information. The peculiarity of traveling to Cuba as an American makes it important to have your trip planned correctly before traveling to Cuba and to clearly know all the necessary documentation you must have in order.

From Espíritu Travel we will try to inform you about the latest news regarding the opening of Cuba to international tourism and we hope that during the month of October the current situation will improve. Our desire to travel is undeniable but we must be cautious and, above all, put our individual and collective security of the population first. We will travel again with more enthusiasm than ever and when Cuba reopens its borders Espíritu Travel will be ready to organize the trip of your life to Cuba!

For more information visit the Fact Sheet of the Department of the Treasury.