Caribbean Holidays In Cuba and the Caribbean Region

caribbean holidays

caribbean holidays

The glittering and scintillating white sand beaches, as well as the warm blue waters of the Caribbean region, are the embodiment of tropical ecstasy. Spend your vacation days on the beaches, sun feasting on luxurious cuisine, or put on a mask and snorkel to discover the amazing underwater world of shimmering marine life and colorful reefs.

Stunning sceneries abound in the Caribbean islands, such as Cuban white sandy beaches and Islas Del Rosario in Colombia, where you can spend your holidays while being seduced by the rhythm of the waters.

Discover Intriguing Cities and Pristine Coastline during Your Caribbean Holidays

Complex, impressive and fascinating are just a few words we can use to describe the Caribbean islands, especially Cuba. The largest island in the Caribbean, is an amazing place to switch off from the Western world, leave your Caribbean anticipations at the airport and take it as it comes, you will definitely not be disappointed. Adding to the famous white sand beaches as well as great sceneries and amazing places to tour, you will have a unique and unforgettable vacation in Cuba.

Travel to Cuba

With Americans now traveling to Cuba as well as the unprecedented number of visitors from other countries to this Caribbean island, it is recommended to book your trip to Cuba in advance. In order to comply with the regulations for travel, we offer legal travel to Cuba under the Support for Cuban people category.

Our accommodations are casas particulares (homestays) which is the best way to enjoy Cuba and get to know Cubans. Also, we offer several beachfront casas particulares in Playa Larga, in the Bay of Pigs.

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Why Should You Visit Cuba?

When planning for your vacation, Cuba should be at the top of your list. Among the things you can expect to see here include:

  • The city of Havana, which is famous for vintage American cars and heritage and boutique casas particulares, as well as its faded grandeur.
  • Trinidad town renowned for having colorful, colonial houses, charming cobbled streets and laid-back lifestyles.
  • Cuba’s first capital and settlement, Baracoa, which could only be accessed by sea until the 1960s, before a road network to the capital was built. It is a veiled gem in the eastern part of this island country.
  • The natural beauty of Pinar Del Río region in western Cuba, which is described by many as the ‘garden of Cuba’.


This is a uniquely diverse and large island which offers visitors vibrant culture, a wealth of nostalgia, white sand beaches, abundant wildlife and intoxicating music that pervades the soul of this fascinating island. It is the best travel destination in the Caribbean region.


This country has something that will appeal to most travelers, from the Amazon rainforests and the Andes Mountains to the sandy beaches of the Pacific coasts and the Caribbean. Its heritage echoes the culture of its native people as well as the Spanish who settled in this country in the early 15th century.

Caribbean Holidays in Havana

Caribbean Christmas holidays

Just like Christians all over the world, the people of the Caribbean regard Christmas as a joyful time and put their unique spin on celebrating the birth of Christ. For an enjoyable vacation, swap your snow shovels and mittens for palm trees and sunscreen and head to Cuba or Colombia this Christmas.

If you are searching for Christmas vacations in Cuba, we, at Espíritu Travel, offer authentic trips to both Cuba and Colombia. We know that Christmas is an exciting time which is precisely why you can rely for exceptional trips to these two countries. You can feel at ease knowing that our experienced team of travel experts here at Espíritu Travel goes above and beyond to create that personal experience. We will help you plan the best trip possible.

Caribbean October vacation offers

In general, you can get amazing deals when traveling to the Caribbean at any time of the year. The weather is great for most months of the year and you can hardly go wrong by choosing this region as your travel destination. With us, Espíritu Travel, you can rest assured that we will help you find the best deals in the area you want to tour in Cuba and Colombia.