Cayo Santa María and Varadero Beach: best cuban beaches basen on Tripadvisor

Varadero Beach Cayo Santa María

Imagine the ideal beach. White sand, shining sun, turquoise sea … Do you have it? Now add a straw umbrella and extend the miles of beach beyond what you can see, welcome to the beaches in Cuba. But if we had to highlight any of them, there are two that make a difference for TripAdvisor users since they have named the beaches of Cayo Santa María and Varadero as two of the 25 best beaches in the world!

You surely know that, Cuba stands out for its beautiful beaches of fine white sand and transparent waters besides the uniqueness of its culture. If you have more than a week to discover Cuba, you must include at least one day at the beach in your trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel and make sure that you visit de Cayo Santa María or Varadero.

Two beaches in Cuba among the 25 best in the world, according to TripAdvisor

In TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice 2021 Best of The Best ranking, Cayo Santa María was evaluated as the second-best beach in the world, only behind Whitehaven Beach in Australia, while Varadero ranked twelfth in the ranking of the 25 best beaches of the world according to TripAdvisor users.

Tripadvisor released the Best of the Best 2021 list based on the number of comments and opinions left by users over 12 months. This ranking shows “the beaches that travelers dream of throughout all the year”, according to TripAdvisor itself.

A TripAdvisor user commented on Cayo Santa María “Incredibly fine white sand, calm waters and a pleasant breeze. This place is heaven. There are days when you see fish or even dolphins at a short distance. “

Another user declared that Varadero – Cuba’s main sun and beach destination – is “a postcard landscape. Fine sand and the bluest water I’ve ever seen ”.

Varadero a “Postcard landscape”

The beach of Varadero is surely the best known and most visited beach in Cuba. Varadero has more than 20km of white beaches with an excellent combination of white sand, clear and transparent waters, nightly entertainment, and the possibility to practice all kind of water sports.

If you only have a week to visit Cuba and you want to add a beach destination to your trip to Cuba, Varadero is one of your best option. In a bit more than a 2h car drive from Havana, you will be lying in Varadero’s white sand beaches with a Mojito on your hand. Varadero will never disappoint if you are looking for rest and entertainment.

Check out our Havana and Varadero trip plan and discover the best of Havana before relaxing at the beach of Varadero or practicing one of the multiple water activities that you can do in Varadero.

Cayo Santa María Beach – The second-best beach in the world according to TripAdvisor

It is the largest island in Cuba and it is located in the archipelago of the Cayerías del Norte. It is the last of the keys accessed from the Pedraplén, the road that crosses the waters of Buena Vista Bay.

This incredible key has around 18 km2 of surface and about 10 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches. These beaches are the reason why it is frequently called the “White Rose of Jardines del Rey”, since you will find fine white sands and crystal clear waters, where you can enjoy a privileged natural space.

However, this paradisiac island will not only allow you to lay on the beach but it also offers a varied alternatives for nature tourism, especially in the south, where a landscape of exuberant vegetation predominates. You will be able to explore the most virgin side of the key, the endemic flora and fauna in their best state of conservation.

Best beaches in Cayo Santa María

  • Perla Blanca
  • Las Caletas
  • Cañón
  • Cuatro Punta
  • Las Gaviotas Beach
  • Periquillo Beach

So where should I go? To Varadero or tu Cayo Santa María?

It is really a matter of time. Of course, if you are only going to visit Cuba to lay at the beach then choose the beach that is more convenient to your likes and needs taking into account all the activities you can do in each one. But if you only have a week to visit Cuba and want to add two or three days at the beach Varadero will be your best option due to its proximity to Havana.

On the other hand, if you have around 10 days to visit Cuba the Keys are a great option to relax at the beach since they are less crowded, and you can be lying in the second-best beach of the world! Isn’t that a good reason already?

From Espíritu Travel will recommend you the best Cuban beaches to visit taking into account your travel days, we will design the best private and customize trip plan so that your trip to Cuba is an experience that you will never forget. We provide you with expert advice before your trip and 24-hour support while in Cuba. Pack your things! Cuban beaches are waiting for you!

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