Christmas in Cuba: a unique holiday 

Christmas in Cuba

Would you like to experience a unique and unforgettable Christmas holiday? Spending Christmas in Cuba might be your solution. Cuba offers good weather, fascinating traditions and a festive atmosphere to those willing to travel to Cuba for Christmas. If you are still looking for plans for this winter break, don’t look any further. This article summarizes some of the best reasons to spend your Christmas vacation in Cuba that will surely convince you to book your next holiday. 

4 reasons to travel to Cuba for Christmas

Cuba is the ideal destination to have a different Christmas that you will never forget. Even though there are tons of reasons why spending Christmas in the island is a great idea, we have selected some of the most popular ones. 

  1. Mild weather 

The island is placed close to the equator, so during December temperatures tend to be mild. Meaning this time of the year is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities in Cuba without being scared of getting too warm. 

  1. Delicious Cuban traditional food 

Cuban gastronomy is an exceptional representation of its mixed cultural background. Food is key in Cuban traditions and a very important part of their Christmas celebrations. While visiting Cuba for your Christmas vacation, you can expect to eat a lot and try seasonal dishes full of flavor. A traditional dish that you should definitely try? Their delicious roasted pork. 

  1. A unique festive atmosphere 

One of the main reasons to travel to Cuba during these dates is its festive atmosphere. Cubans are, by nature, passionate, lively and always willing to throw a good party! Cuban festivities always have music and dance as the protagonists but, during Christmas, the festive atmosphere is even more present. 

travel to cuba for Christmas
  1. Experiencing Cuban traditions 

To visit Cuba for your Christmas vacation is synonymous with exposing yourself to authentic Cuba, as you will be surrounded by its many traditions everywhere you go. If you would like to have an even more real experience, you should consider staying in a casa particular. This Cuban version of a B&B will offer you the opportunity to get to know a local family and luckily, during this time of the year, you will even share with them some of their special celebrations. 

Christmas vacations in cuba: customs and traditions

Let’s start from the beginning. Did you know that from 1969 to 1998 Christmas was abolished in Cuba? Before the Revolution, Christmas was one of the main celebrations of the country. However, once Fidel Castro took power, all Christmas traditions were banned. Things changed again in 1998 when Fidel decided to re-establish the festivities due to the imminent visit of Pope John Paul II. 

These singular facts make Christmas vacations in Cuba a lot different than anywhere else in the world. On the island, Christmas is not as linked to religion as in many other cultures, so some traditions such as Christmas decorations in the streets, Santa Claus or Christmas trees, are rare. Instead, these important dates in Cuba is all about spending quality time with your loved ones, eating good food and having a great time dancing and singing. 

The two most important dates of the Cuban calendar during the holidays are December 24th when they  celebrate Christmas Eve and the 31st or New Year’s Eve when locals welcome the new year. Therefore, if you are considering to travel to Cuba for Christmas, book flights around these dates. 

Cuba christmas vacation

Food is always the protagonist in these events, so when going to Cuba for your Christmas vacation be ready to get stuffed! Some of the most important local dishes for these festivities are rice, black beans, cassava with mojo and a piece of pork. The second but not less important protagonist of these celebrations is music. During this time of the year, music will spread from the houses to the streets and you will see people dancing and singing everywhere you go. Don’t be shy and go with the flow! 

Espíritu Travel, the secret to the perfect Cuba Christmas vacation

We have no doubts that at this point you are completely convinced that travel to Cuba for Christmas is a fantastic idea. Therefore, you might be wondering how to start planning your visit. At Espíritu Travel we count on a team of people who know Cuba inside and out, so you can trust that you’ll get expert recommendations. All you need to do is check out our trip ideas section to get inspired. Then, just contact us to let us know how you would like to experience your Cuba Christmas vacation. We will take it from there to make sure you get the Christmas in Cuba that you deserve. 

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