All-time favorite destinations in Cuba

cuba destinations


cuba destinations

Cuba is one of the best destinations for many Americans, especially during winter. Many people travel to this Caribbean Island to embrace its joie de vivre, white beaches, its music and colonial cities.

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Cuba Destinations

Cuba, a vast island that has more than three thousand kilometers of shoreline, much of it rimmed by gorgeous, white sand beaches.

Coral reefs twinkle in the turquoise waters, while the countryside of this Island country provides refuge to many people around the world. With all this beauty and as well as historical sites, Cuba offers diversity and depth few islands can rival.

Best vacations destinations in Cuba

Take a tour of the streets of Havana

Havana, formerly under the name Villa de San Cristóbal, was founded in 1519. It is the historical center of Cuba and the capital of this Island nation. Most of the buildings that were constructed in this historical city were erected during the Spanish colonial period, which is professed in the capital’s neoclassical and baroque architecture.

With each corner filled with amazing buildings, wonderful outdoor restaurants and festive performers, you will find this capitol a photographer’s paradise.

You can make this vibrant city your home. Its streets are blissfully absent of franchise restaurants, billboards and cornerstones. However, you will find front porches selling crafts, garages renovated as barber shops and much more.

Havana is a gorgeous city, which you can explore and spend several days. However, you can discover some of the surrounding countrysides by driving west to Pinar del Río and Viñales. The Viñales Valley is worth exploring as it is Cuba’s agricultural center. You will enjoy lush and green landscapes, appealing farms and impressive rock formations.


cuba destinations havana


Visit Santa Clara

When beach resorts and towns start looking the same, Santa Clara, situated in the province of Villa Clara, will offer you something different by adding some depth to a Cuban itinerary.

Santa Clara, a vibrant university town that served as the last site of the revolution which was spearheaded by Che Guevara in 1958, it is rich in cultural attractions. There is a bronze statue of Guevara in Plaza de la Revolución, where his final letter to Fidel Castro is etched.

Santa Clara is home to one of the most historical theaters, Teatro de la Caridad. Despite some renovations, most of the original interior including artwork, décor and furniture remain in their original conditions.

Today, visitors can tour Che’s mausoleum, stroll the streets of this old city and see an armored train that was overturned by rebel soldiers. The surprisingly cultural scenes of this 300-year-old-city that you can visit include drag clubs, modern art museums and rock festivals.


Enjoy white sand beaches

As we mentioned above, Cuba has a coastline extending to approximately 3,000 kilometers with most of it having white sand beaches. Here are two of the beaches you should visit:

  • Varadero: with great destinations like Trinidad and Cienfuegos on the south coast, you are assured of breathtaking scenes down there. However, if you have a more rugged taste, you will love the north coast. You will see the Hicacos Peninsula, which is covered with 20 Km of white sand. If you Google the pictures of this beach your eyes will tickle, and the best thing is that it is only a couple of hours away from Cuba’s capital, Havana.
  • Playa Ancón and La Boca: while the southern beaches may not boast of attractive sceneries as the north, there is one must-see beach that has arguably one of the finest pieces of coastline on the south coast. It has white sand and clear, calm waters that offer a way to relax your mind and break up from the usual buildings of the town.


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Take a walk down Malecón

The Malecón, Havana’s 8-kilometer-long boardwalk, is among the best places you can visit in this Caribbean Island as you can fully capture the spirit of Cuban people. The combined roar of vehicles down the highway, ocean crashing against the coastline and the laughter of locals enjoying the lovely view create an inimitably Cuban experience.

It is best explored when the sun begins to set as the street begins to fill with street performers, fishers, lovers, and families.

You can walk from Old Havana and head to Malecón to central Havana, but nothing will beat the experience of cruising down the highway while inside a classic American convertible.

Tour Havana in a vintage car

You cannot leave Havana without touring the city attractions in a classic American convertible. Due to the trade restriction between Cuba and the United States that were sparked by the 1959 revolution, the only American cars found in the Caribbean Island are those that arrived before the embargo took effect.

These muscle cars are well-preserved but pricey, and offer an admirable way to tour the capital. While tour operatives will charge variable rates, Espíritu Travel, will organize how you can tour city’s key attractions by booking a car in advance for you.

Lose yourself in the great rhythms of the tropical paradise

Where else can you lose yourself in the rhythms and explore the oldest structural designs in the Americas other than this tropical paradise? Well, Havana is the ideal destination for people seeking to delight in great music, breathtaking sceneries and friendly locals. It’s colorful and loud and will fill your senses with sounds and images that will live with you long after you leave this place.

Cuba abounds in natural beauty. With a coastline extending more than 3,000 kilometers, much of it being white sand beaches, you will find this country a perfect holiday destination. This Caribbean’s largest island drips with culture, history and a captivating aura.

Vintage cars cruising the streets, beautiful old buildings that make you travel back in time and great natural sceneries such as the Caribbean beaches make Cuba a great destination for everyone.

We hope that this guide will help you choose the best places to visit during your Cuba adventure! And don’t forget that we at Espíritu Travel can design a tour itinerary specially for you.