Cuba invites you to run in the Marabana – Havana Marathon

Havana Marathon

Just two weeks more to participate in the event that is not only a sports fest but a homage to life and health: Havana’s Marathon. The Marabana was celebrated for the first time in 1986, and, it gathers every year more than 30000 participants from several countries.

The marathon race is inspired in ancient tales of the Maraton’s Battle. According to the mith, the Greek soldier Filípides died of extenuation after running more than 200 km from Maraton to Sparta, to announce the arrival of the Persians to the territory. Many centuries later, the French philologist Michel Bréal proposed to the Baron of Coubertin celebrating a race called marathon during the modern Olympic Games. Since that moment there have been created many marathons around the world. Cuba couldn’t be less.

If you are athlete or just and enthusiast of sports, we propose you an unforgettable tailored trip to Havana with Espíritu Travel. You will discover the joy of its marathon, running around the main avenues of this beautiful city.

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The Marabana: following the steps of Andarín Carvajal

Havana’s Marathon is held every year from November 8th to 10th and it is one of the most prestigious events in the Americas. Founded and organized by Carlos Gattorno, the Marabana is celebrating this year the 500th anniversary of Havana and the 115th of the participation of the Cuban Andarín Carvajal in Saint Louis’ Olympic Games.

Félix de la Caridad Carvajal y Soto born in 1875, was known as Andarín (Walker) Carvajal due to his incredible capacity to run. He used to work as a mailman and also running every day the city streets promoting products and brands blowing a whistle. Carvajal was so talented that he entered to the Olympic Games, something that was not easy for a humble Cuban as he was. After many sacrifices to travel to the U.S and, without any money to continue the trip or eat, Andarín had to walk from New Orleans to St. Louis (more than 1100 km) for the competition.

Havana Marathon

But his troubles didn’t finished there, already leading the race, he found an apple tree and ate some green apples. Andarín Carvajal had not taken any food in 40 hours and his stomach couldn’t resisted, however he ended the marathon in 4th place. His resistance, courage and heart is remembered every time the Marabana starts.

There are many interesting activities associated to this event: the V International Colloquium Marabana-Afide, an Afrocuban cultural festival, books presentations and concerts of traditional Cuban music, are just some of the numerous opportunities to have a wonderful trip.

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Running at the Marabana

The Marabana includes three modalities: 10K, half-marathon and marathon, with a handicapped category (deaf, blind and wheelchair riders). The 10K race is developed simultaneously in every municipality of the country and it’s known as Maracuba. Moreover, the participants in the marathon race will be running 42km and 195m, while the half-marathon includes just half of this distance.  Until the moment there have been registered competitors from 61 countries!

Marabana - Havana Marathon

Havana’s Marathon will departure and finish in front of the historical Central Park. In November 10th, the massive race will began at 6:30 AM to avoid the intense Cuban heat. Running the Marabana is another way to explore the Cuban capital, 499 years of history, culture and architecture are felt in a circuit that passes by the National Capitol, the beautiful Malecón, the Revolution Square, the lively 23rd Avenue and the City of Sports.

Would you like to participate in the Maracuba or start preparing everything for the Marabana 2020? Well don’t hesitate in contacting our experts. Clarify any doubt with us, planning a journey to Cuba was never so easy.

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Some final health advices

During the Marabana there is always a well-prepared Medical Committee to ensure a safe race for every participant. However here are some advices to help you enjoying the marathon and avoiding unnecessary risks:

  • Take into account the warmth and high humidity of the Cuban weather: the day previous to the race you should drink abundant water and have a meal rich in carbohydrates to obtain enough energies.
  • To prevent dehydration, you shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverages the days before the marathon.
  • Know your body and protect its health, it’s important to participate in a distance where you feel comfortable and trained.
  • If you have any pathology or disease you need an authorization of your specialist to participate. This will guarantee that you will receive the right assistance in case you needed.

It doesn’t matter if you are enthusiast or a runner, the Marabana is a one-time experience not to miss while in Cuba. Enjoy it!