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cuba travel agency


cuba travel agency

Experience Cuba like never before

If Twitter is anything to go by, many people have expressed their desires for traveling to various places around the world. The common phrase used is “If traveling was free, you would never see me again.

People travel for many reasons like to satisfy their spirit of adventure, to inspire their creative sides or to meet up with old friends and discover new ones.

Would you consider going to another place alone or with friends or family? You may be lucky if your work schedule involves a lot of traveling. Then you can make some time to visit some sites and learn about a new culture.

If you are approaching your golden years, traveling is great way to celebrate your retirement. If you’ve been thinking about taking that once-in-a-lifetime trip, you haven’t missed a chance. Cuba should be one of your to-go places. The multi-cultural country is one of those places that has managed to win a place on the bucket list for travelers across the globe.

But as it is with almost all trips, having someone who knows all the great places of a destination is the ultimate way to ensure that you experience the best, and soak up the culture. I would recommend soliciting the services of a good travel agency before you pack your bags and leave.


Traveling to Cuba. Which travel agency should I go for?

Making a choice of a travel agency can be a daunting task. The bottom line is, choosing the best in the business will guarantee you a hassle-free travel and a successful vacation.

Espíritu Travel is an expert in legal travel from the US to Cuba. We are a team of travel experts that offers US travelers authentic trips to Cuba in a way that makes a massive impact on both the local communities and the places they visit. At Espíritu Travel, we offer our guests a chance to experience the rich Cuban culture and the natural beauty of the island.

We offer legal and authentic travels to Cuba. We understand the nitty-gritty of planning, logistics, and legal travel. And we have a great deal of experience in the “Support for Cuban peoplelegal travel to Cuba for US travelers.

We want you to discover the beautiful island of Cuba, its history and vibrancy of the culture-rich island. We believe a true Cuban experience should be immersive and sustainable. It should allow you to do what the locals do. And what better way than supporting small but ever-growing entrepreneurial activity. Imagine having an epic vacation and making an amazingly positive impact on communities and local areas?

Noble, right? Well, that’s not all: 

  • We offer you a 24-hour customer support when in Cuba. In addition, we will provide you with excellent advice on your trip.
  • To top it off, we offer our guests scheduled tour itineraries that have various travel ideas to choose from and a local tour guide to show you around. Your trip will have been done in a responsible manner so that it makes a positive impact on the environment. Cool, right? And by making a positive impact in the local communities, your trip will definitely be worthwhile. You will be spoiled for choice. But don’t worry, the staff will help you with that too. Espíritu Travel is your trusted travel companion.


cuban culture

What to expect while in Cuba

Most visitors will always want to have reasons for travel. Things like, what does my destination offer? Is the culture rich? Are there amazing sites to visit?
Cuba is one of the most unique, exotic and historic countries in the world. With a very rich culture, you get to experience diverse unique destinations. To experience the best of Cuba, you must live as the Cubans do. Eat like a local, dance like a local, stroll like a local. And cease being a traveler, you will be our guest!

By having a local travel plan your trip, you experience the most seamless and authentic experience in Cuba. Espíritu Travel will curate a personalized trip itinerary for you.

How about getting someone who will take into account your travel experience – museums? Architecture? Hiking? Food? Our local guides have all the insider tips you need, and off-the-beaten-path locations for an ultimate once-in-a-lifetime trip. Some of the places to visit include:

How will I experience the real Cuba, you ask? Well, how about:

  • Stay in a privately-owned guesthouse, commonly known as Casa Particular.
  • Have fun supporting local Cuban business -and have that big-store break.
  • Enjoy the warm and inviting Cuban culture. Hang out with the locals. Talk. Listen to talented musicians in the streets. Dance.
  • Ride around in a classic car -and more important, find all the hidden spots around every corner I Cuba.
  • Do you want to practice your Spanish?
  • Hungry? How about a quick inexpensive snack from a street cart? 
  • Watch the sunset over the 8Km Havana Coast Seawall.
  • Drink local beer.
  • Explore the rich Cuban history by visiting Havana’s National Museum.
  • Take a break and detox form the digital world. Instead of being on your phone, we could go dancing, exploring or just drinking mojitos with the locals. 
  • Celebrate the giant Cuban Carnival every July. It’s a fabulous holiday party.

Still have questions about your Cuban travel, cost and other itinerary consultations? Let Espíritu Travel handle it. We will connect you with unique, meaningful and an unbeatable experience while in Cuba!