Cuba Trip Ideas

Cuba trip ideas

Chosen as one of the hottest tourist destinations over the last few years by the New York Times, Cuba is a unique destination characterized by its white sand beaches, its people, its music, its culture… There are many reasons why you should visit Cuba, so here is Espíritu Travel trip ideas guide to inspired you planning your trip to Cuba.

The Uniqueness of Cuba

Cuba is one of the last communist regimes still in force in the world. Its politics and its particular history, most of it linked to the Revolution, make’s Cuba a unique country in the world. Due to decades of political isolation, Cuba has remained largely undiscovered. When traveling to Cuba is important to know certain travel documents that you must have and the security that you are traveling safe. With Espiritu Travel you will only need to sit back and relax, we take care of all!

On your trip to Cuba you can meet Cuban artists in their own front-room galleries and learn how to dance salsa in home-based studios. You can take a city tour in a 1956 Chevrolet and learn how to kite surf, rock climb, play the conga and ride a horse. And the island’s breathtaking beaches, unspoiled seas and forest-covered mountains haven’t gone anywhere.

What type of experiences would you be looking for on your trip to Cuba?

It is possible that when you think of Cuba the first place that comes to your mind is Havana, but the jewel of the Caribbean has much more to offer: beaches, music, gastronomy, culture and of course, Cubans. If you are thinking of planning your next vacation on this beautiful island, you have to think if you would like to do a more cultural trip, relaxing trip, adventure trip or maybe your main focus on your trip to Cuba is diving or photograph the life in Cuba…

travel cuba ideas

If you are looking for a Cultural trip

If the main purpose of your trip is cultural then you must visit Havana and Trinidad and we suggest you spend at least 7 days in Cuba, have a look at our Week in Cuba trip plan! You could spend three full days in Havana, one day traveling to Trinidad from Havana and stopping at Cienfuegos on your way to Havana and two days visiting Trinidad. Don’t forget that you would need another day to travel back to Havana to take your flight back home!

If you are looking for a more adventure trip to Cuba

Cuba is not only white sand beaches, this island holds natural treasures such as the Viñales Valley, Sierra Maestra National Park, Saturno Cave, Topes de Collantes Natural Park in Sancti Spiritus… or amazing diving places.

You could add to your visit to Havana a day trip to Viñales, ideal for practicing ecotourism in Cuba. Trekking, horseback riding or practicing speleological are some of the many activities you can do in Viñales Discover Cueva del Indio, Cueva de San Miguel, the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás or the Mural of Prehistory that decorates the horizon by showing the evolution of this privileged enclave in western Cuba.

From Trinidad you could visit Valle de los Ingenios or Tope de Collantes Natural Park, that offers a thousand places to explore. Relax, have a picnic lunch and bathe in one of the waterfalls after hiking around this little piece of paradise with Espíritu Travel. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can experience Valle de lo Ingenios by horseback riding or by car.

bay of pigs

If you are looking for diving experiences in Cuba, explore the central region of Cuba, Bay of Pigs. Discover Ciénaga de Zapata, the Caribbean’s largest wetland ecosystem! You can also visit the lovely sheltered cove of Caleta Buena, an area where saltwater meets fresh, creates incredible marine diversity that is not found elsewhere, perfect to dive and or some snorkel!

Have a look at our Espíritu Travel Scuba Diving Tour in Cuba

If you are looking for a different trip to Cuba

If you are one of those who like to explore the destination you visit from north to south, you will need at least 10 days to visit Cuba. Discover not only the colonial cities of Havana and Trinidad, continue your trip to Santiago de Cuba passing through Camagüey and Bayamo. Hike to the rebel headquarters of Fidel Castro outside of Bayamo, as well as visit the vibrant Santiago de Cuba. Let yourself be carried away by the uniqueness of Cuba!

Get inspired with our 10- day trip plan to Cuba, Explore Cuba.

Other Cuba trip ideas…

Have you ever thought of doing a photography trip to Cuba? or go bird watching?

photography trip to cuba

Participate in a photography trip is a great way to develop your photography skills by learning from a professional photographer while exploring a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. If you want to discover Cuba from the lens of your camera and capture unique moments, join Espíritu Travel on their two annual photography trips accompanied by the award-winning photographer Jim O’Donnell.

You will be able to capture the essence of Cuba and what makes this destination a unique place!

Perhaps Cuba is not an ideal destination to see exotic animals as other destinations in the Caribbean, apart from crocodiles, Cuba has few exotic animals but the lack of other animals is more than compensated by the abundance of birds. In Cuba there are more than 350 species of birds of which at least 20 are endemic. If you are a bird lover you should add a birdwatching trip to Cuba to your list.

Read more about where to go Birdwatching in Cuba.

And the beaches of Cuba?

Cuba is a diverse destination with a great offer of cultural, adventure or natural experiences. If you want to add a few relaxing days in one of the keys of Cuba or in Varadero add a couple of days to the end of your trip to Cuba to finish relaxing under the Caribbean sun. Check out our article about best beaches in Cuba.

When it comes to organizing a trip to Cuba, visa, vaccinations and medical insurance are the most worrying issues. But the truth is that there are many other details to take into account when organizing a trip to the island, like how many days should I travel to Cuba or what places should I see.

Thanks to years of experience of Espíritu Travel in Cuba we have become experts of the destination, we know first-hand all the details you must take into account before visiting Cuba like how long you need in Cuba, so put your worries aside and simply enjoy the adventure that you are about to live. Contact us and start planning your customize trip to Cuba!

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