Discover Cuba like a local

Discover Cuba like a local

There are two types of travelers. Those who want to visit Cuba and those who want to experience it. For this second type of tourist, traveling is about connecting with new cultures, places and people. Visiting the main sights of the island is not enough for them, they are also eager to understand the country in an authentic way. Do you see yourself reflected in this definition? Then your values are aligned with Espíritu Travel. Our agency specializes in creating custom made itineraries so you can travel to Cuba like a local.

After years of experience organizing trips to this beautiful Caribbean island, we know all the different ways to explore Cuba and get a little closer to Cubans and its traditions.

6 top tips on how to visit Cuba like a local

Stay in a Casa Particular 

The best tip to visit Cuba like a local is to choose a Casa Particular for your accommodation. These are private houses licensed by the government under strict conditions to rent en-suite rooms to foreigners. This form of B&B for tourists visiting the island is a great way to meet real locals and get familiar with Cuban culture. Locals are known for their hospitality, so you can take for granted that they will surely make you feel at home during your time there. To keep reading about Casas Particulares, you can check out this blog

Get a local guide

Is there a better way to explore Cuba like a local than having an actual local as your guide? We don’t think so. Having an experienced local guide who shows you around can be key to understanding the stories behind the big monuments and important sites, discovering secret corners of Cuba or even getting first-hand advice of where to eat delicious Cuban food! 

At Espíritu Travel we believe that working with local guides and partners also benefits Cubans by giving back to their communities. You can read more about our compromise with responsible tourism on this section of our web.

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Learn some Spanish words

Even if most Cubans speak perfect English, their official language is Spanish. To travel to Cuba like a local, learn a few key words and sentences such as “hello”, “thank you” or “goodbye”. They can become handy when exploring Cuba off the beaten path!

Explore Cuban gastronomy 

One of the most interesting ways of discovering a new culture is by trying out its traditional food. Cuban gastronomy in particular tells the story of a country of mixed cultures and, most importantly, it is delicious! Eat a quick snack from one of the many small no-names stands that you will find in the streets or head to a local market to enjoy a plait of “ropa-vieja” to explore the gastronomy of Cuba like a local. 

Go to a baseball game

Something that you probably didn’t know about Cuba is that baseball is very popular there. A very good tip on how to visit Cuba like a local is to experience a baseball game there. The atmosphere is usually great and snacks are very cheap when compared to the USA. Plus, saying that you have attended a game is a great conversation starter. Most people love to talk baseball in Cuba!

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Dance the night away

Cubans have rhythm running through their veins so dancing is one of their favorite activities. For that reason, if you enjoy dancing, you can’t travel to Cuba like a local without visiting one of its many salsa clubs. A top tip would be asking your casa particular host about the best salsa places in the area. You will probably struggle to find authentic salsa locals any other way! Don’t worry if you are not a great salsa dancer, locals usually take the lead so you just have to follow them

Espíritu Travel helps you travel to Cuba like a local 

To pursue your dream of traveling to Cuba like a local, a good option is booking your trip through a travel agency with all the right contacts on the island. One of the core values of Espíritu Travel is creating authentic experiences that connect people while meeting the needs and requirements of our travelers. You can check out our trips to Cuba to get inspiration on travel ideas or to start organizing your travel to Cuba with us.

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