Eight best things to do in Cuba

Things to do in Cuba

July is just in the corner and everybody is thinking “Beach in the Caribbean!!” But, what if I tell you there is a country which has much more to offer? Cuba has incredible beaches, and also amazing people, spectacular landscapes, a very distinctive culture and great food. We tell you the best things to do in Cuba, take note!

Sounds good for you? Then, follow Espíritu Travel, an agency that through difficult times continues proposing interesting trips for the entire family. Today we are sharing with you the eight awesome things you can only do in Cuba. Enjoy!

1.   Walking Havana

Each of our trips to Cuba includes two days exploring the Cuban capital and that’s hardly a coincidence. Havana’s uniqueness has been referred by national and foreigners, even a traveler as Ernest Hemingway fell in love with the sea breeze and the colonial charm of the city.

Just leave your feet go: find the ancient but beautiful Plaza de Armas, founded in 1519; jump in one of the many carriages pumping around and feel the majestic of San Francis Monastery (today one of the loveliest concert halls in Cuba) and el Paseo de Paula (the first ever paseo of the city; you’ll be surprised by the colorful corners, the music, the paladares…

And we will take it even further! We will show you a part of Havana that few travelers see: local markets, old neighborhood and the unusual bodegas de alimentos… Choose your favorite trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel, you will always have Havana.

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2.   Ride a Classic American Car

Oh, you can’t visit Cuba and forget to ride one of those beautiful classic American cars. Before the Revolution there were many Americans cars circulating in the island. After 1959, as a consequence of the embargo, the spare parts stopped incoming to Cuba and the cars owners used their intelligence and creativity to keep them running.

American Classic Car

Today these antiquities are one of the many attractions of the country. Just crossing the Central Par in Havana you will see vibrant Chevrolet, Buick, Packard, Studebaker, even with its original bodywork. So just pick the one you prefer and feel the city in a different way: the Vedado is dazzling when you sightsee it in a classic American car.

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3.   Explore second largest cave system of America

Located at the Sierra de Quemados, Viñales Municipality, the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas is an extraordinary place. It was declared National Monument in 1989, recognizing not only its beauty but its paleontological value.

The Gran Caverna is a cave system of 46.2 kilometers of extension and 6 levels. If you dare to explore it with a local speleologist and the right equipment you’ll be amazed by unique silica formations, Pleistocene fossils and a pristine river. And you’ll be proud of have been in the largest cave of Central America, the Antilles and South America.

Caves in Cuba

We invite to reserve our Hello Cuba trip, which includes a day in Viñales or just customize your favorite itinerary with us.

4.   Enjoy an evening of Cuban cocktails in Cienfuegos

Cocktails will never taste better than when they are prepared in the place of origin, and there are so many great cocktails in Cuba. Who hasn’t pictured himself enjoying the freshness of a mojito or daiquiri at the island? But now imagine you can combine two pleasures: the delight of a good drink and the contemplation of a city.

Palacio del Valle

Cienfuegos is a World Heritage City located just 2 hours away from Havana. It was founded and developed during the 19th century for French families coming from Baltimore, New Orleans and Philadelphia. Buildings and streets are infused with a neoclassical grace that is difficult to ignore and even more difficult to forget. That’s why we advise you to enjoy an evening of cocktails at the Palacio del Valle, one of the symbols of Cienfuegos.

Entering to this architectural jewel is already a joy. The Moorish Hispanic art with Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Mudejar influences, created a place of fairy tales. But there is also a bar and a terrace from where you can admire the placidity of Cienfuegos Bay.

5.   Uncover Cuba’s marine beauty

Did you know that Cuba has some of the best snorkeling sites in the world? Perfect temperatures and numerous inhabited islets are the refuge of a very unique fauna and scenarios of spectacular beauty.

The 7 marinas and 39 international diving centers distributed along the country are a testimony of the abundant marine life and visibility of the Cuban waters. Try María La Gorda Diving Center, located the Guanahacabibes National Park, Pinar del Rio Province. It has not only impressive submarine caves and very colorful corals but many historical remains. What about Cayo Blanco, in Trinidad? Explore well conserved reefs with more than 30 species of tropical fishes, corals and sponges.

Don’t miss this experience you can only have in Cuba.

6.   Have a bohemian nigh at El Mejunje, Santa Clara

There is something magical about El Mejunje, the heart of Santa Clara city, at Villa Clara Province. It was created in 1985 by Ramón Silverio as a simple site of reunion for intellectual and bohemian friends, it slowly grew to be a house of arts, a multifaceted and irreverent cultural and social oasis.

Rock, trova, rap, bolero, poetry, painting, sculpture, everything can be found and enjoy there. There is something magical about the Mejunje, maybe because the rustic banks, the drinks, the graffiti and feelings in the walls make us understand that it is a space for everyone, it doesn’t matter the sex, the color, the age, the nationality. We are sure you will love it!

7.   Spend dome days in Varadero

Of course you can’t miss Varadero! Three hours away from Havana is a dream beach of 20 kilometers of extension and blue water. Renowned and preferred internationally, Varadero offers not only a great number of hotels with different options but an escape of the heat and the noise of the city.

White and delicate sand, areas for snorkeling and SCUBA diving such as the Cayo Piedra Underwater Park, and even a place to shake your body like never before: La Casa de la Música of Varadero!!! Varadero will charm you instantaneously

There are not doubts, once you visit it, you will always come back.

8.   Share with Cubans

Those who only go to Varadero, staying in hotels cannot appreciate the friendliness, creativity and resilience of the Cuban people. For that reason, Espíritu Travel designs trips to Cuba that allow the visitor to know a bit about the daily life on the island with the locals. You will stay in a comfortable casa particular, eat in paladares, and uncover cities and natural places with local guides. Enjoy your time when admiring the value of the real Cuba, its people!

Don’t wait any more to start planning your next trip to Cuba. Follow our blog and find out what you are missing.