Flights to Cuba don’t have to be a nightmare

Flights to Cuba

Next December the new measures established by Trump Administration in relation with the flights to Cuba will take effect. After that date, flights coming from the United States to the island can only entering to Havana, avoiding any other Cuban city.

But, don’t worry so much! You can still travel legally to Cuba following this STEPS. With its never-ending summer, the unique atmosphere and the amazing cultural variety, visiting this country totally worth the trip. Espíritu Travel proposes you a “discovering” road trip, an incursion in the domestic airlines and many other options to explore the Pearl of the Caribbean.

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Flights from USA to Havana

Believe it or not, there are several airlines flying from the U.S to Cuba every day: Delta, American Airlines, United Airline and JetBlue are just some of the possibilities you can check to find the route that better suits you. Until the moment, there exist 20 direct flights daily to Havana, with Miami and New York being the most popular departure cities. You could also depart from Newark, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and 13 other spots in Florida such as Fort-Lauderdale and Orlando.

flights cuba

From December 10th onwards, all flights from US air carriers travelling to Cuba will be limited to the city of Havana. The recent proclamation ban flights to 9 international airports across the country. However, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but a great opportunity for new adventures. There is nothing like tasting Havana before discovering the palette of cities, landscapes and beaches Cuba has to offer.

Espíritu Travel’s tailored trips are a genuine immersion in the daily-life and cultural heritage of Cuba. Why not push your limits with the “Explore Cuba” package, a remarkable journey to significative regions of the island?

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Road Trip: a different way to uncover Cuba

Take a regular flight to Cuba and prepare yourself to enjoy a wonderful adventure of 14 days. We would like to make you feel the sonorities, colors and scents of this incredible archipelago. That’s why your personal Espíritu Travel’s guide will show you the real Cuba.


The trip commences in the capital. The ancient village of San Cristobal de la Habana recently celebrated her 500th anniversary and you’ll be stunned by the lights of the National Capitol, the architecture of the historic squares and old boats crossing its beautiful bay. Taste Cuba’s flavors for the first time at an authentic paladar and visit a Bodega de Alimentos to understand the monthly ration systems maintained until today.

National Capitol

During the second day, arts, cigars and popular music will mixture in a coming and going of open-air galleries like you never have seen before. Who wouldn’t enjoy a stroll to the antique Partagás Tobacco Factory, some photographs at the infamous Revolution Square and a dancing night with the Buena Vista Social Club?


But time has come to start the road escapade toward a new region of Cuba. Let us stop in Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South due to its beauty and cleanness. The UNESCO World Heritage City is located 2 hours away from the capital and it was developed by French families from New Orleans, Philadelphia and Baltimore many years ago. This neoclassical marvel is the perfect spot for a relaxing walk and a delicious mojito in front of the sea.


Hello Trinidad! If you are willing to travel in time, this city is your destination. A well conserved piece of Cuban colonial period: cobblestone streets, classic mansions, handcrafted wonders…there is so much to see that two days won’t be enough. Do not miss the Casa de la Trova, Playa Ancón and a unique hike into the heart of the Escambray: the National Park Topes de Collantes.

National Park Topes de Collantes


Every Cuban city has its own rhythm, you will noticed when arriving to Camagüey, the labyrinth city of huge mansions and rustic feel. Drink water from a tinajón (typical jars from de regions which conserve it always fresh), try the incredible homemade desserts and don’t forget to enjoy the great tavern-style establishments.


Are you tired? Can’t be! Your taxi will drive now to Bayamo, localized at the far eastern part of Cuba. Probably you have heard about Bayamo’s horse carriages, around 50% of the population utilizes horse transport each day for getting around. They build them with the same technique used centuries ago. However, what really characterize the city is being the cradle of Cuban independence, its people are passionated and dedicated. Your Explore Cuba trip includes a hike to the Comandancia de La Plata in the Sierra Maestra National Park. During the 6 km stroll you will not only see astonishing landscapes but the place where Fidel Castro and the group of rebels established the headquarters during the Revolutionary War.


After a 6 hours trip you will get to Baracoa, the first village founded by the Spaniards in Cuba. During many years, its impressive mountains, which hold some of the best conserved forests of the island, kept the city isolated from the rest of the country. It became also the favorite refuge of the runaway slaves and native people escaping from the Spanish repression, as well as pirates and corsairs. A local guide will show you Baracoa’s way of life, people in this place have developed a distinctive culture you will feel in their food, their cocoa farms, and even their music. Waterfalls, natural pools and rivers accentuate the loveliness of this region.

Flights to Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

If there is a city with distinctive identity that’s Santiago de Cuba. The influence of the African and Taíno roots and the confluence of Haitian and even Dominican culture turns Santiago in a diapason Afro-Caribbean sounds, dishes, life… There are plenty of Festivals such as Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival and the Fiesta del Fuego to experience all the Cuban flavors. It’s the best place to finish a tour because you can leave the city but Santiago de Cuba will never leave your heart.

Other alternatives to visiting Cuba

If you don’t feel like doing a road trip, there are two other alternatives you can choose in order to visit different regions of Cuba: the domestic flights and the charter flights.

Cuban domestic flights can take you to diverse airports across the country. In only 1h:30 you’ll arrive comfortable to Santiago de Cuba or Holguín. But there is always a catch: each destination has specific days of departure. For example, travelling from Havana to Baracoa will be only possible in Tuesdays and Sundays, at 5:30 AM. Moreover, Cuba is very special and there can be some logistic issues related to the flights schedules. We recommend you always to confirm your booking one day before the departure and to be alert of any changes.

You can also reach any region of Cuba if you decide to take a charter flight, because they are not affected by the new rules. However, chartered flights result difficult to book and pricey. Companies only post their schedules one or two months in advance, and a seat could cost twice the price of a commercial non-stop flight.

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