Guide to enjoy popular food in Cuba

Popular food in Cuba

One of the best things about traveling is tasting local cuisines. Discovering new exotic flavors, learning about the ingredients of the land and enjoying the gastronomic culture. Undoubtedly, Cuba is an ideal destination to try different and delicious dishes. In this guide, we will take you through the most popular food in Cuba as well as the best places to try it. If you are thinking about visiting Cuba, remember to contact us. At Espíritu Travel we plan customized trips so you get to know the real Cuba.

The four most popular Cuban dishes

There are a lot of appealing recipes in Cuba, many of them influenced by other cultures throughout the years. As a result, Cuban people have unified their traditions with others in a way they can also benefit from their natural resources and surroundings. Thanks to this fusion of cultures, every Cuban dish tells a story, which means you can not leave this amazing country without trying its local food. In every bite, you will identify influences of other cultures such as the Spanish or African. We will go through some of the best food you can eat in Cuba in this article.

Ropa vieja (“Old clothes”)

Ropa Vieja

Probably one of the best known Cuban dishes in the world. This stew is prepared with boiled and shredded beef combined with a sauce made of onion, tomato and peppers, among others.To eat it properly, it should be served with rice. It is interesting to note that ropa vieja means old clothes. The legend says that it refers to the story of a poor man who had to cook his own clothes because he could not even afford to buy food.

Arroz moros y cristianos (Moors and Cristian rice)

Arroz moros y cristianos

Moros y cristianos is an essential dish of Cuba’s popular food. It mixes rice with seasoned black beans, both cooked together in the same pot to integrate all the flavors. The delicious mix that results from the combination of these two basic ingredients is fascinating. Moros y cristianos talks about the Reconquista, when Muslim Moors and Spanish Christians fought against each other to conquer the Iberian Peninsula.

The Cuban sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

Popularly known as Cubano, the Cuban sandwich stands for the sweetness of its bread. Inside of this special bread, we discover a blend of roasted pork, sliced ham, swiss cheese and sour pickles. But that is not all, the Cuban sandwich is coated with mustard and garlic butter too.

Roast Pork 

Roast Pork

Roast pork is a symbol of the Cuban holidays and it has a special significance for those living in the Cuban countryside, mainly in the east of Cuba. If you have the opportunity, you should order roast pork in different places to appreciate how the same food can taste completely different depending on the restaurant. This is because each Cuban family follows its own recipe. There are only two rules to make roast pork: take your time to cook it and add mojo salsa. 

Restaurants to must go in Havana

Now you know more about Cuban gastronomy you are probably wondering, where can you enjoy the best food in Cuba? It is time to take note of some of the top restaurants in all Havana. Antojo is a must stop if you want to enjoy traditional Cuban dishes in a close and local atmosphere. This is the perfect place to try ropa vieja and get amazed by its delicious tropical cocktails.

If you can not wait to eat a Cuban sandwich, you should go to Lo De Monik. People love their Cubanos, their warm welcoming and their sensational drinks. In addition, we recommend that you try some of their other savory options like yucas bravas.

Another restaurant to try good food in Cuba is El Dandy. This is a quaint bar especially popular because of  its breakfast and lunch dishes. Scrambled tomato eggs, ribs or mojito are fabulous choices here.

Even though Cuba is a fairly safe country, we recommend you to be careful with pickpockets in crowded places such as bars, clubs and pubs. They often take advantage of tourists when they are relishing the moment with a couple of fantastic mojitos.For more recommendations to taste the best food in Cuba, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. Take a look at our website to check how we plan your trip taking care of every single detail. Remember Cuban cuisine is waiting for you!

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