Cuba reopens Havana Airport

We are very happy to announce that we are able to travel back to Cuba!  Last Sunday, November 15, José Martí International Airport in Havana restarted its commercial air operations, both national and charter flights. After eight months closed due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Cuban authorities announced that they were finally opening the most important airport on the island, the Havana airport.

Cuban government did not want to rush into the opening of the José Martí International Airport in Havana and chose to wait until the COVID-19 cases were under control. We have been closely monitoring the situation and from Espíritu Travel we want to give you the most updated information regarding the new hygienic-sanitary requirements to travel to Cuba.

If we have learned one thing from these past months of uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is to appreciate freedom of movement and enjoy traveling. Today we can say that we can travel back to Cuba!

Havana Airport Reopen

José Martí International Airport in Havana, ready to reopen

The airport authorities have ensured that the facilities are already prepared to resume activity with all the necessary sanitary measures. Last month, tests were conducted by doing COVID tests to international flight passengers upon arrival at the airport to test all COVID-19 protocols.

Alonso Reyes Health Minister said that “All areas have undergone major remodeling and adapted to current conditions, which have been tested with humanitarian flights since April and will served as experience for the arrival of regular flights to Havana.”

Click here to watch a video explaining all the hygiene and sanitary measures that Cuban airport are implementing.

New measures and entry requirements to Cuba

The authorities have designed a COVID protocol to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of all passengers arriving at the airport. Among the measures of this new protocol we highlight the following:

  • Carrying out a PCR test on all travelers arriving at Cuban airports. Each airport will have a space dedicated to carrying out this test.
  • The Public Health authorities will charge a health fee to cover the costs of the PCR tests of $30 for foreigners and Cubans not residing on the island (this fee might change).
  • The presence of relatives or companions of passengers will not be allowed in the airport, they must remain outside the terminal to receive a traveler arriving in Cuba.
  • All travelers must provide the authorities with contact information form to locate them in case the COVID-19 test has been positive 48 hours after the sample has been taken, during which time they must quarantine at their residence, hotel or private house. Click here to obtain your Health Declaration Form
  • Cuban Customs applies baggage restrictions in order to streamline operations at air terminals and to carry out PCR tests in the shortest time possible. Travelers arriving in Cuba can only carry two suitcases of 32 km each, checked in the hold, and one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg.
  • At the airport there will be body temperature checkpoints.
  • Travelers visiting Varadero are required to have COVID-19 insurance and must bring proof of their hotel reservation. All tourists are required to stay in the ‘safe tourist corridor’ zone upon arrival to the airport.

Current situation in Cuba: Covid – 19

Covid Cuba

Havana, the most populated city in Cuba and, for several weeks the town with the highest number of Covid-19 cases on the island, has spent several days without registering new infections, according to daily reports from the Ministry of Public Health, presenting a very positive evolution of the pandemic.

The use of face masks are mandatory in all public areas in Cuba. Bring plenty of soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you as these supplies may be limited in Cuba.

If you are looking for more information on whether it is legal to travel to Cuba from the United States and what are the requirements that you must meet in addition to the new COVID-19 measures, visit our article on “Can Americans travel to Cuba” or you can get in touch with us so that we inform you of everything. To travel to Cuba as an American it is important to have your trip well planned and clearly know all the necessary documentation that you must have in order.

Flights to Cuba from USA

Two US airlines have already announced flights from the United States to Havana, American Airlines and Jet Blue Airways, the only airlines authorized to fly from the US to Cuba. American Airlines has announced that it will begin operations on December 2nd, specifically, between Miami and Havana.

Havana Airport Flights

We have adapted our customize trip plan to this “new normality” so that you enjoy you travel safely. In Espíritu Travel we are working with our local team, casas particulares and transport partners to implement hygiene and safety measures in line with COVID-19 regulations. From Espíritu Travel we want both our team in Cuba and our clients to work and travel safely applying all sanitary and hygienic measures. What are you waiting for? Havana airport is open, and Cuba is waiting for you!