How long do you need in Cuba?

How long do you need in cuba

If there is something more important when traveling than deciding our next travel destination, is deciding the number of days we are going to travel. That is why we are going to tell you how long do you need in Cuba to enjoy the island.

There are destinations that can be visited in just one week and yet others where you need at least two weeks to really discover the country. We have different trips to cuba that can help you make the right decision.

Most of the time the itinerary of our trip depends on the days you have for traveling. In the case of visiting Cuba with Espíritu Travel, you will not visit the same destinations if you only travel for four days than if you have ten to discover this enigmatic island.

If you are planning a trip to Cuba but you don’t know how long do you have to be in cuba or which destinations to visit on your trip to Cuba depending on the days, continue reading this article.

Different trips to Cuba to get to know the island

The minimum time to travel to Cuba must be at least 4 days in which we recommend you stay in the capital, Havana. The capital of Cuba has a lot to see and although you will only have 4 days to visit it, it’s enough to get a real sense of Cuba. However, if you have more time and you want your trip to Cuba to be a combination of culture, nature and relaxation on the beach, it is best to spend at least 10 days in Cuba.

Cuba in 4 days: Long Weekend in Havana

If you have little time to visit Cuba and you have not been to the island before, your mandatory stop is Havana. Havana is one of those magical cities that you fall in love with at first sight. This city has it all: from its colorful passages, the warmth of its people, its music and its unbeatable gastronomy!

In a 4-day trip plan you can discover the best of Havana’s bustling city center, local culture, and even explore Cuban countryside. You will have time to tour old Havana, take a ride in one of its colorful cars from the 50s or watch the sunset on the Malecón.

If you want to add some adventure in the nature, on the third dayyou can take a day trip to Viñales National Park with its dramatic steep-sided limestone outcrops (known as mogotes), coupled with the vernacular architecture of its traditional farms and villages. While in Viñales you can enjoy visiting a tobacco plantation and the area offers opportunities for scenic hiking, cycling, and horseback riding.

Get inspired with our 4-day trip plan in Havana, Long Weekend in Havana

Cuba in 7 days: Week in Cuba

If you decide to travel to Cuba for 7 days, you must at least visit Havana and Trinidad. It will be a trip in which you can combine culture with adventure since in Trinidad you can make an Excursion to the National Park Topes de Collantes or decide to do a day trip to Viñales National Park from Havana.

After spending at least three days in Havana you can transfer to Trinidad and take advantage of the trip to make a stop in Cienfuegos to UNESCO World Heritage City. When traveling with Espiritu Travel you will have a guided city tour of Cienfuegos and some time to snorkel with a local diver before lunch.

In Trinidad take at least one day to do a guided tour of this beautiful colonial city that will take you on a stroll through the cobblestone streets seeing the classic colonial buildings while learning how this gem of a city, was once of the wealthy places in Cuba. The nights in Trinidad are magical so do not forget to visit Casa de la Trova. Get ready to dance!

Another day in Trinidad can be spent visiting the Topes de Collante Park, a place of extraordinary beauty where the Sierra Escambray mountains and sea collide. Relax, have a picnic lunch and bathe in one of the waterfalls after hiking around this little piece of paradise with Espíritu Travel. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can experience Valle de lo Ingenios by horseback or car.

Take a look at our 7-day trip to Cuba: Week in Cuba to get you inspired!

And if I have 8 day? Simple! explore the central region of Cuba, Bay of Pigs. Discover Ciénaga de Zapata, the Caribbean’s largest wetland ecosystem! You can also visit the lovely sheltered cove of Caleta Buena, an area where saltwater meets fresh, creates incredible marine diversity that is not found elsewhere, perfect to dive and or some snorkel!

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Cuba in 10 days: Explore Cuba

If you are one of those who like to explore the destination you visit from north to south, you will need at least 10 days to visit Cuba. Discover not only the colonial cities of Havana and Trinidad, continue your trip to Santiago de Cuba passing through Camagüey and Bayamo. Hike to the rebel headquarters of Fidel Castro outside of Bayamo, as well as visit the vibrant Santiago de Cuba. Let yourself be carried away by the uniqueness of Cuba!

Get inspired with our 10- day trip plan to Cuba, Explore Cuba.

And the beaches of Cuba? Cuba is a diverse destination with a great offer of cultural, adventure or natural experiences. IF you want to add a few relaxing days in one of the keys of Cuba or in Varadero add a couple of days to the end of your trip to Cuba to finish relaxing under the Caribbean sun. Check out our article about best beaches in Cuba.

When it comes to organizing a trip to Cuba, visa, vaccinations and medical insurance are the most worrying issues. But the truth is that there are many other details to take into account when organizing a trip to the island, like how many days should I travel to Cuba or what places should I see.

Thanks to years of experience of Espíritu Travel in Cuba we have become experts of the destination, we know first-hand all the details you must take into account before visiting Cuba like how long you need in Cuba, so put your worries aside and simply enjoy the adventure that you are about to live. Contact us and start planning your customize trip to Cuba!

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