The International Cuban Dance Festival of Havana: a week of diversion

Shows cuban dance festival

Those of you that really love dancing Cuban music shouldn’t miss the event celebrated every April in Havana: the International Cuban Dance Festival. This year as you know there is a worldwide special situation that impede any festivity, but really we hope that this article make you fall in love with the island and start planning your next-year trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel.

Continue with us to know every little detail about this incredible dance fest.

Shows cuban dance festival
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International Cuban Dance Festival “Ritmo Cuba”: What to expect?

The International Cuban Dance Festival was founded and organized by La Casona del Son and Barclay Language Center about 5 years ago and it continues bringing joy and surprises in each encounter. It connects some of the best national and foreign dancers and professors of salsa for an entire week of workshops, classes and shows. And don’t worry, there is space for every enthusiastic visitor with restless feet. They are waiting for you from 19th to 25th April 2021. Are you ready to know more about it?

The Venues: You’ll love them

The organizers of Ritmo Cuba are famous for choosing venues full of Caribbean flavor. We give you a little advance of what you could expect next year.

The Hotel Nacional

Centric and beautiful, the Hotel Nacional will be one of the seat of this event. It was built in 1930 in a splendid eclectic style, and today is an icon of de Vedado and Cuba. There is nothing like having a daiquiri in its garden while enjoying the magnificent view.

All the busses of the festival will be departing Hotel Nacional’s doors. Espíritu Travel’s propose you also a classic car tour to explore the Vedado’s wonders. Don’t miss the unique Colón Cemetery, the gorgeous President Avenue and John Lennon’s Park.

Don Cangrejo

Located in 1st Avenue between 16 and 18 Streets is Don Cangrejo, a reference club for dancers and musicians in Havana. With a capacity for 500 persons, the sound of the very near sea and the great company of your instructors, this place will totally make your night.

Don Cangrejo
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Jardines del 1830

This emblematic venue for the salsa dancers opens its doors to host the International Cuban Dance Festival. With the Malecon nearby and some of the best “ruedas de casino”, the 1830 has a colonial and romantic atmosphere you will never forget.

The Music House

There are several Casas de la Música (Music Houses) in Havana, but the one situated in the Municipality of Plaza, between the streets 31 and 2nd is special. Renovated, with a really rich cultural environment, it has host more than 200 Cuban musical groups and of course numerous enthusiastic dancers. Would you like to be one of them? Start planning with us!

El Chévere

Chévere in Cuba means Cool, and that’s what it is, one of the coolest and most populars clubs in Havana. Located at the paradisiac Metropolican Park, next to the Almendares River, it’s always bustling with colors and movements… and, of course, the best possible music.

Marina Marlin Tarará

And don’t forget the beach because you will dance there! Just a few kilometers away from the Eastern Havana is the Marina Marlin Tarará. A white sand beach, snorkeling options and some nice clases between the waves and the sun you’ll love.

The classes: easy and fun learning

During the festival there will be more than 100 hours of exciting classes taught by Cuban and international professor. You’ll see passion and mastery in the most different styles and rhythms: Cuban Salsa, Casino, Cha Cha Chá, Guaguancó, Mambo, Bachata, Hip Hop, Kizomba, Rumba and Folkloric Dance.

And don’t worry, there are lessons for every level: for beginners, intermediate dancers and really enthusiastic advanced. Prepare your heart, waist and feet for the challenge. And enjoy!!

We recommend you specially the dance tours where you will have the possibility to have a rehearsal and a class a great Cuban dance company and learn about the time and effort behind every presentation.

Best nights ever!!!

There are no doubts, there is nothing more fun that the Ritmo Cuba’s Parties. Each year there are classic encounters and shows, but there are also revelations.

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The Welcome Party

This time you will have two welcomes to Cuba: the first with your Espíritu Travel’s guide, a friend who will make you sense Havana’s charm, and the second during the night at the Welcome Party. This event is celebrated every year as a way to introduce instructors and artists to the participants of the festival. Dress in white and feel the heat of the Pearl of the Caribbean.

The Shows

Live concerts are always a thrilling experience but there is something unique in having a concert and dancing night with one of the greatest Cuban Music Groups the Festival has reserved for you. The Palacio de la Artesanía, La Cecilia, the Salón Rojo are some of the other places hosting groups such as Bamboleo and the Muñequitos de Matanzas. The performers, the music and the costumes, a mixture of genuine Cuban roots.

Ritmo Cuba Beach Party

Have you dreamed with Cuba’s beaches? Do you wish to dance salsa? Then imagine a combination of both desires. Have live music, nice professors and maybe delicious coconut water in a totally different dancing party at the Marina Tarará Marina.

Plan ahead

Are you ready to learn dancing in the best country possible? Then contact Espíritu Travel and start planning with us a unique trip to Cuba. We advise you to start now because there are many dancers who are waiting for next year opportunity. If you have any doubt, you can contact us. We are here for you!