Is it safe to travel to Cuba?

is it safe travel to cuba

Despite having left 2020 behind, there is still a lot of uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve and if we will return to “the old normal” soon. It seems that with the arrival of the vaccine we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and most of us are already making plans to travel but is it safe to travel now? Is Cuba a safe destination to travel?

All countries have taken measures to guarantee the safety of their citizens and tourists, and Cuba is no exception. With the opening of its borders last November, the government published the sanitary measures that should be followed to enter Cuba. The question Espíritu Travel is going to answer today is: is it safe to travel to Cuba now?

Travel to Cuba

The answer is yes! Cuban government did not want to rush into the opening of the José Martí International Airport in Havana and chose to wait until COVID-19 cases were under control. All of Cuba’s airports are now open for commercial and charter flights.

American Airlines and Jet Blue Airways are normally operation in Cuba.

All airports and hotels have past the certifications to established security protocols. Alonso Reyes Health Minister said that “All areas have undergone major remodeling and adapted to current conditions”. Click here to watch a video explaining all the hygiene and sanitary measures that Cuban airport are implementing.

New measures and entry requirements to Cuba

The authorities have designed a COVID protocol to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of all passengers arriving at the airport. Among the measures of this new protocol, we highlight the following:

  • Everyone must complete a Health Declaration, declaring where they are staying, and take a PCR test on arrival. After taking the PCR test, travelers must quarantine at their hotel for a maximum of 24 hours while waiting for test results. Once a negative result is produced, travelers are free to explore Cuba.
  • Check the Cuban Tourist Card requirements before you travel.
  • All travelers must provide the authorities with contact information form to locate them in case the COVID-19 test has been positive 48 hours after the sample has been taken, during which time they must quarantine at their residence, hotel or private house. Click here to obtain your Health Declaration Form
  • Cuban Customs applies baggage restrictions to streamline operations at air terminals and to carry out PCR tests in the shortest time possible. Travelers arriving in Cuba can only carry two suitcases of 32 km each, checked in the hold, and one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg.
  • At the airport there will be body temperature checkpoints.

The use of a mask in Cuba is compulsory for all traveler and citizens.

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What to expect on your trip to Cuba?

Safety has traditionally been one of the attributes taken into consideration by travelers when selecting their vacation destination. In these times, such security has taken on a new meaning; the hygienic-sanitary safety of tourist destinations is essential when making a travel decision. “Building trust in those who visit us and meeting the new requirements in terms of hygiene, health and safety are priorities for tourism in Cuba,” says the note published by the Ministry of Tourism.

The first thing you should know is that all tourist activities are being carried out normally under strict security measures. You can continue enjoying a walk along  el malecón in Havana while driving a magnificent car from the 50s or stroll through the streets of Trinidad accompanied by Espíritu Travel local guide.

We’ve been in constant contact with our partners and friends in Cuba to ensure they are doing ok and to closely monitor the situation. The coronavirus pandemic presents new challenges, and we’re enhancing our protocols to meet those challenges. Every aspect of your journey will be planned for safety first. Everything, from our selected accommodations, the restaurants we frequent, and the community projects we support will follow our rigid protocols to protect your health and assure maximum cleanliness. We will take care of all the details, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your private trip to Cuba. 

Tip: don’t forget to pack hand sanitizer hand gel, face masks and any sanitary products, as access to these items is not easy once in the country.

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What would happen if I tested positive during my Cuba trip?

• If symptomatic, you will be transferred to a hospital.

• If you are asymptomatic or suspicious, you will be transferred to a hospital hotel.

If you Travel with someone, he / she will stay at a hotel in isolation. The hotels authorized to comply with the quarantine are the following:

  • Havana: Parque Central Hotel, Meliá Habana Hotel, Capri Hotel, Quinta Avenida Hotel, Comodoro Bungalow Alborada Hotel.
  • Vedado Hotel, Tulipán Hotel.
  • Varadero: Starfish Las Palmas. Villa Clara: Hotel Granjita / Caneyes.
  • Ciego de Ávila: Hotel Sol Cayo Coco. Camagüey: Hotel Plaza Camagüey.
  • Holguín: Hotel Mirador de Mayabe.
  • Santiago de Cuba: Hotel Versalles (Bungalows)

We have adapted our customize trip plan to Cuba to this “new normality” so that you enjoy you travel safely. In Espíritu Travel we are working with our local team, casas particulares and transport partners to implement hygiene and safety measures in line with COVID-19 regulations. From Espíritu Travel we want both our team in Cuba and our clients to work and travel safely applying all sanitary and hygienic measures. What are you waiting for? 

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