Is travel insurance mandatory to travel to Cuba?

Travel insurance Cuba

One of the most frequently asked questions by travelers planning a trip to Cuba is “do I really need holiday insurance for Cuba?”. In short, the answer is yes. Since 2010, the Cuban government requires foreign visitors to purchase travel insurance before entering the country. This ruling is strict. In fact, the entry requirements state that this regulation is also applicable to those Cubans living overseas. Consequently, all U.S. citizens wanting to travel to this beautiful island must book beforehand a travel insurance policy that offers coverage in Cuba. Proof of Cuba travel insurance must be available to be shown when entering the country, as immigration officers will ask for it and get it stamped.

Choosing holiday insurance for Cuba 

Getting travel insurance for your trip to Cuba is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for any policy. Every trip and traveler is different and therefore your travel insurance for Cuba should adapt to your specific needs and offer you full coverage during your trip to the island.  

Now, the question that is on everyone’s minds: “is holiday insurance for Cuba expensive?” Thankfully, most insurance plans are pretty affordable. However, the price will depend on your age, the coverage you get and the length of your stay. To get a bespoke quote, we invite you to visit Cuba’s travel insurance section on our website. All you need to do is fill out the blank spaces with a few personal details such as state of residence, date of departure or date of return. Based on that information and almost immediately, Espíritu Travel will offer you a bespoke quote for a policy that adapts to you. 

holiday insurance cuba

Requirements for Cuba travel insurance 

While you are visiting Cuba, travel insurance is there to protect you. Let’s be honest, even in a relatively safe country such as Cuba, thieves, pickpockets and scammers are very common. While being careful is key to avoiding these situations, sometimes that is not enough, and that is when a good travel policy comes into play. Most travel 

holiday insurance for Cuba would reimburse you the full cost of replacing items that have been stolen during your trip. Another common situation when travel insurance becomes handy in Cuba is if you fall ill. Getting medical attention in Cuba can sometimes be difficult and costly. By having the right insurance policy, you can make sure you get medical assistance whenever and wherever you need it during your trip to Cuba. 

In some specific situations, travel insurance would also reimburse you the costs of interrupting or canceling your trip due to events of force majeure. Similarly, holiday insurance for Cuba would cover emergency evacuation or repatriation in certain situations. These are the four situations that your travel insurance policy should cover at least. However, depending on your trip and your needs, you can also add on additional travel insurance coverage for adventurous activities, personal liability or expensive items or electronics, among others. 

Espíritu Travel gets your travel insurance for Cuba sorted 

If you want a stress-free trip where you don’t have to worry about visas, travel insurance or any of the boring paperwork that comes with planning a trip to Cuba, Espíritu Travel is your agency. In addition, we help you design your perfect custom trip from start to finish. All you need to do is get inspired in the trip ideas section and let us know what kind of trip you are dreaming of. Once you have decided on when, where and how you want to spend your days in Cuba, we will advise you on the best travel insurance option for you.

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