Long Weekend in Havana: the perfect amount of joy

long weekend in havana

Want to do something different this weekend?  Well, Espíritu Travel has just right thing for you: a Long Weekend in Havana trip. Three perfect days to explore Havana and spend half a day in the Cuba countryside.

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Long Weekend in Havana: a surprising taste of Cuba

Long Weekend in Havana is a quick trip but packed with lots opportunities to discover what makes Cuba so authentic and unique. There are old neighborhoods to visit, classic cars to admire, cigars to roll and plenty of hidden corners in Havana.

long weekend in havana

Espíritu Travel can plan it so it fits together perfectly and you don’t have to worry about any logistics while you are traveling with us.  Just enjoy!

Welcome to Cuba

It’s a festival arriving to José Martí Airport in Havana, travelers experience for the first time the Cuban heat and rhythm of life. Although going through customs can be sometimes a long process, the warm smile of one of our local guides will be a clear announcement of the adventures awaiting. Welcome to Cuba!

Uncovering the real Havana

Every step on this island is a motive for being surprised, from the personal driver to the carefully selected casa particular for your stay. Our team is devoted to making you feel at home.

After sometime to refresh, your will receive a every detail of the weekend itinerary and you will be ready to uncover the city of Havana.

With Espíritu Travel you have the possibility to experience Cubans daily life, to visit not only the historic areas but also the old neighborhoods were many musicians, painters and creators were born. Stop over a Bodega de alimentos and learn more about the monthly ration system yet still functioning in Cuba; a surprising mix between meat, fruits, vegetables and flowers at a local market and take some photographs of urban paintings and solares (those unique old colonial houses that people turned into neighborhoods).

In Old Havana, it’s a joy to look at the colorful clothes hanging from every balcony after the laundry and drink a freezing mojito while admiring one of the most beautiful squares of the Caribbean. There is so much to look at!!!

Long Weekend in Havana

And there is nothing better than finishing with a walk through fortresses and antique squares with a typical delicious dinner at one of the family-owned restaurants called paladares.

Are you ready for your Long Weekend in Havana?

Cigars, Revolution and Galleries

Good morning Havana! During the second day of your special weekend in Havana, our local guide takes you to visit the Partagás Tobacco Factory. Founded in 1845 by the Spaniard Don Jaime Partagás, the factory maintains the old production techniques until today. More than 400 workers roll day after day famous cigars such as Montecristos, Romeo y Julieta and Cohibas. Follow every step needed to obtain the best cigars in the world.

Cuban culture is a complex assortment of indigenous, Spanish and African influences, centuries of traditions and different historical periods. That’s why we want you to sense it all: head to the famous Revolution square, the political center of Cuba; experience the history at Colón Cemetery, more like an open-air museum were legends and historical success decorate amazing mausoleums; inspire your imagination with two unique galleries: the Callejón de Hammel and Fusterlandia and perceive Havana like never before from the seat of a 1950s American classic car.

long weekend in havana

Need more inspiration? Ok, in the evening hit the Buena Vista Social Club to make your night unforgettable. Some of the best Cuban musicians of all ages performing together to bring a spectacle of formidable grace and “sabrosura”. We are sure you will love it!

Las Terrazas: harmony and nature

The third day of the trip has arrived and it’s time to leave behind the noise of the city to encounter the Cuban countryside: Las Terrazas. The postcard town is the first in Cuba with a construction style which respect and harmonize with the landscape, soil, fauna and flora of the area. It’s situated at the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rosario and more than 50% of the species protected are autochthonous from the country.

However, not only the great bird watching spots or the hiking path turn Las Terraza into a mandatory stop, but the ancient remains of French coffee farms were the traveler can hear from the expert local guide the history of slavery and coffee production in the region since the Haitian Revolution.

Rumors say the whole area used to be known as The Hell Baths, due to the frequent flooding of a nearby river, which kept the neighbors isolated for months. Today the healthy, beautiful community is a sustainable project full of attractions, delicious coffee and a very unique food. One hour and a half from Havana are enough to show you a whole new world.

Last hours in Havana

Your Long Weekend in Havana is not over. There are museums, bars, concerts, paladares and a moon night at the Malecón still to charm you. We also invite you to read our tips to enjoy the most of Cuba.

See you soon Cuba

The trip has been a blast! You made new friends, learnt to play the Cuban claves (musical instrument) and dance salsa, and you have experienced the most memorable moments during these days. But Espíritu Travel’s Long Weekend in Havana is just a taste of Cuba. Espiritu Travel and Cuba await your return.