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Are you getting ready to travel to Cuba? Do you need more information about American citizens traveling to the island? Or simply curious about our neighbour? Surf through our articles to find what you are looking for and discover facts you didn’t know about the Caribbean country. The more you read, the more you will find yourself planning a getaway to this paradisiac island.

This Cuba Travel Blog has the information you need to start your adventure in the Caribbean island. And we have all the means to make it happen in a fun, educational and safe environment. So just read, get ready and book your tour with Espíritu Travel!!

All-time favorite destinations in Cuba

  Cuba is one of the best destinations for many Americans, especially during winter. Many people travel to this Caribbean Island to embrace its joie de vivre, white beaches, its music and colonial cities. If you wish to visit Cuba you can book with a company like Espíritu Travel, which offers legal trips to Cuba for US citizens. Our tours…

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Weather in Cuba

Cuba, a beautiful island nation located in the Caribbean which enjoys a spectacular tropical climate and warm weather year-round. It is home to warm waters, plenty of culture, and white-sand beaches. Cuba enjoys very sunny and warm weather that is neutralized by frequent sea breezes. Cuba, like many islands in the Caribbean, has a tropical climate with two seasons. The…

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Is it safe for Americans to travel to Cuba?

  For decades, there was a massive standoff between the US and Cuba with regard to travel and business. However, two years ago, the United States government moved to ease some of the restrictions placed against Americans traveling to the island. In 2016, over 600,000 Americans and Cuban-Americans visited the country. It is now estimated that over 2 million Americans…

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How to choose your Travel Agency

  Experience Cuba like never before If Twitter is anything to go by, many people have expressed their desires for traveling to various places around the world. The common phrase used is “If traveling was free, you would never see me again.” People travel for many reasons like to satisfy their spirit of adventure, to inspire their creative sides or…

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Cuban Currency

  Have you ever had the experience of handling and dealing with two currencies in the same country? If you have never heard of this before, your mind could be wondering how. As it is, most countries have only one currency. What is the Cuban Currency? The scenario depicted above is not true of Cuba. In the matter of currencies,…

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Cuban Food: An experience for your senses

  Cuban cuisine Cuban gastronomy is a fusion of the native Taínos -the pre-Columbian population of the Caribbean-, Spanish and African cuisines, with Caribbean influences. This unique mix created a very rich and traditional. Famous Cuban Food The cultural heritage of Cuba results in a unique and tasty gastronomy known for very different kinds of dishes. If you go to…

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How to Travel to Cuba for American Citizens

How to travel to Cuba from USA Many Americans rightfully wonder what has really changed about traveling to Cuba since the historic reestablishing of diplomatic relations and the easing of travel restrictions. As with many things about Cuba, nothing is that straightforward. Here are seven things Americans need to know to start planning their trip to Cuba. 1. How to…

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Why you should Travel to Havana in Autumn

  There is no time like autumn to enjoy all that Havana has to offer. From cultural festivals to sport events and even religious festivities, the capital of Cuba bursts with energy, music and colors during this season. Everyone is welcome to the celebrations, and the locals will happily share with the visitors their culture, their art and their way…

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The 7 Best Beaches in Cuba

The Best Beaches in Cuba If you love the sun, to see the waves break, to feel the sea wet your feet and even the smell of sun tan lotion, Cuba stands out for the beauty of its fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Cuban Beaches Located in the center of the Caribbean, Cuba has some of the…

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An amazing experience of a trip to Cuba

Cuba is one of the most visited destinations in recent times. More and more visitors are looking forward to do a trip to this Caribbean country. The relationship between the United States and Cuba has undergone major changes in recent years. These changes have been transcendental significant and they have especially helped to make the country of Cuba more and…

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