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Are you getting ready to travel to Cuba? Do you need more information about American citizens traveling to the island? Or simply curious about our neighbour? Surf through our articles to find what you are looking for and discover facts you didn’t know about the Caribbean country. The more you read, the more you will find yourself planning a getaway to this paradisiac island.

This Cuba Travel Blog has the information you need to start your adventure in the Caribbean island. And we have all the means to make it happen in a fun, educational and safe environment. So just read, get ready and book your tour with Espíritu Travel!!

Cuba’s Urban Agriculture

On a busy street packed with school children in the central Cuban city of Bayamo, I passed a man hauling a plastic crate full of beets. A few steps more and another man moved by, weaving in and out of the children. He was sporting a huge smile and carrying a crate packed with string beans. Then a woman went…

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Hiking Cuba: The Five Most Spectacular Hikes in Cuba

Long restricted, hiking and trekking in Cuba are seeing a sort of Renaissance. Cuba’s landscape is dramatic. From well managed biosphere reserves and steep misty hillsides towering over valley jungles to flower-filled forests, waterfalls and remote beaches, exploring Cuba’s spectacular landscapes on foot is easier now that at any time since the 1950s. Espiritu Travel’s wilderness guides offer a number…

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Why traveling to Cuba is better with a small group tour

[caption id="attachment_4289" align="aligncenter" width="732"] 5 reasons Why traveling to Cuba is better with a small group tour[/caption] A woman said to me: ¨I don’t like group tours.¨ We were standing inside a cave in Cuba. We weren’t just standing. As I would later discover we were standing in a line for 45 minutes for a 5 minute boat ride. As…

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How to Capture images of Cuba with Your Camera

Cuba is one of the most photogenic locations on the planet. With a unique, gritty atmosphere, welcoming people and a colorful, pulsating culture, Cuba is truly a photographer’s dream destination. It is a street photography heaven. While we’ve all seen images of Cuba full of the old American cars there is so much more: the magnificent architecture, the history mingling…

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Feel part of this historic moment between the US and Cuba

"We are in a new era (...) it is time to leave behind the ideological battles of the past", these words by President Obama exemplify the incredible moment we are living between the US and Cuba. It's exciting to witness this change after more than 65 years of confrontation and more than 90 years since a US president visited one of…

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A trip around authentic Havana

¨It is a land more beautiful than any human has ever seen.¨ This is how Christopher Columbus described Cuba. And it is that the island is a mix of traditions, cultures, history, colors, flavors and smells that has turned it into one of the most attractive destinations for those who love the exotic. The beaches of Cuba and the wide…

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Casas particulares an authentic experience in Cuba

Unlike other Latin American destinations, in Cuba there are two different types of accommodation, hotels and casas particulares. These are private houses licensed by the government under strict conditions to rent en-suite rooms to foreigners. A sort of micro bed and breakfast that has been set up in people's homes. Authentic experience in Cuba Although tourism is now one of…

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Americans can travel to Cuba, but how?

6 things Americans need to know to travel to Cuba Many Americans rightfully wonder what has really changed about travel to Cuba since the historic reestablishing of diplomatic relations and the easing of travel restrictions. As with many things about Cuba, nothing is that straight forward. Here are 6 things Americans need to know to start planning their trip to Cuba.…

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‘People-to-people’ the legal travel to Cuba for americans

Essentially a 'people-to-people' tour is the way to have a legal travel to Cuba for americans. It means adding unique and interesting cultural activities to your itinerary so that you are offered the opportunity to have an educational as well as a fun and relaxing trip while in Cuba. In a nutshell, this concept was born out the desire to allow…

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