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Are you getting ready to travel to Cuba? Do you need more information about American citizens traveling to the island? Or simply curious about our neighbour? Surf through our articles to find what you are looking for and discover facts you didn’t know about the Caribbean country. The more you read, the more you will find yourself planning a getaway to this paradisiac island.

This Cuba Travel Blog has the information you need to start your adventure in the Caribbean island. And we have all the means to make it happen in a fun, educational and safe environment. So just read, get ready and book your tour with Espíritu Travel!!

Why travel to Cuba is something you will not regret 

If you were waiting for a sign to book your trip to Cuba, this is it. Dreamy beaches, warm tropical weather, rustic colonial architecture and a thrilling musical atmosphere, are just some of the reasons why travel to Cuba. Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, this beautiful Caribbean island is one of a kind and traveling to this…

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What to see in the province of Granma

The remote area of Granma province is a fairly unknown region of Cuba. However, this southeastern part of the island saw the birth of Cuba as a nation. In 1868, Cubans rebelled against Spaniards to get independence in this very same place with Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in the lead. Granma province made history again in 1956, when Fidel Castro,…

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Private tours Cuba, a unique experience

As humans, we are social creatures who most of the time like to be surrounded by peers. However, there are some exceptions. Sometimes choosing to experience something privately can have many advantages. For example, visiting Cuba on private tours can be a marvelous way of connecting with yourself as well as with this beautiful Caribbean island.  If this is an…

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Vacations in Cuba, why is it the best destination for you?

Cuba is a country like no other. Diamond-dust beaches, a fascinating history, friendly locals, and great gastronomy are just some of the reasons why this country is so special. At Espíritu Travel we are absolutely sure that Cuba will steal your heart once you have visited it. But, if you are still unsure of why you should get your Cuba…

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Most visited monuments in Cuba

Cuba is a country with a rich and fascinating history that includes periods of colonialism, revolution, dictatorship and communism. All of these have left several marks in the form of monuments and statues in Cuba that you can still visit nowadays. If you want to get to know the essence of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean or you…

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Top 4 best waterfalls in Cuba

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about Cuba is diamond-dust beaches. However, the largest island in the Caribbean has way more to offer. Something that doesn’t receive as much praise as it should is Cuban waterfalls. National parks and rural areas in Cuba are full of beautiful cascades and exciting natural pools that you…

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Cuban traditions and expressions of Cuban culture

Each country has its own customs and traditions, but Cuba is specially rooted to them. The largest island in the Caribbean counts with a rich culture and a long list of Cuban traditions nourished by African, Spanish, and Caribbean past-times. To find out more about traditions in Cuba, keep reading. Here is a list of 7 interesting Cuban traditions to…

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Traveling to Cuba as an American is now easier

It is no secret that travel to Cuba from US had become more difficult in the last couple of years. The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, imposed several restrictions that limited American travel to Cuba. However, things are about to change.  In early June, Biden’s administration announced its plans to ease restrictions on Cuban travel. Even though…

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Best places for ecotourism in Cuba

Pollution, deforestation, waste disposal…the list of environmental threats of our century is endless. To fight it, every action counts. Most people are still not aware of it but, changing the way we travel can significantly help the planet. This is where ecotourism plays an important role. Espíritu Travel specializes in ecotourism in Cuba. Ecotourism in Cuba, the best places to…

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