‘People-to-people’ the legal travel to Cuba for americans

People to People Cuba

Essentially a ‘people-to-people’ tour is the way to have a legal travel to Cuba for americans. It means adding unique and interesting cultural activities to your itinerary so that you are offered the opportunity to have an educational as well as a fun and relaxing trip while in Cuba.

In a nutshell, this concept was born out the desire to allow Americans to travel to Cuba but still within the confines of the trade embargo which as a side note, still remains in place despite the easing of many trade and travel restrictions. Pure tourism is still not permitted but travel to Cuba is legal and even better, Travels to Cuba Cuba without a special permit as long as you go with a travel company, like Espíritu Travel, that offers specially designed people to people itineraries.

These educational activities and cultural exchanges could consist of meeting local artists or photographers, participating in a workshop about current events in Cuba, attending a ballet or even taking a cooking class. The scope of these activities and the organizations involved are wide and vary across the country.

People to People Cuba

These activities provide travelers with an opportunity to interact with locals in a meaningful and authentic way to really gain an insight into Cuban life today. We believe they enrich your stay in Cuba as often they are complementary to some of the other activities that you do as part of your trip.

These cultural exchanges fit right in with the responsible tourism ethos here at Espíritu Travel. Responsible travel tries to maximize the positive contributions tourism can make to local communities. This is especially important for Cuba.

Casas Particulares, the most suitable option for ‘people-to-people’ Cuba Tours

We strongly believe in supporting the small but growing entrepreneurial activity happening now. There is no better way to maximize tourism positive benefit to the community than to support small businesses.

That is why we almost exclusively use casas particulares, paladares and independent guides.

There is no more authentic cultural exchange or people-to-people travel than being welcomed into somebody’s home for a chance to see the real Cuba.

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