Plan a Trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel

Plan a trip to Cuba involves taking into account many things, for example, visa, vaccinations and medical insurance are the most worrying issues. But the truth is that there are many other details to take into account when organizing a trip to the island. Without a doubt, one of the questions travelers ask themselves the most before traveling to Cuba is, can Americans travel to Cuba legally?

In this blog-post we tell you what you should take into account when organizing a trip to Cuba. Thanks to years of experience of Espíritu Travel in Cuba we have become experts of the destination, we know first-hand all the details you must take into account before visiting Cuba so that you put your worries aside and simply enjoy the adventure that you are about to live.

How to plan a trip to Cuba with us?

Before planning your trip to Cuba you should know that it is legal for Americans to travel to Cuba and with Espíritu Travel you will travel under the category of Support for Cuban People. If you want to know more about this travel category, click here.

If you visit the blog post that we wrote about steps to Travel to Cuba, we will explain in detail what you should take into account when traveling to Cuba, such as when is the best time of year to visit the island, where to stay or information about flights. The peculiarity of this destination makes it very important to prepare yourself before traveling to Cuba and to clearly know all the necessary documentation that you must have in order but don’t worry, Espíritu Travel will help you in every step so you only have to sit back and relax!

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So let’s start planning your trip to Cuba! Have you already thought about how many days you are going to travel? Or who will you do it with? Cuba is the perfect destination to travel as a couple, with your family, with friends or as a solo traveler. Espíritu Travel will design your customize trip to Cuba based on your traveling dates, who is traveling with you and your needs and personality.

If you only have four days to visit Cuba, take a look at our Long Weekend in Havana private tour. You will visit the magical capital of Cuba accompanied by an expert local guide! On this three-night cultural Cuban journey we will show you the very best that this wonderful and unique city has to offer. Its rich colonial history and vibrant street life are just waiting to be explored.

You can look forward to exploring the cobbled streets of Old Havana, cruising the Malecón in a vintage convertible car, and spending your nights sampling Cuban cuisine in alfresco restaurants, salsa bars and live music venues. In just a few days you’ll have embraced the Cuban way of life on this eye-opening trip.

Trips to Cuba to enjoy the island

If you decide to visit Cuba with a little more time, our itinerary a Week in Cuba is a good option for a 7-day trip. Your private Week in Cuba is all about bringing a one-of-a-kind, tailored experience to your fingertips. A trip to Cuba with an emphasis on history, culture, cuisine and the natural beauty of the island, you’ll have a truly authentic, memorable trip. Besides checking out all of Havana’s most impressive attractions, like cruising the streets in a vintage 1950s classic car and seeing notable buildings, streets and landmarks, you’ll also be led by a knowledgeable local guide to get a sneak peek into the hidden corners of the city that many visitors don’t get to see.

Visit the peace and quiet of the green countryside in Viñales is an authentic Cuban experience you shouldn’t miss. From caves to sugar cane production to easy hikes, you’ll be able to relax in one of Cuba’s most picturesque spots.

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A brief stop in the UNESCO World Heritage site Cienfuegos will introduce you to a vibrant French-Caribbean culture and history before heading on to Trinidad. Trinidad’s charm will immediately intrigue you. The quaint, cobblestone streets are lined with bold and colorful colonial houses that seem to glow in the sunshine. The evening energy is just as captivating, as locals flock to the main plaza to sway and swing to live salsa bands under the moonlight.

If you have more time to visit Cuba you could add a few more destinations like visiting Bay of Pigs, famous for the invasion but now a quaint fishing village with fantastic national parks and snorkeling options. If you had 10 days to visit Cuba you could visit Camagüey or Bayamos and discover an especially insightful trip to the rebel headquarters of Fidel Castro outside of Bayamo offers a real insider experience.

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Check out Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba which is closer to Haiti than Havana, and you can feel the Afro-Caribbean traditions among the locals here. Don’t miss this in-depth Cuba travel experience!

Check out our 10 day Explore Cuba itinerary for more information.

Our staff has explored much of Cuba from west to east in addition to checking out accommodations including both hotels and casa particulars, hiking trails, snorkeling, museums, as well as eating at a variety of paladares (privately owned restaurants). We have a team in Cuba so we are able to design custom and private tours for you!

We can arrange special interest tours such as birding, photography and more. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create a custom trip for you. Check out our amazing photography tour Havana Imagine, a professional photographer will accompanied you during your trip. It will be an experience you will never forget!

We believe in supporting the local Cuban people as much as possible, which is why our trips include stays at one of hand-selected casas particulars, (each with a private room, bathroom and AC) and meals at family or privately-owned restaurants called paladars.

Plan a trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel is warranty for a genuine and culturally inspiring experience. Our team of experts will guide you in every step to travel to Cuba, since the preparation of an adequate and fun itinerary, during your trip in Cuba and until your departure to the U.S. or your country of origin.  Uncovering cities and mountains with local guides, hopping in private classical cars, eating at paladares and staying at casas particulares are just some of the activities you will do with Espíritu Travel in Cuba.