Reasons to take a photography tour of Cuba

cuba photo tour

There is a certain magic that comes from looking at the world through the lens of a camera. Taking a Cuba photo tour is the best way to discover the island and all it has to offer. An adventure that invites you to pay attention to the all big and small details that make a country special. 

In the last few years, photo trips to Cuba have become increasingly popular. There is a main simple reason for that, Cuba is a fascinating country that offers a wide variety of photogenic sceneries! However, there is way more to it. If you are interested in photography, this article is for you, so get comfy and keep reading. Here are all the reasons why you should take a photo tour of Cuba. 

Cuba, a paradise for street photography

From white sandy beaches with crystalline waters to beautiful colonial architecture, landscapes in Cuba are undoubtedly breathtaking. Unlike other parts of the world, these sceneries remain unspoiled thanks to the fact that no big corporations have landed on the island yet. The result is a picturesque combination of modern goods with vintage ones, all blended in a virgin natural landscape. Times are changing, so now might be the perfect time to go on a photo tour to Cuba to capture that nostalgia from the last century!

The essence of Cuba remains in the customs and traditions of its people. Their passion, their warmth, their dance and music culture… Everywhere you look in Cuba, there is a fantastic moment to capture. 

Photography tours in Cuba are for everyone

If you visit Cuba with Espíritu Travel, there is only one requirement to choose a photography tour: that you enjoy taking pictures. Regardless of your level, we offer different photo trips to Cuba that suit everyone’s needs. If you are a beginner, we suggest you go for our Havana Imagined Photography Workshop. Havana is a great destination for those who want to develop their skills using a camera and there is no other city that better symbolizes the essence of Cuba. On this trip, you will also have the chance to visit Viñales, the most iconic rural site in Cuba. To sum it up, this is an 8-day itinerary where you will get the best of both worlds! 

cuna photography tour

If you are interested in finding out more about Viñales, you can check out our Things to do in Viñales Valley blog. 

Our Havana Imagined Workshop gathers a limited group of 6 people and is one of the most affordable Cuba photography workshops available. However, this doesn’t compromise its quality or authenticity. This photography tour is a genuine Cuban experience. You will stay in a Casa Particular, eat at locally-owned establishments, work with local Cuban photographers and guides, and have different opportunities to build relationships with the Cuban people. 

Learn the secrets of Cuba from a professional photographer

Espíritu Travel also offers opportunities for more experienced photographers who are eager to discover the unknown sides of the Caribbean island. To truly explore Cuba and catch its essence with just a camera click, join the professional photographer Jim O’Donnell. He has an outstanding CV which includes photographing and writing about Cuba for a wide range of publications from the BBC to Vrai Magazine and the Horizon Guides. 

Jim is the leader of all our photography tours in Cuba, including the Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition. A 10-day road trip to discover thrilling Eastern Cuba. This itinerary will take you from Gibara to Bayamo passing through Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa. Four different spots tell the story of the island from different perspectives. To learn more about Easter Cuba, you can take a look at our Reasons to visit Eastern Cuba blog. 

cuba photo trip

The Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition will take you to the best locations at the perfect time so you capture the best light with your camera. In a small workgroup and following a flexible schedule, you will get photography tips and guidance from Jim to perfect your camera skills. 

If you want to see the full itinerary and all details of our photo tours to Cuba, remember to check the Havana Imagined Photography Workshop dedicated section and the Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition section on our website. 

Choosing a photography trip is the best way to travel for lovers of this form of art, even more so when it comes to visiting a unique destination such as Cuba. If you are considering going on a photo trip to Cuba and you have questions or want to receive more information, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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