7 reasons to travel to Cuba

While other regions of the world start shaking away the winter shadows, and receiving the cold rains announcing the spring, Cuba is an evergreen paradise with new cultural attractions every day. Our Espíritu Travel’s team works hard exploring from west to east to help you enjoy the most this unique country.

Still looking for reasons to visit Cuba? Then continue reading this article to know why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

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Do you need reasons to visit Cuba? Here you’ll find 7

Reason #1: Cuba is different

Forget the images of the whole – beach Caribbean island, forget your preconceived ideas of a Latin American country, Cuba is just different. With its approximately 11 million inhabitants, the island is a marvel of contrasts and unexpected discoveries: never ending summer, unique artists everywhere, sympathetic and knowledgeable people (just by sitting in a park you could end having an accurate conference of meteorological facts or international politics, an amazing drinks and cigars, and dozens of places to see.

Be aware of what you are missing and contact us today, we will take care of everything.

Reason #2: Undoubtedly safe

Trip to cuba

How many times have we said this? Hmmm, never enough! Cuba is very very safe. You can go to a restaurant, visit a bar, and explore the streets of any province just by walk. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, we invite you to hit the Malecón at night, singing and dancing at the Mejunje of the city of Santa Clara and the Casa de la Trova of Trinidad, take a stroll at the gorgeous Boulevard of Bayamo…Enjoy Cuba!

Reason #3: Cuban Music is great

Let’s face it: Cuba’s music is awesome. From the sensual movements of the salsa, to the ancestral and charismatic rumba, the romantic bolero and the traditional and eternal son, there is so much to choose!!! Espíritu Travel’s Explore Cuba trip will take you off-the-beaten-path in a tour through the gems of Cuban music. Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Cienfuegos are just some of the cities having typical sonorities you won’t miss.

Reasons travel to cuba

We are sure you will fall in love with Santiago de Cuba, the charming city were the mixture of African and Haitian cultures gave birth to the Tumba Francesa (a genre of percussion, dance and), declared Intangible World Heritage by the UNESCO.

In Havana, the Cuban capital, there will be nothing like a dancing night at the Buena Vista Social Club. The project launched some decades ago joints some of the best Cuban Musicians in a show of talent and a contagious cheerfulness. Check also the Jardines of the 1830 and the Casa de la Música if you are looking to practice some Cuban salsa steps. Don’t forget to visit Cuba during the International Jazz Plaza Festival, an event gathering many worldwide prestigious musicians in a fest of virtuosity and great music!

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Reason #4: Cuban people are awesome

That’s the reason we choose casas particulares as the best accommodation for our clients and we have established an excellent relationship with each local guide, driver, house and paladar owner we work with. Cuban people are dedicated, very social and natural entrepreneurs, and there is not better way to get to know them than interacting with them during a trip.

On the other hand, the Support for the cuban people is not only a legal way to travel to Cuba from the U.S. but an opportunity to create bounds, make friends and get and authentic vision of the real Cuba.

Travel with us and you will visit local markets, have wonderful dinners at inimitable paladares, discover the country with locals and even meet very unique artist. Do you like the idea?

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Reason #5: Great rums, awesome drinks

There’s no way you will get tired of mojitos, daiquiris, piñas coladas, cuba libres and cancháncharas in Cuba. The delicacy of the Havana Club and Santiago rums, among others, and the mastery to prepare every delightful drink will make you wonder why you didn’t decided to plan your trip before.

Trips cuba

Find one of the many cozy, privately owned bars of the island and grab your favorite cocktail or just palate the flavors of a pure zip of Havana Club Selección de Maestros. You won’t stop anymore! Travel to Cuba and try every typical drink.

Would you like to know more about the history of Cuban rum, we invite you explore this post in Espíritu Travel’s Blog: Cuban Rum: An interesting history. Already in Cuba? Then ask your personal guide for the best bars in the area you are visiting, there are many choices but he/she will find the perfect option for you.

Reason #6: Perfect place to escape winter

When winter comes, and every corner became windy, and grey and cold, Cuba continues dancing. Beaches like the turquoise water beach of Varadero are a bless for travelers looking for snorkeling possibilities or just the shine of the sun. But there is much more, with 25 degrees the island blossoms in natural trails, caves and rivers.

We propose you to make a 3 hours trip to Viñales, a region declared National Monument, and registered as World Cultural Landscape by the UNESCO. What could you discover there?

  • A treasure of traditional customs from the 19th century such as the “pilón” to shell coffee beans.
  • If you speak Spanish and want to train your ears, go to a décimas contests, where music and poetry naturally flux from the most humble people.
  • Explore long and stunning caves.
  • Try the most amazing food: smoky pork in Pinar del Río style, black beans soup, avocado and tomato salad, sweet fried bananas and more.
  • Take the best photograph at Los Jazmines Balcony, don’t miss the breathtaking landscape of round rocky outcrops and green vegetation. You could explore it during your horse ride and also learn from first-hand how Cuba’s cigars are made!

Reason #7: Cuba is cool for kids

Kids playing at the parks, cats wanting to be spoiled, colors and music. Even the more timid children get along with Cuba: Their eyes shine when they try to disentangle the marvels of Fusterlandia (the open-air gallery created by the Cuban artist Fuster). They can’t help to ask for a ride in an American Classic Car and discover the charming Havana with a great smile in their faces. Do they like the beach? There are plenty of beaches everywhere to enjoy. Museums? They are unique and cheap….

Cuba will be the perfect adventure for your children. Just let us know what would you like for them and we will discover the hidden cultural activities the country has to offer.

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Are these 7 reasons enough for you? Then contact us today and start planning an unforgettable trip to Cuba.