Senior trips to Cuba: a real pleasure

senior trips to cuba

Cuba has not age boundaries. From the youngest to the eldest visitor will find entertainment and relaxing places in the country. Do you have any doubts? Then continue reading about Espíritu Travel’s experience and discover why senior trips to Cuba is a great option.

Senior travelers: why choosing Cuba?

For a long time, the access to Cuba was very difficult for U.S citizen. You would have to come through third countries and the touristic infrastructure was not developed. Today everything is different and you have so much to uncover! Let us show you:

  • Safe and slow pace destination

Finally some calm for you! Arriving to Cuba is reaching a safe cultural paradise where a great part of the population is formed by seniors and therefore is treated with respect and deference. It’s not like you will find special stairs in any local, but people will naturally help you to get down of the cars and buses and guides will totally adapt their itineraries to your needs. And the best part is that nobody is running! There is something about the islands, a totally different rhythm of life that immediately captures you.

Need to relax and feel loved? Come to Cuba!

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  • Just perfect to have fun with friends

Are you coming with your friends to have the best vacation ever? Welcome!!! There are walking tours in every city, street music, good food and interesting paladares, refreshing and historic cocktails, unique landscapes… you name it!

Cuba trip for seniors

Explore the ancient Havana with its Capitol, colorful squares and vivid mansions. Taste some delicious malanga fries with honey in one of the many vintage decorated paladares across the country, have many many mojitos in Santiago de Cuba, while the city pumps at your feet, visit museum and historical sites and, don’t forget to take pictures!!

  • A trip in time

If you are in-love with history you have to travel to Cuba, because in many aspect it will be a trip in time. Do you want to know more about the Spanish colonial architecture, then visit Trinidad, one of the best conserved colonial cities in America and declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. It was founded in 1514 and together with the Valle the los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugarmills) is a vivid memory of that epoch of slavery, aristocracy and sugar.

But don’t stop there: travel to Remedios, which was eighth village founded by the Spaniards in Cuba. Lovely churches, delicate gates and walls, and many stories are waiting for you t. And of course, don’t miss Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba and Havana, the differences in origins, culture, atmosphere and music are totally unforgettable.

Top your senior trip to Cuba with a promenade in one of those Classic American Cars stealing looks in Havana. Feel alive!!

  • Dancing in a spectacle for all ages

Ready for a night of rhythm and sabrosura?  Head this night the Buena Vista Social Club, a place where some of the best Cuban musicians of all ages perform together bringing a formidable show of dance, son, salsa and talent. Seniors can practice their steps, enjoy the grace of the artists and drink daiquiris in an unforgettable Cuban night.

  • Easy path in National Parks

You don’t have to renounce to nature only because your legs are not as strong as they used to be, our trips to Cuba have plenty of options for you.  We propose you Las Terrazas: a rural community built at the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Rosario, where you could experience a magnificent landscape, easy walking paths for bird watching paths, great rivers and authoctonus coffee.

Travel to Cuba Natural Parks

Our Hello Cuba trip includes a day Viñales National Park, and yes, it is also adapted for you. Uncover the tobacco path in a horseback ride to Viñales’ heart: drinking fresh sugar cane juice, preparing an authentic cigars and visiting mogotes and caves.

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A few tips more for your senior trip to Cuba

1. Bring your medicines with you

Many of the product you could find at any farmacy in the U.S are innexistent, difficult to find or very expensive in Cuba. For that reason, we really advice you to pack a first-aid kit with everything you might need: prescribed medication, painkillers and allergy pills. Have a safe trip being careful with your health.

2. Wheelchairs can be difficult to find

If you think you will need a wheelchair or anything to help you walk in Cuba, it is better to take it with you. It might be very hard to find it while in the country and we are sure that you don’t want to miss your vacations.

3. Drink a lot of water

Cuba’s summer is loooong! The heat is almost permanent and if you don’t drink enough water this can be a threat for your health. Keep a bottle of water with you!

4. Abandon preconceived ideas

And finally, enjoyed all. Forget any preconceived idea of what is Cuba and how are Cubans. This experience is something to live and you will be surprised by the kindness of the people, the beauty of the country and the joy of any activity.

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Even if this period have been so difficult, due to the Covid19 epidemic, Cuba is preparing everything to have a safe opening for the tourism. Many travelers are eager to come back. Then, start planning your senior trips to Cuba with Espíritu Travel and have the best New Year’s Eve anyone could have!