Seven motives to love our guided tours in Cuba

Guided tours in cuba

There are so many people exploring countries by themselves.  It is a rather exciting experience, good for the pockets and the soul. However there are countries so different that cannot been resumed in a book and travelers need a guided tours in Cuba to enjoy its real flavors.

Read Espíritu Travel’s blog to understand why our guided tours are the best way to uncover Cuba.

Why travelers prefer our guided tours in Cuba

Every person travelling with us has agreed. There is not a single written guide representing what you can feel, see, discover when visiting Cuba. Its complex history, the cultural mixture and the extraordinary joy and resilience of its people, turn a local guide into a veritable asset.

Espíritu Travel offers multiple guided trips to Cuba under the Support for Cuban People category. Here you can find the seven main reasons to start planning today.

1.   A sincere welcome

Arriving to a new country can be very stressful: The hours travelling, going through customs, checking everything is fine with your bags… What a relief having a warm smile waiting for you and your family outside.

Espíritu Travel’s trips include a carefully planned itinerary and a knowledgeable guide, who will receive you at the airport and take care of every detail. Just be prepared for the best adventure of your life. That warm smile is the prelude of the wonderful time you will enjoy at the Pearl of the AntillesContact us if you have any question.

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Guided tours to Cuba

2.   Someone to take care of everything

From your first contact to your happy return you can tailoring everything with us. When you arrive to Cuba, your local guide will take care of the itinerary, and you don’t have to worry for anything else!! She / He will be attentive to your desires in a trip full of surprises and flexibility, no rush, no pressures, the best vacations you will ever have.

The benefits of having a carefully selected accommodation, a professional driver with comfortable transport and someone to explain you every curiosity of the unique Cuba is something you don’t want miss.

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3.   Walking around with propose

There is so much to uncover in this mysterious archipelago of amazing beaches, unforgettable cocktails and exquisite music. Cuba is a cultural paradise and you will be immersed in its scents, colors and history by an expert.

Guides tours

Your local guide will take you in a promenade for the magnificent Havana, but you will not only visit places well-known by tourists like the Old Square and La Bodeguita del Medio. Be ready to be amazed by one of the oldest neirborhoods of the city where life pumps, where people are humble and naturally gifted for dancing, explore the unique bodegas de alimentos and traverse a local market with flowers and fruits you have never seen. Everybody like walking around in a new place, however with us you can be sure that you are going in the right direction to know the real Cuba.

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4.   Uncovering secrets

Where can I have the best mojito in Trinidad? What’s the best spot for sightseeing in Baracoa? Why this street is called Lamparilla? What’s the meaning of those persons totally dressed in white that I find everywhere? Having someone to answering your every question and discover the secret wonders of a city is just one of the many advantages of a guided tour with Espíritu Travel.

Local experts are the country’s living memory and their love and enthusiasm is also part of experience. If you want to encounter hidden museums, dance salsa in iconic clubs, eat the best tostones in town, and find the Spanish, African, Chinese roots in the heart of Havana choose our guided trips. It totally worth it!

5.   A unique perspective of Cuba’s daily life

Travelling to Cuba and staying in the Manzana de Gómez Hotel, one of the newest luxurious hotels created in Havana, and then passing a week in the infamous Varadero Beach is not knowing Cuba. Cuba’s daily life is complex and full of nuances, revealing a variety of experiences and influences that can only be sensed in direct contact with people: staying in casas particulares, eating at paladares, visiting local schools and traditional farms. We offer you more than a trip to Cuba, an immersion into the island’s heart.


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6.   Protection against scammers

Cuba is a very safe place, however, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be precautious. As in every country there exist scammers looking to earn money through the naivety of tourists. Buying underpriced cigars made with banana leaves and follow self-proclaimed guides to bad paladares, are just some of the events you will avoid with our trips. Espíritu Travel’s guides are legal professionals with academic formation and passion for Cuba. A love you will feel in each word and step. They are the best protection against scams, listen to them!

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7.   A new family in Cuba

Sincerity and affection characterize the relationship of our team with each visitant. From the local guide who cares for every aspect, to the lovely families of the casas particulares and the owners of the paladares, all expect to give you the best service. Stories, gifts and surprises will convince you that you have a new big family in Cuba.

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Don’t wait any more to start planning your next trip to Cuba. We are sure that these seven reasons will make you comeback.