Ultimate Guide to Summer Holidays in Cuba

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Have you thought of traveling to Cuba for your summer vacation? It is indeed a remarkable place to travel at any time of the year. However, there is something special about Summer Holidays in Cuba. The weather is warm and despite there being many colorful destinations to travel to, this island is arguably one of the best places to visit in summer. From sandy beaches to great historical sites and festivals, you will not miss out when you travel to Cuba in summer.

So what is it about this balmy, dreamy season that makes it an ideal time to travel to Cuba?

Warm Weather

Summer Holidays in Cuba are warm, Although there are variations in temperature across this island depending on where you go, the weather is relatively warm in most parts of this Caribbean island. The inland area might not receive much of the ocean breeze, but the temperatures are not extreme with the average temperature being 27 degrees Celsius, although the humidity levels are high.

Therefore, you could not ask for better weather to relax on the white sand beaches after a trip day on our legal trips to Cuba. The peak of the summer season in Cuba is July, as the weather is well balanced. In August, it can be quite hot and humid, but still you will have fun. As I mentioned before, temperatures and humidity will depend on the where you visit, so it is best to be near places that serve cold drinks.


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Carnivals, Festivals and Expositions

There are lots of interesting things to do in Summer Holidays in Cuba:

●      Festival Internacional: also known as Boleros de Oro. The siren song of bolero, a popular musical genre that emerged in the 19th century, draws many singers from all over Latin America for this festival which runs for a whole week in Havana. Most of the time, this concert’s venues include Teatro America and Teatro Mella, as well as other venues in the country. It is one of the most colorful festivals in Cuba that grace the summer season.

●      Camagüey Carnival: it is held mid-June to late June. Organized in over 30 outdoor stages and streets throughout Havana. With big stars, both artists and models, gracing this ceremony, this is one of the best provincial carnivals to attend.

●      Fiesta del Caribe: this celebration is held in the first week of July. Santiago’s week-long fete of dance and music culture takes place in the first week of July and involves free dance displays and concert in Parque Céspedes and throughout Havana.

●      Carnival de La Habana: this is organized in late July to early August. This week-long fiesta is a jubilant affair where many country’s top bands play their songs to a packed crowd in the streets of Havana. There is also a weekend parade of bands that entertain people along the Malecón.

●      Carnival de Santiago: this is organized in mid-July. It is Cuba’s most energetic carnival and is held in the last two weeks of July. Participants must wear traditional outfits. It involves costumed parades and late-night parties, as well as salsa bands. Official dates for this carnival are 18-27, but the week after this event is often as lively.


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Summer Holidays in Cuba, special things to Do

Let me be honest with you… Cuba is one of the richest countries in terms of culture, holiday vacations and activities. And it is not as though you will lack something to do. If you happen to travel to Cuba in the summer, there are many celebrations you can be part of. For instance, July 26th is Revolution Day in Cuba where they celebrate and remember Fidel and Raúl Castro when they led an attack against the Moncada military base in 1953, which started the Cuban Revolution. Irrespective of your view on Cuban politics, this is a special day for all Cubans as commemorations and celebrations spread across this country.

On a festive note, the summer period is full of festivals and a lot of them take place during the Santiago de Cuba festival, which is held in the second half of July. The whole city is filled with party mood with a dance group and musical bands entertaining people in the streets. There are also parades everywhere during this festival. You will need a few days to recover after festival season in Cuba.

Summer months are among the busiest months in Cuban calendar. There is a logic to this, since it is summer in this Caribbean island and thus a lot of people want to party and enjoy their summer holiday. Everyone is normally in party and holiday mood. This means that you will need to plan early for your accommodations and flights if you want to go to Cuba in the summer.

Although a lot of people and businesses have embraced the internet, some businesses might not be as contactable as you may think, with some not keen on checking emails now and then.

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