Things to do in Holguín

If you are planning a trip to Cuba and you are going to visit Holguin, but you do not know what to see, do not worry! Espiritu Travel has prepared a list of things to do in Holguin that you cannot miss. The province of Holguin has great natural spaces and many ecotourism options.

Known as «The City of Parks», Holguín was the province in which Christopher Columbus landed after “discovering” America. After disembarking in the port of Bariay, what his eyes saw was such a paradise that he could only pronounce the following words: “It is the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen.” And he was right!

Continue reading if you want to find out the must things to do in Holguin.

Holguín is a city located in the province that shares the same name, is located 734km from Havana in the northeast of the Island. Characterized by its green areas and the great hospitality of its population, it is a must-see destination on your private trip to Cuba with Espíritu Travel. As you walk through its streets, you will enjoy good music, drinks, and the smell of the sea breeze.

  1. Catedral de San Isidoro

It is curious how the Cathedral of San Isidoro came to Holguín, a year after the founding of the city, in 1719, it was transported from Las Guazumas to its current location. Over the years, the Cathedral of San Isidoro was remodeled and even built anew, adding two chapels to the sides, but preserving the spectacular Moorish interiors.

Iglesia Holguin

  1. La Mensura-Pilotos Natural Park

The highest waterfall of Cuba is located in the town of Mayarí, in the province of Holguín. In the Natural Park of La Mensura-Pilotos there are two beautiful must-see places for those who want to enjoy nature: the Guayabo waterfall, a hike of almost two hours in which you can enjoy this spectacular natural setting, and the Rafael natural pools, on the same route, where you can take a relaxing bath in these natural formations. Espíritu Travel local guide will make this excursion an amazing experience sharing with you the curiosities and characteristics of the flora and fauna that inhabit in this area.

  1. Guardalavaca Beach

This beach is where Christopher Columbus landed after his long journey to “Las Americas,” he was so amazed by the magic of the Island of Cuba, the he baptizing this beach in 1492 as “the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen” and never the less he was right, it is one of the most spectacular beaches in Cuba.

beach holguin

A refuge for pirates and a paradisiacal place for smuggling, the curious name of Guardalavaca comes from its inhabitants who, when they saw the corsairs, shouted “Guarda la vaca” (Save the cow) Guardalavaca is one of the main tourist spots on the island, where you can practice water sports or simply relax admiring its crystal clear waters and its coral barrier. At night, the beach becomes an exceptional dance floor to practice your Cuban rhythm.

  1. The Mayabe viewpoint

This natural viewpoint is located on top of a hill from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape and the natural and exuberant beauty of the Mayabe Valley. On this excursion, part of the Explore Cuba private trip plan, you will be able to discover not only the flora and fauna of this charming place of the island, but also rest in a pleasant restaurant and meet the donkey Pancho. Legend has it that Mayabe’s donkey drinks beer. A curious legend, isn’t it?

  1. Julio Grave de Peralta Park

Julio Grave de Peralta Park is the center of the city, since it was here where Captain García Holguín decided to found the city. From the park you can see the Cathedral of San Isidoro, it is the perfect place to take a walk and admire its curious Albanian gazebo, a square construction that was built at the beginning of the 20th century and later rebuilt following the original plan.

park holguin

  1. Rocazul Biopark

Another of the treasures of Holguín is the Rocazul Park, a natural reserve that stands out for being formed by stones that are more than 70 million years old! The stones are bluish in color and are called streamers. Enjoy this spectacular natural setting accompanied by your guide on a hiking excursion or snorkel the biopark crystal-clear waters.

At the Monte Bello farm or Casa de Compay Kike, you can taste typical local gastronomy of the region. I cannot think of a better way to end a day at the Rocazul Biopark than by tasting one of the typical dishes of Cuban gastronomy surrounded by the best company.

  1. Cayo Saetía

The Saetía key is located in the Nipe bay and it is the perfect place to enjoy nature. It is also known by having a very curious and exotic fauna, in which you can find kangaroos, antelopes, camels… In its beautiful beaches you can snorkel and admire its tropical fish and coral formations. It has over a dozen small virgin beaches!

  1. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Park

There is a reason why this city is known as the City of Parks, because there are a lot of parks, simple right? In Carlos Manuel de Céspedes park you can see the church of San José, an impressive building from the colonial era, as well as admire the majestic buildings that surround the square and that form one of the nerve centers of the city.

  1. Gibara

The municipality of Gibara is a beautiful place located in a unique environment in the province of Holguín, it is the perfect day trip. It contains the remains of walls and other buildings from the colonial era, as well as a large number of Art and History museums. Gibara is also ideal for relaxing at one of its spectacular beaches.

  1. Viewpoint of Loma de la Cruz

Loma de la Cruz is crowned by a cross, legend has it that a monk climbed it in the 18th century and places the cross on tope hoping it would end the drought. Today, it is one of the most recommended places to see in Holguín for the wonderful views of the city. There are two ways to visit Loma de la Cruz: by foot, climbing the 458 steps, or by car, taking a side road. At the restaurant on top of the hill you can give yourself a well-deserved rest.

Now that you know the best things to do in Holguín, you just have to start planning your trip to Cuba, take a look at our Explore Cuba trip plan and contact Espíritu Travel to start this incredible adventure that will take you to discover the best places of the Island accompanied by your local Cuban guide. Are you ready?