Tips for traveling to Cuba and enjoying the island

tips travel to cuba

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Cuba? If you are a first-timer on the island, you are probably overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there. It can be difficult and, definitely, time-consuming to find useful and reliable Cuba travel tips. Even more if you are trying to find tips that are still accurate in 2022.

But don’t worry, Espíritu Travel has your back. We have summarized in this article a comprehensive list of the best Cuba holiday tips to make sure you make the most out of this incredible island. If you need any additional inspiration on what to do or what to visit in Cuba, you can check Espíritu Travel’s trip ideas to Cuba

Planning your trip to Cuba tips

If you are an experienced traveler you probably know that the planning stage of every journey is vital. Here are a few things to keep in mind when organizing your holiday to Cuba.

  1. Be aware of the travel requirements for Cuba

Before your trip, you must be sure you have all the documents you need to enter Cuba. There are a few mandatory forms that can take a few days to be completed, so we suggest that you allow plenty of time to get them ready. You will find a comprehensive list of all the required documents and more information about them in this article

  1. Pack essentials and appropriate clothing

We suggest that you plan your outfits based on the season you are traveling in. If you visit the island from November to April you will experience the wet season, so make sure you bring waterproof clothing! 

Besides that, there are certain amenities that you might struggle to find in Cuba and that can become very handy during your trip. Our advice is that you include suncream, mosquito repellent and a first aid kit on your suitcase

One of the top tips in Cuba: Bring a water bottle with a filter to avoid having to buy bottled water.

traveling to cuba tips
  1. Book your accommodation in Casas Particulares

A Casa Particular in Cuba is a type of accommodation similar to a homestay. They are very popular because they promote sustainable tourism while offering an authentic experience. By staying with a local host you will experience the customs and traditions of Cuba in your own skin. If you are interested, Espíritu Travel has a whole article  that gives you a good picture of what a Casa Particular in Cuba really is and how to book one. 

  1. Bring Euros in cash 

One of the best tips for traveling to Cuba is to avoid getting Cuban pesos (CUP) in advance. You are only allowed to bring the equivalent to 80 USD when entering the country. Instead, calculate a daily budget for your trip and bring it in Euros. At the moment, Euros has the strongest exchange rate in the official market. 

Cuba holiday tips

Once you have arrived at the island of dreamy beaches, classic cars and cigars, there are some top tips to make your holiday even more enjoyable. 

  1. Check out the Cuban gastronomy

Cuba has a rich and diverse local cuisine influenced by a wide variety of cultures. To get immersed in the real Cuba, you absolutely have to try “ropa vieja” or “arroz moros and cristianos” from one of the traditional local restaurants in Havana. You can find a list with Espíritu Travel’s favorite ones in this article

  1. Visit Viñales Valley

Apart from stunning beaches, Cuba also has an incredible rural environment. Only 3 hours away from Havana, Viñales Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely worth a visit. Even if you are staying on the island for a short period of time, one of the top tips in Cuba is to take a day trip to Viñales Valley to witness its cigar plantations, visit its caves, or simply fall in love with its breathtaking views.

cuba holiday tips

From Espíritu Travel, we try our best to promote sustainable tourism to make sure these natural treasures are preserved. You can read more about our responsible travel policy on our website.

  1. Avoid hiring non-professional Cuban guides

Scams are common in Cuba and the best way to avoid them is sticking to professional and reputable guides. At Espíritu Travel we only work with local experienced guides so you know that, when you are booking a trip with us, you are in good hands.

We hope you have found these tips for traveling to Cuba useful. If you need any additional information or help organizing your trip to Cuba, feel free to contact us through our website. We will be more than happy to help! 

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