Tips to make the best trip to Cuba

Tips to make best trip to cuba

Cuba is an exceptional country with all the necessary ingredients to offer you an unforgettable experience. However, as it happens in every destination, certain things that can elevate your trip from good to amazing. If you are planning on visiting the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba, keep reading.  This article gathers some useful tips from locals for you to have the best trip to Cuba. 

Get familiar with the country before your trip 

Getting a general understanding of the customs, traditions and main characteristics of Cuba before your journey can be the key to having the best trip to Cuba. For example, did you know that Cubans are very superstitious people? If you stay in a Casa Particular or visit a local restaurant, avoid leaving your purse on the floor or spilling salt on the floor. If you do so,  your hosts might consider that you are bringing back luck and get upset!  If you want to learn more, you can read about Cuban traditions and expressions of Cuban culture on this blog. 

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Be careful with scams

Even though Cubans are very welcoming people, as happens in every country, you might meet certain individuals wanting to scam you. To avoid these situations, one of the best Cuba travel tips is to hire a local guide that helps you navigate the island. At Espíritu Travel we only work with locals, as we understand that their knowledge goes beyond historical facts and will be able to provide you with wise advice to prevent scams. In addition, a local guide is the best option to fully understand Cuban culture and discover the secret corners of the island.

Stay in a Casa Particular  

If you want to live an authentic experience, one of the best Cuba travel tips that we can give you is that you stay in a Casa Particular. By choosing this unique form of accommodation, you will get to know the country and its history by the mouth of locals and you will have the chance to experience all the customs and traditions of this wonderful island in your own skin. 

Buy Wifi cards

If you want to be connected to the world, buying Wifi cards is not a bad idea.  Even though telecommunications have improved in Cuba and some hotels offer good connections, in general, you will struggle to surf the internet. The best thing to do if you want to access the internet is to head to an ETECSA shop to purchase a wifi card once you are in the country. 

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Choose the best Cuba tours for you

One important factor to make your trip unforgettable is choosing the best Cuba tours that match your necessities and personality. Do you want to discover Cuba through the lens of your camera?  Choose a Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition. Are you an adventurous person? Scuba dive in one of the most beautiful reefs in the world with our Scuba Diving in Cuba trip. Do you want to avoid the crowds of tourists? Visit Santiago and Eastern Cuba. 

At Espíritu Travel we also offer bespoke trips. This means that you can tailor your tour to detail to make sure it is the perfect match. To start creating your tour, you just need to contact us. 

Explore more than just Havana

We know you might be tempted to spend your whole holiday in Havana but, if you have more than just a weekend, we advise you to travel beyond that. Cuba is way more than just its capital city. Santiago de Cuba, the province of Granma and Jardines de la Reina are just some of the gems that the country has to offer. Check out the trip ideas section on Espíritu Travel’s website to get inspired. Whatever needs and desires you have for your trip, at Espíritu Travel we can meet them all. 

If you are still interested in learning more tips to make the best trip to Cuba, you can check out of the many blogs of Espíritu Travel. You can also contact one of our travel specialists to help you customize one of our trips to suit all your needs. Find more information on our website.

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