Top 4 best waterfalls in Cuba

best waterfalls in cuba

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about Cuba is diamond-dust beaches. However, the largest island in the Caribbean has way more to offer. Something that doesn’t receive as much praise as it should is Cuban waterfalls. National parks and rural areas in Cuba are full of beautiful cascades and exciting natural pools that you should definitely add to your to-do list when you visit the country. If you are looking for a selection of the best cascades in Cuba, this article is for you. So sit comfy and keep reading, here are the top 4 best waterfalls in Cuba. 

El Nicho waterfalls

One of the cascades in Cuba that you will find at the top of every ranking is El Nicho waterfalls. This gem is placed just outside the National Park of Topes de Collantes and is fed by two different rivers: Río El Nicho and Río El Mamey. The result is a breathtaking large cascade that flows throughout the whole year and that ends in a big natural pool where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. 

Even though the leafy green trees and the crystalline waters of the rivers might make you think you are very far away from civilization, the truth is this spot is only one hour and a half away from Cienfuegos and La Trinidad. Besides, this spot has easy access which makes this location perfect for a day trip with the whole family. However, this also means that El Nicho waterfalls are extremely touristic. To avoid the crowds, we recommend that you try to get there early in the morning. 

el nicho waterfall

Salto de Javira waterfalls

Very close to the city of La Trinidad, you will find the spectacular Salto de Javira falls. To reach this waterfall, you will have to walk through El Cubano National Park. The hike can be steep and tough in some parts, but the 1 to 8 meters natural pools that surround Salto de Javiera are definitely worth it. If you are adventurous enough, swim below the surface of the water to discover the hidden caves that live under this waterfall! 

Salto de Guayabo waterfalls

The highest cascade in Cuba is located in the southern town of Mayarí, at 546 above sea level. Salto de Guayabo waterfalls offer an impressive view of the flora and fauna of the La Mensura-Pilotos Natural Park. Even though the trip is almost 2 hours long each way, midway you will find the famous Pozas de Rafael Puddles. These natural water formations are great to have a relaxing bath and connect with the spectacular nature surrounding. 

Salto de Caburní waterfalls

The path that will lead you to Salto de Caburtí waterfalls stands out for its beauty and is only 2 km away from Trinidad. This cascade is placed in Parque Nacional Topes Collantes, known to be full of rare plants and a wide variety of animals. If you are traveling to Cuba between March and May, you should definitely add this cascade to your itinerary. 

best waterfalls in cuba

What should I bring for a day trip to the cascades in Cuba? 

Bringing the right equipment to your trip can be the difference between having a nice and enjoyable day or suffering a nightmare. These are some musts for a trip to the waterfalls in Cuba. 

  • Good shoes. Using comfortable shoes that are suited for long walks is key. Bear in mind that, at some parts, the path will be muddy and that you will have to walk uphill and downhill!
  • Swimming suit and a towel. Undeniably, one of the best parts of these sort of trips is swimming in the natural pools. In order to have the freedom to do so without being wet for the rest of the trip, bring a swimming suit and a towel. 
  • Sunscreen and mosquito spray. To keep yourself protected is important. During your trip you will be exposed to the sun for long hours, use a 50 SPF sunscreen to avoid getting burned. Also, the humidity of these areas is the perfect environment for mosquitoes, so you should definitely consider bringing a mosquito spray. 
  • Water Bottle. Doing exercise in the heat of Cuba will make you very thirsty, remember drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.  

How should I plan my trip to the waterfalls in Cuba?  

Planning a trip to the Cuban cascades requires some local knowledge. At Espíritu Travel we have a team of local specialists that can advise you on the best itinerary for you when it comes to visiting waterfalls and that will also take care of every single detail to make it perfect. You can check out our trip ideas on our website. Each schedule is customizable to your needs and wants. Contact us to start planning your dream trip to the waterfalls in Cuba!

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