Traveling to Cuba as an American is now easier

Travel to cuba from US

It is no secret that travel to Cuba from US had become more difficult in the last couple of years. The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, imposed several restrictions that limited American travel to Cuba. However, things are about to change. 

In early June, Biden’s administration announced its plans to ease restrictions on Cuban travel. Even though it is still unclear when changes will be applied, eventually travelers will be able to fly to other Cuban destinations beyond Havana, something that has not been possible since 2019. Moreover, group-based educational trips, as well as other types of group people-to-people travel, will also be allowed again. These new measures symbolize an encouraging new start in the travel situation between Cuba and the United States. 

Travel to Cuba from US

What are the entry requirements for Americans traveling to Cuba in 2022? American travel to Cuba is perfectly legal for explicit tourism purposes. However, right now, these are the requirements you should meet to enter the country

  • US citizens are only allowed to travel to Cuba under a ‘general license’ based on one of 12 different approved categories. These include family visits, educational activities, humanitarian projects or religious activities, among others. The license is self-qualifying, but you will be asked to choose one out of the twelve options and your trip will have to be planned based on the activities inside this category. 
  • Your Passport needs to be valid and can’t expire less than 6 months prior to your departure.
  • Traveling to Cuba as an American, you will need a “Tourist Card” to enter the country that must be processed in advance of your trip.
  • Health insurance is mandatory to visit Cuba from the US. 
  • In terms of health protocols, COVID-19 tests and vaccination certificates are no longer required if you are traveling from the US. However, you should consider that you will need a negative rapid-antigen to travel back to the US.
trip to cuba from us

Even though these are the basic aspects to take into account when planning a trip to Cuba, there is much more to it. Accommodation, flights, or itineraries are some of the things that should be planned ahead of your trip to the Caribbean island. If you have any doubts or questions about traveling to Cuba as an American, you can visit our website. We have a dedicated section that answers the most frequently asked questions when planning a trip to Cuba. To answer any further doubts, you can also get in touch with Espíritu Travel. We will be more than happy to help!

American travel to Cuba through a travel agency

If it is your first time visiting Cuba, it is highly recommended that you use the expertise of a travel agency specialized in American travel to Cuba. At Espíritu Travel, we have a dedicated team of local experts that can guide you step by step to make your trip to Cuba unforgettable. 

Based on the experiences of previous clients, we offer a list of trip ideas to visit Cuba on our website. This is perfect for you to get inspired and decide what kind of trip you want to do. However, you can make these timetables yours. Everything we do is customized and led by the needs and desires of our clients. 

travel to cuba from united states

Something remarkable about Espíritu Travel’s trips to Cuba is that they are exclusively handled by our Cuban team.  We strongly believe in sustainable tourism and by working directly with Cubans and small businesses we can create a positive impact in their communities. In addition, sustainable tourism also brings benefits to travelers as it provides more of an immersive and authentic Cuban experience! 

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba as an American, don’t hesitate in contacting Espíritu Travel to get more information about our travel agency. In case you need a second opinion, you can also check out the reviews of previous travelers on our website

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