Vacations in Cuba, why is it the best destination for you?

Vacations in cuba

Cuba is a country like no other. Diamond-dust beaches, a fascinating history, friendly locals, and great gastronomy are just some of the reasons why this country is so special. At Espíritu Travel we are absolutely sure that Cuba will steal your heart once you have visited it. But, if you are still unsure of why you should get your Cuba holidays, this article is for you. Take note, here are 8 good reasons why vacations in Cuba in 2022 are a great idea for you. 

Relax on one of its paradisiac beaches 

Palm trees, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are undoubtedly one of the big perks of visiting Cuba. Whether you are looking to enjoy watersports next to your 5-star resort or you want to sunbathe in an unspoiled cove, there is a corner on this island that suits your needs. Cuba has over 300 paradisiac beaches with outstanding biodiversity waiting for you. 

Travel back in time wandering the streets of Havana

Choosing Cuba holidays can feel like you are traveling in time. You won’t see any big corporations on the island, but you will see a lot of vintage colorful cars. The picturesque mix between modern goods and objects from the 70s and 80s offers a unique landscape that you won’t be able to witness anywhere else in the world. 

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Learn about its historical heritage 

Cuba has a turbulent past that includes colonialism, dictatorship, and even a socialist regime with Fidel Castro. The Caribbean island offers visitors the opportunity to learn about its fascinating past through its many historical sites such as the Bay of Pigs or museums like the Museum of the Revolution in Old Havana

Dance along to the sounds of Cuba

You will find music in Cuba around every corner and in almost every single club and bar. Cubans are known for their passion for music and their amazing moves. Mambo, Tango, Salsa, Bolero or Rumba, if you want to become an expert on Latin dances, Cuba is for you. 

Enjoy rum and hand-rolled cigars 

Even if you don’t usually drink or smoke, Cuban rum and hand-rolled cigars are a must. These goods are known all over the world for their superior quality and prestige. Despite that, they are part of Cuban ancestral traditions and usually quite cheap! To have a truly authentic experience, your vacations in Cuba should definitely include a taste of these two things. 

Get lost in a gorgeous natural scenery

A beautiful unknown side of Cuba is its unique rural environment. This fascinating island is a land of lakes, caves, hills and cascades. Hiking areas like the famous Viñales or horse riding through one of its tobacco plantations are great ideas to discover this landscape. 

Taste the flavors of the Caribbean 

Gastronomy in Cuba has been influenced by many different cultures throughout the years. The result is an exotic long list of delicious dishes that mainly use meat, fish, rice, beans, plantain, seasonal vegetables and fruits. If you go on vacation in Cuba you have to try two of the most traditional dishes: “Ropa Vieja” and a “Cuban Sandwich”!

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Warm and friendly Cubans 

One of the best things about going on vacations in Cuba is getting to know the locals. Cubans are very welcoming people, always happy to answer questions and help tourists make the most out of their time on the island. To live an unforgettable experience, you should consider staying with a local in a Casa Particular. This is one of the best ways to break the ice and mingle with Cubans!

We do no doubt that after reading our top 8 reasons you are looking forward to taking your vacation in Cuba in 2022. No worries, Espíritu Travel has your back. We have a comprehensive section on our website that will help you to start planning your trip to Cuba. If you still need some inspiration to decide what to do or where to go in Cuba, you can also check out our trip ideas section. In case you have questions or you need more information, you can always contact Espíritu Travel. We will be delighted to help you!

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