Weather in Cuba

Cuba weather


Cuba weather

Cuba, a beautiful island nation located in the Caribbean which enjoys a spectacular tropical climate and warm weather year-round. It is home to warm waters, plenty of culture, and white-sand beaches.

Cuba enjoys very sunny and warm weather that is neutralized by frequent sea breezes. Cuba, like many islands in the Caribbean, has a tropical climate with two seasons. The drier season is from November through April and the wet season, May through October, can have short, heavy showers.

The weather is greatly influenced by the local trade winds thanks to its location between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. This makes its temperature remain constant for most of the year, but this is frequented by sunny and warm days- there are never prolonged sunny or cold days. However, temperatures can average less than 30 degrees Celsius, so make sure you carry enough sun protection as well as a raincoat for your trips to Cuba. The best time to visit this island nation is in autumn or spring when the humidity levels are still low and out of the high season so less crowds. 

What’s the weather like in Cuba?

Northeasterly trade winds make this amazing island nation experience tropical climate with temperate weather all the yearlong. The advice we give to many of the US citizens that use our travel company is to visit Cuba whenever you can – you should worry less about the weather or climate in Cuba. You can visit Cuba during any month or season – you can’t go wrong!


Cuba gets the highest number of visitors during the drier season that lasts from December through mid-April. During this season, temperatures average 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in January. Due to the high influx of people, prices are a bit higher during this time, and since it is high season, the most popular places are more crowded than at other times of the year.

Keep in mind that during December, January and February, the nights can get cool and therefore make sure to carry a sweater, sweatshirt or a light jacket when visiting Cuba.


Temperatures are moderately higher during the summer, with August being the warmest month (similar to weather the southeast of the U.S.). The benefit of traveling to Cuba during this time is that you will enjoy fewer crowds and lower prices for most items.

cuba weather


During this season, you will have Cuba to yourself since peak season has not yet arrived and therefore there are few tourists at this time.


Hurricane season in Cuba starts in June and runs through to the end of October However, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Cuba experiences a fewer frequency of tropical storms and hurricanes than most parts of the Caribbean.

Hurricanes frequently occur between September and October due to the sea heats being at their highest. Though the risk of hurricanes striking specific locations in Cuba is small, it is important to be aware and keep an eye on weather forecasts during your stay in this island.

It is worth noting that Cuba has invested heavily in civil defense systems for evacuations and disaster preparedness. We always suggest that you keep an eye on the local Cuba weather forecast throughout your stay.

When is wet season in Cuba?

The rainy season in Cuba starts in May and runs through to October, with 75 percent of Cuba’s annual rainfall coming in this period. During this time, rainfall is usually intense and rapid, usually lasting one to two hours, with heavy downpour falling in a short period. When it’s not raining, the weather is normally sunny, hot, and humid.

Cuban Climate

As we mentioned earlier, Cuba has a moderate tropical climate with two distinct seasons including;

  • The Dry Season– it runs from November to April, which is also the peak season for tourists.
  • The Wet Season– it runs from May to October, where there are rains and occasional hurricanes.

The best time to travel to Cuba is normally between November and April, after the wet season is over and before the hot summer months befall.

Generally, April and November act as transitional months between the two seasons, and in terms of weather, they are particularly pleasant because of the hot and sunny weather that is not too humid or hot both during the day and night. There is almost no risk of cold fronts and heavy downpour during this time.

Because of its location on the southwestern border of the North Atlantic region, which is known to have high atmospheric pressure, Cuba’s climate is highly influenced by the east-northeast winds in summer and northeast trade winds during winter.

weather in havana

The driest and coolest time of the year occurs between December and February. During these months, there can occur occasional cold fronts, especially in northern Cuba. However, the cold fronts do not last long. They are usually less than two days. Nights can be slightly cold during these months with temperature averaging between 16 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.

The hottest months are between June and September, but marine breezes and trade winds help to keep the weather tolerable when the humidity and heat are on the rise. Cubans enjoy their holidays in July and August and, therefore, the local beaches are normally more crowded during this time.

Peak hurricane season lasts from September to October, and this is the cheapest time to travel to Cuba. However, as we mentioned earlier, hurricanes are not common in Cuba, but it is important to keep an eye on weather forecast if you happen to visit Cuba during these months.

Weather in Havana

Cuba boasts great heritage sites, including Old Havana as well as San Pedro de la Roca Castle. It is a country that boasts natural beauty and great weather. You can go swimming in Cuba’s capital, Havana, with the water temperature being 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above during the warm seasons. Generally, Havana weather is enjoyable, and you will find this capital warm and hot for most days of the year.

When leaving Cuba, you will have nothing but respect for a country that has a lot to offer.

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