What things to do in Trinidad: “The live museum”

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful colonial cities, not only in Cuba, but in all of South America. Whether it is the first or the tenth time that you visit Cuba with Espíritu Travel, there are stops that you must make whenever you travel to Cuba, and Trinidad is one of them. Trinidad is a true live museum, a place where time seems to have completely stopped.

Located in the center of the island about four hours from Havana we find Trinidad. Its streets are cobbled and each house is decorated with a different pastel color. Because of its perfect conservation of the city it is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in America, that is why in 1988 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Trinidad is a must on your trip to one of the islands with the most rhythm, life and charm in the Caribbean. Continue reading if you want to discover all the places you must visit in when visiting Trinidad.

Top Things to Do in Trinidad

Trinidad has been one of the most important cities in the history of Cuba. It played a key role in the distribution of the gold that was mined in the country and transported to Spain. This glorious time was followed by a period of decline that was interrupted by the sugar plantations in the nearby Valle de los Ingenios. The beautiful colorful houses that you see know where constructed during that period of time and today they are the main attraction in Trinidad.

The best thing about Trinidad is to let yourself be carried away by its cobbled streets, to walk through its historic center, where all the streets take you to the Plaza Mayor, the center of the city.

Plaza Mayor

Most of the emblematic buildings in Trinidad are concentrated in its Plaza Mayor. Here we find the Iglesia Mayor de la Santísima Trinidad constructed in the 19th century, the neoclassical façade is undoubtedly the most photographed spot in the city. In the square we also find other important buildings from the colonial era such as the Brunet Palace or the House of the Conspirators.

The Bell Tower of the Convent of San Francisco de Asís

Not far from the Plaza Mayor we will find another symbol of the city, the Torre del Campanario del Convento de San Francisco. Do not hesitate to climb its tower to enjoy magnificent views of the city, the sea and the mountains in the surroundings. Inside the convent you can find the National Museum of Fight Against Bandits.

church trinidad

La Casa de la Música

La Casa de la Música (House of Music) is an open-air bar, with live music and a spectacular atmosphere. It is a mandatory stop on your visit to Trinidad, it is located right next to the Iglesia Mayor de la Santísima Trinidad. Enjoy live music while having a cuba libre. It is the perfect opportunity to practice your Cuban dance moves! Book a salsa class with Espíritu Travel and take the Cuban rhythm home!

As a curiosity next to the Casa de la Música you will find people sitting on the steps next to the bar. In this area there is wifi and Cubans congregate in the square to connect with the world. It almost becomes a social act.

Valle de los Ingenios

Around Trinidad you can do several day trips, so we recommend you spend at least three days in this city. One of the excursions you can do from Trinidad is to visit Valle de los Ingenios, declared a World Heritage Site. From Espíritu Travel we take you to discover the Valle de los Ingenios in a fun horseback riding excursion. You will visit a sugar cane farm where you will learn how this product is produce and its importance in Cuban history.

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National Park Topes de Collantes

Discover Cuba’s natural side at the National Park Topes de Collantes, a place of extraordinary beauty where the Sierra Escambray mountains and sea collide. Relax, have a picnic lunch and bathe in one of the waterfalls after hiking (moderate in difficulty) around this little piece of paradise.

landscape trinidad

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Neighborhood las Tres Cruces

The authentic Cuba! In the Barrio de las Tres Cruces, you will be able to see the elderly sitting in the doorway of the houses, the children playing in the cobbled and colorful streets, ladies sitting in the windows … the authentic Trinidad.

street trinidad

Ancón Beach

If during your stay in Trinidad you want to visit the nearby beaches, Playa Ancón is just 15 minutes by car from Trinidad. While relaxing on the beach, try the typical drink called saocos. It is prepared inside a coconut and contains only white rum and the coconut water itself. When you finish drinking it, they break the coconut so you can eat it. I recommend you try it; it has an original flavor!

Where to eat in Trinidad?

It is difficult to choose a particular place to eat in Trinidad, but if you want to try authentic Cuban food, you must visit the Sol Anada paladar, its decoration will take you back 200 years in time. Another paladar that you can try is Malibran, it has live music and is a good place to have a cocktail. The Cubita Santander paladar is also a very good option to eat in Trinidad. Tell us which one is your favorite Paladar restaurant when you visit Trinidad!

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Have we already convinced you to visit Trinidad? During your visit to Trinidad with Espiritu Travel local guide you will visit places such us Plaza Mayor, Casa de la Música, Casa de la Trova, Desengaño Street, Plazuela de Cristo or El Mercado among others while you learn about Trinidad’s history.

Without a doubt Trinidad is one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba and it is that its small size, the cobbled streets and its houses painted in striking colors, make this city a unique place that will make you travel in time to the Spanish colonial era. Travel to Cuba with Espíritu Travel and discover the Island accompanied by your local Cuban guide who will explain from his heart what makes Cuba his home.