What to see in one day in Havana?

One day in havana

Havana is a unique destination full of colors, history and breathtaking architecture. 

So let’s be honest, if you only have 24 hours in Havana you won’t be able to see everything that the city has to offer. However, with the right schedule you will still be able to discover the top sights and get a good taste of this fascinating city.

One day itinerary in havana

At Espíritu Travel we have put together a comprehensive day itinerary to help you make the most out of your trip to Havana even if you are short in time. 

8 a.m – Watch the sunrise at Malecón

Get up early and enjoy the sunrise by starting the day in the Malecón.This lovely waterfront is perfect for a morning stroll. Get lost among fishermen, musicians and simply locals by walking the 5 miles of this unquestionable symbol of the city. For breakfast, head to La Churrería, one of the best traditional cafés located close to the Malecón.

day in havana

9.30 a.m – Visit the Museo de la Revolución

One of the essentials of your 24 hours in Havana should be Museo de la Revolución. From the indigenous era to the 60s, this museum covers the history of the country and will help you get a better understanding of Cuba in an interactive way. One of the most surprising objects that you will witness there,is the Granma: the tank that Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries used during the Bay of Pigs invasion. 

11.30 a.m – Explore Old Havana 

Only 15 min away from Museo de la Revolución, you will find Plaza Vieja. A perfect example of how colonial architecture gets mixed with the Art Nouveau in Havana. Spend the rest of the morning exploring the colorful alleys of the historic Old Havana and visit the three major plazas on this side of the city: Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, Plaza de la Catedral and Plaza de Armas. On this last one, we recommend that you give a visit to Castillo de la Real Fuerza, a stunning fortification built in 1558 that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Before you leave this area, make sure you have something to eat. There are plenty of good restaurants in Old Havana but, if you are into innovative food, we suggest that you try O’Reilly 304. 

havana streets

2.30 p.m – Get the perfect souvenir from Almacenes San José 

Almacenes San José is the largest market in Havana and the ultimate spot to get handcraft and art during your trip to Havana. From handmade cigars to regular souvenirs such as Che Guevara t-shirts, at this market you will find a great selection of items at an affordable price. 

Top tip: Almacenes San José is also a great place to try some fresh pineapple, coconut juice or even mojitos!

4.00 p.m. – Snap a photo in Plaza de la Revolución

Hop in a regular taxi or a Coco Taxi -a three wheel car- and head to Plaza de la Revolución. During the ride don’t forget to look through the window as you will spot the National Capitol Building! Plaza de la Revolución is the biggest square in the world and an emblematic site of the city as it has seen the majority of Cuban political rallies. Nowadays, tourists love to take a photo in front of the giant sculpture of Che Guevara. 

6.00 p.m  Enjoy the sunset from Edificio Focsa 

On your one day in Havana, you should definitely get a panoramic view of the capital. Get the best views from the city by getting to the 39th floor of the Edificio Focsa in the neighborhood of Vedado. Relax and enjoy a classic Cuba Libre while appreciating the wonderful light of the Cuban sunset. Located in the same building you will find the perfect option for dinner: La Torre Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants in Havana.

havana night

The area of Vedado is also well-known for its vibrant night-life, especially for its live music venues. If you still have energy, you should visit the Jazz Café for a divine evening of music.

We really hope this article gave you some ideas of how to best spend your 24 hours in Havana. If you need any other recommendations or help planning your trip to Havana, you can check out our website. At Espíritu Travel we count with a team of local experts that will help you design the perfect trip for you!

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